This weekend, we celebrated Anton’s second birthday. We had donuts with friends, took a ride on the carousel and sang Happy Birthday like fifty times. (Since he’s pretty shy, he would always look down while we sang and make the sweetest half smile.) He carried this giant A balloon everywhere, including on the bike!

A few things he’s doing these days that make my heart swell:

* He thinks “shoeson” is the word for shoes, which makes sense since we always say, “Anton, please go get your shoes on.” When we get home, he’ll say, “Shoeson off?”
* He is tough as boots, so when he falls over, he will literally shake it off, give a little laugh and then carry on. He’s like an NFL player in a two-year-old’s body.
* He’s introspective, so even when he is completely loving something, he will often look very serious.
* He loves throwing little things (like our cousin’s save-the-date) off the balcony. He knows he isn’t supposed to, so I’ll say, “Anton, did you just throw something off the balcony?” And he’ll say, “No.” And I’ll say, “Can I go look?” And he’ll say, “…No.”
* He has a legendary heart of gold. At night, he’ll lay his head on my shoulder, sing lullabies in falsetto and say, “Thank you, Mama,” as I put him to bed. And whenever I’m wearing jeans with ripped knees, he’ll come up to me and, without a word, kiss them both.


And couple more photos, if you’d like to see…


A strawberry “cake.”


Playing with a ball, his favorite thing these days.

Anton, we love you to pieces!

P.S. Slamdunk birthday presents for kids of all ages.