Have you seen the Otteroo? It’s a floatie for babies eight weeks and older to use in the bath or pool. Since the inflatable circle attaches around your baby’s neck, their arms and legs are free to play.

My first reaction was: Insane. It looks uncomfortable! And their heads seem so close to the water. But apparently people swear by them. And, if it worked well, how awesome would this be on vacation? When we’re visiting family in California, Toby wears puddle jumpers, but one-year-old Anton is still too little. The Otteroo might be a great solution. So much better (and less tiring) than bouncing babies the whole time at the pool!

Here is a video of the Otteroo in action:

Kind of bizarre, right? Thoughts? Would you ever try it?

P.S. More do or don’ts.