When Alex and I were newly dating, I got a terrible case of food poisoning, and he came over to feed me sips of Gatorade and sit very, very still on the bed. His brilliant way to distract me from aches and pains? Reading the short story The Diamond as Big as the Ritz by Fitzgerald.

It was such a sweet gesture, although seven years and two babies later, we had sort of forgotten about it. But after a difficult winter, we decided to start doing it more regularly. Reading in bed has been such a lovely way to end the day and stop an anxious mind from whirring.

We each picked a few books we thought the other person might enjoy…

Alex’s picks: This Boy’s Life (Toby was in part named after Tobias Wolff), Basketball Diaries, Dispatches

My picks: Bird by Bird, One More Thing, Thanksgiving (it’s weirdly great)

We read bits and pieces, and skim around, and often end up getting into side conversations. It’s fun to get a peek into someone else’s brain and see what jumps out to them; and also to read books you wouldn’t have otherwise (Dispatches was amazing).

Then… I fall asleep. Alex will actually start inserting nonsensical plot points (“and his head popped off!”) to see if I’ll speak up or if I’m actually asleep. Most of the time it’s the latter.


Back when we were first dating! Babies!

What about you? Do you ever read in bed with your partner or past people you’ve dated? Or kids? It’s such a lovely feeling. What are you reading these days? (It reminds me: My friend Corrie had a two-person book club on her honeymoon, where she and her husband read the same book. Sweet, right?)

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