Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

My current celebrity crush is Dr. Danny Castellano from The Mindy Project. There’s just something about him (and his cute mouth)! I rarely have celebrity crushes, but I just love him. His fraught relationship with Mindy is pitch-perfect.

Here’s a conversation about Mindy’s love life:

Danny: Was he a man?
Mindy: What do you mean? Yeah, of course he was a man.
Danny: No, I mean, like, was he a man?
Mindy: Danny, don’t just repeat it and expect me to understand what you’re saying.
Danny: Was this the kinda guy who, if he heard glass breaking in the middle of the night, is he gonna jump out of bed, say, “stay here,” and look through the house naked with a baseball bat, or is he gonna hide under the covers with you? Is this the kinda guy who is gonna get grossed out when you give birth, or is he gonna dry your forehead and tell you you look beautiful while all that disgusting stuff is coming out of you? Is this the kinda guy that’s not afraid to get into a fistfight at a Springsteen show because someone really disrespects him? And he’ll just put it out… And he’ll take ‘em down right there, right now?
Mindy: You’re just talking about yourself.

P.S. By the way, am I the only woman in the world who doesn’t find George Clooney attractive? He feels like my sleazy uncle.

  1. Ben Affleck. I can’t explain, just always loved him. Seeing Argo tonight at a screening where he will be there doing q&a friends are really nervous that I might a)ask an inappropriate question or b)just be really

  2. Fern says...

    Absolutely had a huge crush on him — he would be the most entertaining boyfriend. And yes, George Clooney is creepy in so many ways.

  3. Guess i’m a little late to the game on this, but YES! Danny Castellano is totally swoon-worthy! …and bonus: he kinda reminds me of my husband sometimes ;) i love your blog, btw. fantastic.

  4. Joseph Gordon Lewitt, Jim Sturgess, Hugh Jackman. :-)
    very different from one another, all dreamy! <3 Jo.

  5. I loved him in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

    Thanks for sharing. I might have to start watching the show now!

  6. N says...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Danny Castellano! LOVE HIM. I need to re-watch Julie & Julia but I prefer seeing him on a weekly basis on Tuesdays (after New Girl). It’s like a double whammy of hotness. Natalie

  7. That conversation from the shoe melted my heart.

  8. He has just gotten better and better!

  9. Oh my I adore this man as well. Funny thing is I just watched a new movie he’s in that is a must see! It called, The Giant Mechanical Man! Your crush will only increase! Check it out!

  10. leonardo di caprio! I fell in love with the moment he appear on the parents show!

  11. Chris Messina is mine!!! If only he were taller. Also, Mark Ruffalo and, of course, The Gos.

  12. Oh dear do I have to pick one! Well since that is impossible. Here are my pics Paul Rudd, guy next door, Ryan Reynolds hot guy next door, Steve Martin the old funny guy next door…

  13. Oh dear do I have to pick one! Well since that is impossible. Here are my pics Paul Rudd, guy next door, Ryan Reynolds hot guy next door, Steve Martin the old funny guy next door…

  14. oh my gosh, hahaha i laughed so much when i read your comment about george clooney! it’s like what i’ve always felt about him but just couldn’t adequately describe! ha i’ve never found him attractive, and wasn’t sure why. now i know… sleazy uncle. perfect!

    my celeb crushes are ryan gosling (duh) and paul rudd. something about him… idk. love him!

  15. So, I very, quite obviously watch too much television. With that said, I have a few men crushes.. 1. Sullivan Stapleton, he’s on Cinemax’s Strike Back, and is in the new Gangster Squad flick.. Strike Back is way more of a dude show, think 24 with a LOT of sex added in. 2. Jeff Daniels, his portrayal of Will McAvoy on The Newsroom is just amazing. I don’t even mind that he’s old enough to be my father… 3. Gabriel Macht is just ridiculous, watch Suits!!! As for the leading men on the big screen, I have to go with Tom Hardy, he’s really quite sinister in some roles, but he’s really adorable in others. Another would be Keanu Reeves.. he’s always, since Speed, made my liver quiver. (I was 14!) I could seriously keep going, as I am a bit of an audio/video-phile..

    I’ve also always had a bit of a girl crush in Jennifer Garner, she’s so adorable, AND she can kick butt! Plus, she seems like such a good mother..

    P.S. I think George Clooney seems a bit like a sleazy uncle because he IS one, well sleazy, at least. I think he’s attractive because there is something just dirty about the man. He’s naughty. :)

    P.P.S. just found your blog via Pinterest, love it!! :o)


  16. Chris Messina is mine too! I am 28 and have loved him for years (since Ira & Abby).. my friends always make fun of me.. but I don’t care. Chris Messina is gorgeous and is so talented!!

  17. i love him so much. you have to watch the giant mechanical man if you haven’t already. he is glorious in it.

  18. So I Know I’m only 19 but I got a thing for Hugh Laurie..

  19. I can’t believe no one else has said Werner Herzog.

  20. Eric Balfour and Lucas Bryant on the Sy Fy show, “Haven.”

  21. omg, i love the mindy show. i love castellano. i want mindy & castellano to end up together like whoa.

    he’s just so adorable. in a manly way :)

  22. omg, i love the mindy show. i love castellano. i want mindy & castellano to end up together like whoa.

    he’s just so adorable. in a manly way :)

  23. Paul Rudd <3333 and lately Chris O’Dowd too :)
    Love Chris Messina!

  24. I don’t get the Clooney thing either …

  25. By far Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. I’ve been showing my friends pictures of him recently, and they don’t seem to agree! More for me. ;)

    Also, you are SO not alone in that George Clooney boat. I have never found him attractive at all…

  26. mine is Adam Scott, I don’t know what it is about him that makes me melt whenever I see him on tv/ films… My friends don’t understand though and my boyfriend gets jealous, he doesn’t understand that it is completely platonic but it’s nice to have a crush on someone impossible to get :)

  27. George Clooney looks nice, but from what I know of him, I’d definitely have to agree with the sleaziness.

    You know who I think REALLY looks and sounds like a sleazy uncle? Sean Connery as James Bond. SO SLIMEY!

    (BTW my crushes are Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, and Steve McQueen.)

  28. Matt Smith is my celebrity crush. I swear, if Moffat is going to change the
    doctor again, I’m going to flip!
    I also really like Channing Tantum, of course =)

  29. The Mindy Project is my favorite! I laugh so hard. And yes, Dr. Castellano is a good celebrity crush.

  30. I love him. I love that show and I love Dr. Castellano.

  31. I hardly ever have celeb crushes either, but Nev Shulman on that MTV Catfish show…hes just so calming and heartwrenching.

  32. and I was like, “he looks like Chris Messina” and yes, it’s Chris Messina! He look way better here than at Julie and Julia and Vicky Christina Barcelona.

  33. Matt Damon circa 1997 HELLLOOOOO

  34. i love this post. i hope there are a few real life dr. castellano’s out there for us still-single ladies. and the part about george clooney made me laugh out loud. i do not get sexy from him AT ALL!

  35. I have a million celebrity crushes, including Chris Messina (Clooney only up through the first Ocean’s movie or so, he’s aged out of my crush toward creepy uncle as well).

    BUT my latest celeb crush is Christoph Waltz, either as himself or in Django Unchained. That accent, his smarts, his hand gestures! Oh man I love him. Apparently “Viennese intellectual” is a type of mine, probably due to my teen years spent watching way too many classic films full of exiled Europeans.

  36. Three words…Gael Garcia Bernal. So sexy.

    • ah, yes.

    • Loooove him

  37. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I found George Clooney attractive because my whole life my mother talked about how unattractive she found him! You are not alone :)

  38. Those are my exact feelings about George Clooney! But I have never met a single other woman who agrees with me.

    My celebrity crush is Henry Cavill (the new superman) ever since I saw him in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ when I was 16.

  39. George Clooney is the reason time-travelers (time travelers?) invented the tuxedo.

  40. Chris ‘Captain America’ Evans for me or Robert Downey Jnr (unless he’s wearing funny colour sunglasses!!) :D Never heard of ‘The Mindy Project’ might have to have a bit of a google on that one and see if I can watch it in the UK.

  41. Ryan Gosling (duh), Paul Rudd, Adam Scott from Parks and Rec, and Ethan Peck, who isn’t in a whole lot but has a voice like liquid sex.

  42. LOL I’ve never been a fan of Clooney’s either…or Brad Pitt.

  43. Aw, I watch the Mindy Project, too. I recognized Dr. Castellano right away from that photo of just his eyes. Isn’t it funny how we can recognize someone based off of just one or two features?

  44. I LOVE Chris Messina!! You should check out the show “Damages” with Rose Byrne and Glen Close.. he plays a really interesting, complicated character on it.

  45. …Jason Segel and Seth Rogan are mine…I see a trend of goofy men and I’m not ashamed! Great post!

  46. Ha! I was just telling my friends and husband last night during the show how cute he was, to which my friend replied “eww no he’s not! And he looks short…like ur husband!” I guess I have a type ;)

  47. Robert Downey Jr.
    I think his role in Chaplin is what really did it for me, but I’ve always liked him.

    Chris Messina is the “it” guy right now, isn’t he? Everyone seems to be talking about him, in a good way.

  48. Ben Affleck. I can’t explain, just always loved him. Seeing Argo tonight at a screening where he will be there doing q&a friends are really nervous that I might a)ask an inappropriate question or b)just be really

  49. Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds. And Josh Lucas. And Jon Stewart. And Tom Brady.

  50. I have a Tom Hardy obsession at the moment – those lips! The accent!

    Also, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’m fostering a bit of a crush on Daryl from The Walking Dead. I know he’s a redneck, but if the zombie apocalypse comes I’m teaming up with him…

  51. He’s cute but my forever love will always be Jake Gyllenhaal… such a dreamboat :)

  52. johnny depp all the way. i just adore him

  53. George Clooney is the most ridiculous celebrity crush – I’ve never understood it!

  54. the list would not be complete without chiwetel ejiofor, jeremy irons, daniel day lewis, john malkovich, idris elba, mos def, columbus short, boris kodjoe, johnny depp, don cheadle, robert downey jr, jeff goldbloom and johnny lee miller

  55. I have so many. Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ed Westwick are all up there, but Gerard Butler completely trumps them all and wins the prize (my heart)…

  56. I don’t watch the Mindy Project, but I do love Chris Messina. I saw him in The Giant Mechanical Man and he was absolutely brilliant!

  57. So many. Top 5 right now? Jarvis Cocker. George Clooney and Daniel Craig. Matthew Macfadyen. Ben Affleck as long as he has a beard and shaggy hair as he did in Argo. ;)