City Hall Wedding (in Overalls!)

My dear readers, over the next few weeks, I’d love to share a few cool weddings of some friends. First up? Bill and Fanny, who recently tied the knot at New York’s City Hall…

“We got married really early in the morning,” says Fanny. “I put flowers in my hair; then we picked up Simon (our best friend and witness) and drove our old white Volvo into town, picking up coffees on the way.”

“Getting married at City Hall was perfect,” she says. “You could feel the tension in the waiting rooms–the expectations and the wedding nerves. It was really nice to share that with the other strangers.”

Aren’t Fanny’s white overalls awesome? “A couple days before the wedding, I was looking for something to wear, and Bill suggested popping into Steven Alan. When I saw the dungarees, I knew they were right. I wanted to be comfortable and low-key. My mother would have cringed, but she was unknowingly going about her day in Sweden.”

“After we got married, we called our families,” says Fanny. “Then we had brunch at Cafe Cluny and went to a spa. The night was spent with friends at the Jane Hotel bar. It was such a beautiful, magical experience; I was in a daze all day.” Huge congratulations, Fanny and Bill!

P.S. Fanny rides a bike, and see their awesome apartment on The Selby.

(Photos by Simon Howell)

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  3. Wow, I’m so happy to see a woman not make a huge fuss about a wedding! And the overalls? Totally pulling them off. Not many women can, so kudos. ;) My wedding hall in Huntley was simply decorated, but I always wanted just a city hall wedding.

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