Williamsburg Loft Tour

Cup of Jo editor Caroline lives in a converted loft that was once a pasta factory. Her space is fun, cool and a little weird, just like her. Here are some more photos, if you’d like to see…

How I got here: Since house tours are supposed to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse, I’d love to give you a peek behind the curtain. Last fall, I wrote about a difficult breakup.

But these things are never simple. As Seinfeld said, “Breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine. You can’t do it in one push. You gotta rock it back and forth a few times, and then it goes over.” In the months following the breakup, we tried to reunite for a short time. But once again, we arrived at all of the same conclusions, and I resumed living alone.

These photos were a month ago, and capture my home at a time when it was full of mutual possessions. While these images do, in fact, feature my apartment, I wouldn’t want to pretend that what you see here is 100% a reflection of me. Some of the furniture has left, some of the views have changed. A lot remains the same. House tours are meant to look shiny and inspiring, and I hope this is no exception. But, as always, what you see on blogs or Instagram is only part of the story. There is always more outside the frame.​

Couch: Ikea. Coffee table: George Nelson for Herman Miller. Console: Custom. Rug: ABC Carpet. Lamp: Vintage. Hanging planters: Terrain.

On moving: I moved to NYC in 2002 and have lived in twelve different spaces since then. Twelve! Just saying that makes me tired. While I don’t relish the packing or the stress, I do love how every new apartment feels like a blank canvas — new space, new energy, new routines. I plan to stay put for now, though. This finally feels like home.

On growing an urban jungle: Don’t let the plants fool you; my thumbs are not green. The trick is choosing plants that ward off death—species that thrive in the face of neglect. I’ve had succulents for years — they’re the ultimate gateway plants. For everything else, my friend Rebecca runs a company called Greenery NYC, which specializes in really amazing plant installations, designs and events. She helped me choose and pot some of the more impressive additions, like the pencil cactus on top of the lockers.

On keeping things fresh: I once took an exhaustive multiple-choice test in high school that was supposed to reveal your ideal career. My top two careers were “Puppeteer” and “Furniture Arranger.” At the time, I found both of these things confusing, but they may have been on to something with the latter. I rearrange things ALL THE TIME. A space never feels “done” to me; it’s a living, breathing reflection of its inhabitant.

On embracing your aesthetic: You know when you open a design magazine and there’s some beautiful home that’s all white and wood and they have like three books? I’ve always imagined that those people must have these very functional lives to match their very functional homes. I tried — for years and years — to be a minimalist, but have finally accepted that it just isn’t going to happen. I like crystals and opulence and collecting weird objects. Now I just strive for organized chaos. That’s where I feel happiest.


On creating a gathering place: The table is where everything happens—it’s a dining room, an office, an extension of the kitchen counter. Many glasses of wine have been shared atop it, and it has played host to Friday the 13th Ouija board gatherings and countless rounds of Bananagrams. It’s way too big for one person, which is actually a nice reminder to be social!

Dining table: Custom. Chairs: Pottery Barn. Pendant lamp: ABC Home.


On collecting cookbooks: Working in book publishing for years, I amassed a crazy collection of cookbooks, which live on the uppermost shelf. I find baking so therapeutic and have made it a Sunday night ritual. These brownies are my favorite — to both make and eat.

On open shelving: I have a love-hate relationship with this kitchen. For one thing, it isn’t really a kitchen–it lines one of the walls of the main living space. Instead of cabinets, there is open shelving. Open shelving keeps things feeling airy, but is a particularly dangerous feature for obsessive neatniks. Many (many) minutes have been wasted styling and arranging serve-ware. But it looks nice when it’s done!

On embracing old school appliances: My kitchen is akin to Instagram: Looks great; doesn’t tell the full story. The vintage farm sink spouts only hot water. It’s often cluttered with dishes, which I tend to procrastinate washing. I haven’t had a dishwasher or a microwave in years. In fact, I’ve kind of forgotten they exist!


On people in glass houses: The bathroom is nestled between the bedroom and the rest of the living space, and its doors are steel and glass. Aesthetically speaking, tempered glass seems like a good idea, because it lets the light pass through. But in practice, it’s fairly see-through. As you might imagine, this is especially fun for parties. It helps everyone bond!


On creating a zen space: Since this photo was taken, I added this headboard, which I’m loving. When it comes to bedding, I’m a devotee of white sheets and a fluffy down comforter — something about that combination is so relaxing. I once read that the reason hotel beds feel so comfortable is actually because of the white sheets. I’m a big fan of my little Muji alarm clock. I used to use my iPhone, but found I would immediately start scrolling through Instagram or answering emails before I was fully conscious, which was a terrible way to wake up. These days, I’m all about the analog.

Bedding: Ikea. Nightstand: Vintage. String lights: Restoration Hardware.


On book hoarding: If you came to my apartment, you’d probably find me here, sprawled out on the floor, as it’s where the majority of the books live. (There’s also always a rotating stack of whatever I’m reading next to my bed. Anything else I cram wherever I can — precarious towers of books rise all over the apartment.) I’ll never, ever get rid of a book I love, but sometimes, if it’s an old paperback I know I’ll never read again, I’ll force myself to part with it. After working in publishing and seeing how much love and care goes into every book, I can’t bear to see them being discarded. It actually hurts my soul.

Bookshelves: DIY. Chair: Eames. Globe: Vintage. Painting: Organic Moderism.

On organizing bookshelves: For many years, I organized my books by color—a polarizing design choice. This time around, I wanted my space to feel more organic and carefree, so now they’re roughly shelved by topic. In high school, I worked part-time at my town’s local library where one of my jobs was edging—pulling each book out right to very end of the shelf, which keeps them looking neat and uniform. Since then, I have a compulsive need to edge every shelf I come across.

On choosing art: I saw this painting and immediately fell in love with it, because it looked like Abe Lincoln chilling in France with a dog friend. I assumed it was actually just a painting of a random doppelgänger, but when I bought it, they wrote it up as “Abraham Lincoln with dog.” So it’s actually him! It turns out the artist, Hidir Jiang Tapanoglu, paints unique presidential portraits. I smile whenever I see it.

On a room with a view: The front wall of the apartment is entirely made of windows. Hands-down, this is my favorite thing about the space. It’s like living art — the helicopters, the weather patterns, the cabs speeding over the Manhattan Bridge in the distance. There is always so much movement — it never gets old. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll take in the vastness of what’s going on outside and immediately feel calmer. It makes me aware of how small I am, in the best possible way. I fear for the inevitable day when some fancy new high-rise will block it out, but in the meantime, I feel so lucky to have it.

Thank you so much, Caroline!

P.S. More house tours, including a 240-square-foot apartment and an amazing bookshelf.

(Photos by Nicole Franzen for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kate Jordan)

  1. sonia sanchez says...

    Love it! your place is so amazing…I especially love your bookshelves. Could you give me what is the size ( depth). It looks norrow but perfect! Tania you so much Caroline.

  2. Hy,
    Thanks for sharing this post. Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this information together.

  3. Lisa F says...

    Thank you for sharing your home and story with us. I love so much about this space – it is cozy, organic and has personality, style and soul jammed into every corner. AND THAT VIEW! Omg.

    Most of all, however, I love that this space is real. It’s artful but not overly styled like so many homes on Pinterest (which are SO perfect and pristine that it looks like no one lives in them!) I love your words, Caroline: “A space never feels ‘done’ to me; it’s a living, breathing reflection of its inhabitant.”

    The only thing that made me slightly uneasy was that stuffed wild cat on the otherwise beautiful bookshelves – please ease my crazy cat lady self and tell me that it’s fake? :(

  4. Ohh Hello! Can I move in please?

  5. I love this space. That dining table is epic. And the opening is so well said. And the book edging is something I do almost once a day on my shelves. Crazy how some seem to inch away even if no one touches them.

  6. What a lovely apartment! You have great style. I like the dining room table you have best. I’m definitely going to be keeping that in mind for the future!

  7. That loft is like a dream. I love all of Caroline’s design choices, but I think the Abe Lincoln painting might be my favorite,

  8. As much as I love, love, love to hear what your family is up to, Joanna, thanks for remembering those of us who are going solo right now. It’s not always easy, but Caroline, you sure make it look good. I love the space and your books, and all your posts as of late.

  9. That view… I can’t imagine living anywhere that overlooks such beauty. In London my view treats me to a look into the bedroom across the road from mine. Slightly less inspiring!

    Charlotte x

  10. Beautiful space, but what stood out to me was your career test, I took a similar one in 8th grade and my top career choices were laserist (like working with lasers on the Las Vegas trip) and ceramic restoration. Thanks career test, you have been no help in my life. I majored in English.

  11. I love everything about this post! Your home is beautiful, Caroline, and so is your writing. I’m so happy you joined Cup of Jo; I like reading your own blog, too!

  12. Caroline.
    This is hands down my fave apartment tour ever on Cup of Jo. Your place is exactly to my liking. Must ask though if you can remember the color/brand of that smoky blue paint in your “kitchen”. It’s gorgeous! Would love that color for my bedroom or bathroom. Thanks!

  13. I want to know about the cat, too- an ocelot maybe? Spill!

  14. I love your apartment! My partner and I just moved into a new space, so we are constantly looking for inspiration. I was wondering if the nude statue in the first picture is a lamp. Please tell me it’s not vintage so that I have a chance of tracking one down!

  15. SO BEAUTIFUL. That view?!

    Never seen such a perfect apartment in NYC. I’m so curious how you can afford to love alone in that kind of place.

  16. Would LOVE more info on the DIY wall-mount bookshelves. I’m in Canada, which makes the Container Store Elfa option a bit out of reach, and we’re planning to just do hardware store standards and brackets. But I really like the look of your bookshelves and wonder what kind/cut/depth of wood you used and where you sourced your materials.

  17. Jo says...

    This is why I always come back to ‘Cup of Jo’; fascinating (I’m nosy), well written, and honest. Don’t know how you do it but you manage to find such a good balance between being down to earth yet uplifting and also, private.
    I love blogs, but sometimes -stupidly – get terrible feelings of inadequacy that I’m not travelling to somewhere unbelievable in a figure flattering maxi dress or that my toddlers aren’t wearing whimsical designs in muted grey and plum. Or even, that it seems beyond me to take the perfect picture for Instagram of my morning boiled egg with handcrafted wooden spoon.
    Love your taste, style, and philosophy with or without those bits of furniture. Thank you.

  18. Love this apartment and you style! How do you keep things on open shelving in the kitchen free of grease and dust? I find myself constantly scrubbing the pans and platters on our open shelves.

  19. Could anyone please tell me the name of the plant in the third picture. I really need more plants in my life, especially after seeing how beautiful they can be, here, in your app.

  20. Beautiful place! Thank you for sharing.

    I edge my books too, but mostly because it cuts way down on dusting. My life kind of revolves around minimizing dusting, actually.

  21. What a nice place Caroline! I could totally picture myself living in such a place. That view is great! And the silver-women-statue-lamp as well!

    And are you going to post your culinary adventures here? I’m very curious to taste any of your favorites!

  22. I also have decided that you and I would easily be friends. Maybe we can start with decorating my apartment together.. ha!

  23. Caroline, you’re a total babe! Love your honesty and your space! Keep kicking-ass girl!

  24. I read this blog daily after work,the blunt honesty is so refreshing and inspirational.Nairobi seems like a step away from NYC after the few minutes i spend catching up with you two..

  25. Lovely home and tour! I especially appreciate the honesty in this post, which is always evident in Caroline’s writing. It’s nice to be reminded that as perfect or beautiful as something seems, it isn’t the whole story… and what makes it special and unique is that it is perfectly imperfect! My hubby and I are moving to the Jersey/NYC area in June and I’d love to live in a space like this, but I know charm may come with a funny bathroom setup or an old, hot-water-only sink! :)

  26. I LOVE this post! The apartment is awesome, but Caroline’s writing is just the best. Thanks for the backstories!

    I’ve “lived in sin”, ahem, a few times. The first time I moved out of the space and felt so ALIVE! The second one moved out of my space, and I was worried I’d think of him by staying in what used to be our shared space, but….nerp! I have gender neutral taste anyway, but I did go buy a sparkly, girly shower curtain to celebrate. :) (PS: Third time was a charm, hooray!)

    Also, I was told on a high school aptitude test that I should be a “philosopher.” You know, because that’s a real job.

  27. I want to be you, from this apartment. And, I’m married with kids. Love the table. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Your apartment is beautiful. I wish I could decorate mine more but I moved into an apartment that was already established by my roommate (I think he’s lived there 2 years now). It’s the only downside of having him as roommate. We did do a little rearranging to accommodate some of my stuff but my main decorating will go to my bedroom which just isn’t as fun to decorate as a living room.

  29. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, everyone! You’ve all made my day. Xx

    Mayson – The bookshelf was constructed with lumber from Home Depot and simple white brackets. The whole thing was less than $100 and went up in a couple of hours. (A handy friend installed it.)

    Jessica – The coral-looking plant is called a pencil cactus. Careful, though—It turns out it’s poisonous to animals, so I keep it on a very high shelf!

  30. As someone who lives in Williamsburg, I can 100% appreciate this house tour as being beautiful and inspiring–but I’m also so glad you took the time to mention the things that AREN’T perfect. The tempered glass bathroom doors and the hot water sink are such great reminders that even though a space can look fantastic on the surface, there’s usually a little more to the story–especially when in Brooklyn :)

  31. Your apartment is seriously fantastic, but that opening paragraph really got me. Thanks for giving us a peek into your life, also. It’s so reassuring to hear that even those who appear to have it all, struggle too.

  32. Lovely tour, and I love the packed bookshelf! We have a giant bookshelf made up of standards and planks in what is now my daughter’s room – we just went through and pulled out 5 big bags of books to sell, but still managed to keep a good lot and the shelves look less stuffed, more happily packed in. And now we have some credit saved up to buy some more books!

    I love all the greenery too, plants do keep things cheery. I’ve made sure to bring a bunch in to my office too. I have a philodendron which is particularly jubilant right now and keeps sending up new leaves and maybe is taking over my desk a little.

    Thank you for sharing your home! I echo everyone else in saying I think we’d get along in real life (or at least we’d have fun talking books! Have you read any from the tournament of books this year? All the birds, singing, was my favorite, but Station Eleven was great too).

  33. What a great home! I love your shibori headboard. Minimal is not attainable by me either so I find this very validating.

  34. What a beautiful space! I am full of “Caro-love”! I am a book hoarder as well and can’t seem to part with any…even if I disliked the book. No one likes helping me move with those heavy boxes…
    starting over in my own space as well and getting inspired after seeing your space.

  35. What a beautiful space! I am about to move into a place without a dishwasher, disposal or washer and dryer for the first time. I am wondering, what is it like not having modern day appliances? I don’t think a dishwasher is much of an issue — but no washer and dryer?!

  36. Love it! Living in a studio and finding the right space for everything without making the place to cluttered takes a lot of work… and that work really shows in Caroline’s place. Thanks for sharing it with us all!!!

  37. Caroline, what a beautiful space, actually what a beautiful home! And the Lincoln painting is a must-have! Loved it when you posted it on Instagram, and I’m still loving it! :)

  38. Love love love this post. I think all of us are falling in love with Caroline.


  39. Edging. I am glad this has a name. I also like to hear that other people do not just stick books on a shelf. I order by genre. Sometimes I then sub-order alphabetically.
    Sometimes I go outside a bit…

  40. Caroline, I really love your style of writing and have just gone to your blog to get more of “carolinisms”! You are a great addition to this blog space. I look forward to seeing more of your features here and reading your blog. Thank you!

  41. Loving the comment about edging books! I used to work at my local library too when I was in high school and now work as an editor of translated fiction for a Danish publishing house, and I do this totally compulsively. It drives me crazy when people prefer to push their books up against the back of a book case or just align them along some invisible, imaginary line mid-shelf. What’s up with that, people?!

  42. It’s strange but seeing what is in there made you even more special and interesting, I really wanted to be friends with you, Caroline. To talk about life and everything. To stay around. Beautiful you! :)

  43. What a lovely space! Thanks for sharing, I’m so inspired by these pictures.

  44. I grew up without a microwave or dishwasher, and in college, the dishwasher in the house where I lived was broken. One day, while I was at the sink washing dishes and my roommate was in the kitchen eating a snack, I turned to her and said, “wouldn’t it be amazing if they invented a machine that could wash your dishes for you?” And she said, “you mean, a dishwasher…?” ! Love your place, Caroline!! Thanks for sharing!

  45. I love Caroline. That is all. :)

  46. Caroline, you’re so wonderful! You and Joanna are such a good match for this blog. You’re both positive, lively, and honest. I was reading A Cup of Jo one day, and that’s why I like it. Joanna and you are sweet, but you’re honest. And those two things are so important :)

  47. That view is seriously incredible. Great space, Caroline. Also, you may have been there already, but based on your taste I bet you would just love the stuff at this shop on Smith St. in Brooklyn called Swallow!

  48. I love the realness of this post :) And Caroline, I am totally with you on realizing I’ll never be minimalistic. My husband loves clutter-free spaces, which I try to keep up, but I will always want to be surrounded by wonderful things :) I especially adore your crystals and geodes and many, many plants!

  49. Love! Thanks for the honest and beautiful tour. Your apartment is lovely.

  50. Thank you so much for sharing! I was about to beg for a tour after the glimpse in the Living Alone post. It’s beautiful…and very much to my own taste, which makes me wish we were friends (Joanna included) :)

  51. I love Caroline!!

  52. Loved this post! And actually, as someone about to move to NYC for the first time and going through the dreaded apartment hunt, I would love to hear your experiences on the 12 places / other things learned in your time here!

  53. I really love Caroline’s voice. Such a cool space.

  54. Great post, I found it really refreshing and honest. What a nice view!

  55. this is just how I imagine a NYC apt to be! cool space…love the Sunday baking ritual…I also bake every weekend!

  56. Nice !!! Nice !!! Nice !!!

  57. Incredible space! Love every single detail!

  58. Beautiful apartment! I have a hard time parting with books too.
    Every once and while I go through the books I have accumulated and gift them to friends and family. I try to pair the book to the person and hope they enjoy reading it! That way the love gets passed on :)

  59. What a sweet pad. Caroline, you have got it going on. I would love to know where you go antiquing/flea marketing! I’m always in awe of people can make all of their treasures mesh together so effortlessly!

    I too find quirky stuff fascinating…thus we have a ‘portrait’ of Abe Lincoln riding a TRex on our office door!

    Well done. Well done.

  60. Wow, love everything about this. Pictures and text.

  61. Gorgeous photos of such a beautiful home. Thanks for the Greenery NYC mention! I had so much fun helping you pick out plants for your place :)

  62. What a fun post, Caroline and Joanna!

    I would love to see Caroline do a write-up on her favorite cookbooks from her collection! Which cookbooks do you find yourself turning to again and again?

  63. That’s a really cool apartment.

    And everytime I see any pic of that NYC view from Brooklyn my heart stops for a second.

    NYC will forever be my place in the world. I lived the 2 happiest year if my live there and every time I come back I feel at home.

    That view is amazing.

  64. Can I just give you an internet hug? Breakups are so tough, let alone when you’ve lived with your ex. I admire your strength and honesty, that could not have been easy to share, especially when it’s still so fresh. Hugs. <3

  65. Love every little vignette in this tour. You can tell that the objects in there have been collected over years and take some time to come together. Great Job!

  66. I love your honesty and the emotions attached to your place… A lovely read :)

  67. Caroline, your apartment is gorgeous and looks like it’d be a fun place to live. My parents have several of Hidir Jiang’s deer paintings displayed at their lake house, but I had no idea he did presidential portraits. I love the Abe Lincoln with dog one. And as someone who also worked at a library in high school, I totally get your compulsive need to edge bookshelves haha. I also have to mention how much I love your writing. Your posts are so honest and refreshing, and seem to showcase your personality very well. You actually remind me of one of my best friends :) I hope to see more of your posts on the blog.

  68. I loved this post. Thanks Caroline! But I agree that the taxidermy needs some explanation — it is just so rare to find in NYC apartments. Please let us at least know if it is yours or if it has also moved out.

  69. D says...

    Beautiful and intriguing writing. The apartment looks cool too…

  70. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your many plants, that amazing portrait of Abe, and the great combination of the feminine mirror with the aesop bottles in your bath. stunning!

  71. Pinning everything! The plants are awesome too!

  72. Carolyn, of all the home tours I have seen — and, as a peruse-apartment-therapy-hourly design inspiration + story of home lover, I have seen hundreds in just this past week — yours is my absolute favorite. Thank you for sharing your cool and unique perspective on homemaking, and thank you also for really calling out the real, messy felt experience of our relationship with our homes/selves/people with whom we have shared our space with.

  73. I love these Caroline posts. I want to be her friend! I just got out of an 11 year relationship and am living on my own for the first time. I’m almost the same age as her too (and also live in Brooklyn) I feel like every post of hers speaks directly to me. Keep them up!

  74. So… when is your first book coming out??? I’ll be one of the first people to purchase it! Your home is amazing, but I adore your writing just as much!

  75. Well, Caroline, whether or not your apartment is normally how it appears in this post, you sucked me right in! I love how much texture and light there is and how there’s something interesting to look at in every corner. Will you do a follow up to this tour when youve changed things around again? I’d love to see.

  76. I love you Caroline! You are an excellent addition to Cup of Jo. And I love your dining table and I covet it. : )

  77. I love plants! All mine have to fit on my very limited high-up space now …with the arrival of the first kid I was great about training her to not tip/yank/unpot them, but with the even-more-active second child I just gave up and stuck them on shelves.
    I might just have to start hanging some from the ceiling! My husband will cringe, but I think it looks great.

  78. Puppeteer or furniture arranger? Ha. That made me giggle. You’re delightful.

  79. I really love how honest this post is – so often you see beautiful home tours and you have no idea what it’s really like to live there. Caroline you’re such a great writer, I couldn’t help but imagine myself standing in the room with you having a personal tour!

  80. This is adorable. Is this williamsburg? What neighborhood do you live in?

  81. That (unpictured) head board was a bold move. I love it.

    Remember that episode of SITC when Carrie is broke and figures out she has spent all of her money on shoes? I had this realization during my last move. SO MANY boxes of books, so little proper furniture. At $10-20 a book, I estimated I could probably have afforded a lot of grown up things to sit on…

  82. Such a gorgeous apartment! We just moved into a new place and I hope to use some of the pictures for inspiration on how to reorganize our home. Thanks for sharing :)

  83. I like the way you wrote so honestly about internet facade. It’s always nice to read you here on Cup of Jo. x

  84. Gorgeous, gorgeous space! Thanks for sharing, Caroline!

  85. Caroline, I can’t get over the beautiful view of your apartment…to be speechless while writing a comment is not good so I’ll move on to the plants. Your categorization of plants made me laugh, and realized that I need to get that kind of plants. The ones that “thrive in the face of neglect” :)

  86. ah! this living space is fabulous. love,love,love the amount of plants and the variety of color!

  87. So beautiful! Can we talk about the taxidermy? Cuz it’s awesome! Unless it is now gone… Then it’s less awesome.

  88. Caroline, I love your apartment! How did you find such a beautiful place to live? There is nothing worse than apartment hunting in NYC, so I’m wondering if you have any tips or tricks! Thank you for sharing these inspiring photos.

  89. I was totally craving a tour after the little preview we got in your living alone post! Yay! Thanks for welcoming us into your space. Great tour and I gotta second the motion to hear about the bookshelf bobcat. :)

  90. Could we get some more info on the bookshelf? Did you have to get permission to install it? How long did it take? etc.

  91. I’m also inspired to get a plant, although i’m not sure where I’ll put it. Your place looks gorgeous! Very chic.

  92. I asked this last Caroline post, but perhaps it is more appropriate here — how DOES one afford to live alone in NYC? What % of your salary goes toward rent?
    Maybe Caroline should do a double post on The Billfold… ;-)

  93. I’m very curious about the wealth of taxidermied creatures you have in your space… is this a hobby of yours? Or just something you like to collect? Overall I love the space… but I would freak the F out if I woke up to a wildcat hovering over me :)

  94. Lovely space! I was hoping we would get a tour after the post about “living alone” not long ago which was also great.

  95. your place is amazing Caroline! I especially love the plants and bookshelves (also I spy S by JJ Abrams, love that book). Can I be you in 10 years?

  96. Love it! Did you install the bookshelves yourself or were they already there? I’m perpetually looking for more space for my books–I have stubbornly refused to buy a kindle and like you I keep every book I like (which is most of them). I have two floor to ceiling bookshelves but I need more!

  97. I love this! What a beautiful, well-designed space. I love all of Caroline’s books and her immense love for them. Reminds me of Rory from the Gilmore Girls :)

  98. Wonderful! I am pinning this for inspiration!

  99. Love love love her space–the stylish uniqueness of it–as well as her words about it. Thx for sharing!

  100. AWads — Alas, I am not an heiress. (I wish!) The Eames chair actually belonged to my ex-boyfriend and is no longer in the space. It’s a lovely chair, though!

  101. So cool! Thanks for sharing.

  102. thanks for showing us your personal space, caroline! i’m mostly concerned how you are going to make rent now that you are not sharing the space. also, how does one afford an eames chair? are you an heiress or does cup of jo pay super well? (nosey questions, i know, but you did put it out there…)

  103. I loved looking round this, great tour

  104. Thank you for sharing, Caroline! I’ve decided we would totally be friends IRL. Books and lipstick hoarding alone make you awesome in my book :-) I do find the stuffed bobcat (?) on the bookshelf a bit disturbing, though.

  105. This post has inspired me to add a few plants to my place.

  106. I love your apartment, and your tour!! It’s so nice to come by an honest history of someone’s beautiful abode. However, the burning question that seems almost DELIBERATELY not answered is: where is that wildcat from?! It is awesome! Thanks for the look!