Last December, on my birthday, I shamelessly re-storied all my friends’ birthday shout outs on Instagram because a) I wanted everyone to know it was my birthday and b) I wanted even more friends to share their well wishes. It was a very Sagittarius move, I know.

Later that afternoon, while reading the kind messages, I came across a DM by our lovely contributing writer Alex Ronan that stopped me in my tracks…

She noticed my lipsticks, I thought. She gets me.

At age 13, I swiped on my first layer of barely-there eyeshadow and officially entered the world of makeup. Ever since, I’ve loved experimenting with beauty trends. A winged liner was my go-to during my teenage years. For prom, I sported an ombré peach and pink lid. In college, I just HAD to dye my hair purple (no regrets, tbh). When I was 23, I decided to give blonde highlights a go.

But a bold lip is the one look I always come back to. The color brightens my face and adds glam to any outfit. Every time I swipe on brick red, I feel sultry (and in the mood to make out with this hottie). To look sophisticated for work, I reach for this cranberry hue. On summer days, when I want to look sun-kissed, I go for a bright coral.

A punchy lip makes me feel vibrant, and I plan on wearing one forever, including when my hair turns white and my eyes are adorned with laugh lines.

Curious, I asked two other women what beauty looks made them feel the most like themselves. Here’s what they said:

best red blush

“My signature look is glow-y skin with lots of blush and a glossy lip,” says beauty/culture writer Tembe Denton-Hurst. “It makes me feel beautiful and ethereal but still myself. Right now, my lip combo is Ami Cole lip liner and Merit sheer lipstick topped with Polite Society lip balm in Bumbleberry. For the cheek, I’ve been loving red blush, specifically Beach Please from Tower28.”

pretty women's top knot

“I inherited thick, coarse hair from my Chinese mother, which makes me feel wild and powerful!” says pastry chef and author Natasha Pickowicz. “I keep it long and wavy, parted down the middle, or piled into a massive top knot. Since it gets dry and frizzy, I cannot live without a tiny squeeze of Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Crème — it smells amazing and makes my hair silky.”

Now I’d love to know, what’s your signature beauty look? Is it a short crop, or a rainbow manicure? Or maybe it’s a signature scent? Please spill all the details below…

P.S. Joanna’s splurge-worthy lipstick, and nine women on gray hair.

(Photo of Tembe via her Instagram. Photo of Natasha by Blythe Thomas via her Instagram.)

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