Alex and I have been talking about this more lately, and…

…we’re torn. Recently I’ve been wondering if we should try for a third child, but Alex looks totally panicky (basically this expression) whenever I bring it up. So, we are, as yet, undecided.

We have two wonderful children and feel so, so lucky. But I grew up in a family with three children, and three seems like such a fun gang. And I’d love to see Anton as a big brother!

Meanwhile, Alex and I have talked about these thoughts:
* “The world is made for families of four.” (Tables for four, taxis fit four passengers, etc.)
* “We would be completely sleep deprived for another few years.”
* “Whenever you have a group of three, someone always feels left out.”
* “You don’t know your limits until you’ve passed them.”

Another thing I would add is that I am completely beside myself for the first 6-9 months with a new baby, since I experience terrible postpartum depression and anxiety. So I’d have to roll up my sleeves and prepare to go through that again, which definitely makes me hesitant. And who knows? Maybe we wouldn’t be able to have another baby. But, still, I just can’t get that third child out of my mind.

I’m so curious: How many kids do you hope to have? One, two or more? None? Not sure? Do you agree with your partner on the number? If not, how did you decide?

P.S. Raising your first vs. second child. And would you ever decide not to have kids?

(Photos of my twin sister and me)