A tiny love note.

I have to write a little love note. This weekend, I got food poisoning and was a complete mess. But despite my sunken eyes and ashen skin, Alex took such good care of me. He rubbed my back, did an awesome dance, brought me saltines and ice chips, sat very very still on the bed (as requested) and read me “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Although I was moaning through most of it, I felt so grateful. I love you, Alexei.

(Photo by Maria Stijger, via Lost.)

  1. you two are so sweet, good things happen to good people, but sweet things happen to just you two :)

  2. I’m jealous! Actually, no, u deserve all the best.

  3. Happy belated B-day Joanna – and tons of get well wishes! Alex surely sounds like a keeper!

  4. P.S. Just saw your post…Happy belated b-day! That’s really awesome, you have a twin!

  5. Aww…so sorry to hear you got food poisoning. I hate to say that I know that feeling…ick. I hope you feel better soon. Your man is so sweet, does he have a brother, cousin, friend? Hee hee. ;-)

    BTW, love the valentine-themed posts. They’re very hopeful and uplifting.

  6. what a sweet man. i’m so sorry. there is nothing worse than food poisoning!

  7. lucy gk says...

    alex, you are sweet!!! i love that you were made to sit still on the bed.

  8. Aw, what a good note! And I love that short story…

  9. that’s a nice little story.
    hope you are feeling better today.

  10. Very sweet :) Hope you’re feeling well now!

  11. i was stuck in all weekend with food poisoning too. it was awful. i have never had it before. how lucky you are to have someone to care for you. i still have a splitting headache from dehydration. and have decided to lay in bed another day.

  12. oh so cute! get well soon…
    – Jessie –

  13. aw! the “sitting still” part got me!

  14. oh no! that’s the worst…i hope you’re feeling better!

  15. the saltines and ice chips alone melt my heart. but reading aloud to you? now that’s love. lucky you and him!

  16. we met at a friend’s academy awards party last year. we shared some guac, and the rest was history!

  17. thanks for visiting this morning! Glad to hear you’re feeling better…yikes! I love this photo you posted… especially the red phone! I’m loving your blogs!

  18. that’s a good man!

  19. oh my, do i feel for you. i’ve had it the past two holiday seasons and nothing is worse! hope you’re ont he mend.

  20. Oh, I’m so sorry you were sick! I hope you are all better now!

  21. Take care. You should send a photo of Alexei to ‘The Ones We Love’.

  22. True love…hope you are feeling better.

  23. pauvre jo, you will be right as rain in no time with a boy like that! even though you have been sick I can see you are still a clever thing – thanks for posting this beaut image and link ;-) px

  24. oh that is the sweetest story jo!
    well being sick isn’t so sweet, but being loved even when you are miserable is the sweetest thing!

  25. Now, that’s love!

  26. Oh you poor thing, getting food poisoning!
    Oh you lucky thing, having Alex!

  27. that’s so sweet! i hope you feel better now.

  28. I hope you are feeling better! What is terrifying about your post is that the SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME this weekend — on Friday. Worst food poisoning I’ve ever had.

    Thank goodness for fabulous men in our lives who know how to take care of us.

    PS I’ve been living on saltines, which I don’t think I’ve considered a food since I was a kid.

  29. kate says...

    soooooo sweet!

  30. oh no, food poisoning! not fun at all on your birthday weekend! thank goodness you have such a wonderful person taking care of you. i hope you feel better now.