My Favorite Nail Polishes

Whenever I paint my toes, I contemplate fun colors: pale lilac? Neon orange? Minivan blue? But when I try something new, I sometimes feel a little cartoonish. People have been asking about the latest polish colors, but to be honest, I’m not crazy about this summer’s trends, like mustard yellow or dusty mauve.

So, this summer, I’m falling back on two favorites.

1. Fishnet Stockings, above, a sexy dark red. I never would have thought of dark red for summer until I went to the beach with my friend S., and she was channeling Grace Kelly with deep red polish and a classic white bikini. She looked gorgeous. Sold!

2. Fiji, below, is the perfect pale pink, as I’ve mentioned before. Not grey, not translucent, it makes toes look bright, clean and pretty. I’ve been wearing it for four years, crazily enough.

My Favorite Nail Polishes

Pop quiz: What nail polish are you wearing right now? Do you have a go-to color, or do you switch things up all the time?

P.S. 9 spring trends, and a gorgeous polish for hands.

(Sandals at top from Loeffler Randall)