The other night, I met my friend K. at the movies. As we hugged hello outside, I noticed that she smelled incredible—sexy, warm, spicy, subtle. When I asked her about her perfume, she revealed that it was actually this men’s cologne. “Strangers stop me on the street to ask what I’m wearing,” she added.

It’s funny, recently I’ve noticed that all my friends who smell amazing seem to be wearing masculine scents. My cousin wears sandalwood essential oil. My friend S. wears a cedar cologne. My friend Kendra borrows her husband’s smoky, peppery fragrance.

I’m curious: Which perfume are you wearing these days? Would you wear a masculine fragrance? There’s something so sexy about them. I think I’m going to pair this citrus musk with sweaters and jeans this fall.

P.S. Wedding overalls.

(Photo by Garance Dore)