1. My daughter loved her thumb. I had not problem with it but it was amazing to me that strangers would tell her to stop sucking it. I told her that when her grown up teeth came in that she had to stop…..and she did with no problem!

  2. Thumb suckers are always the easiest. I think you’ll find that right thumb-suckers become right-handed people and vice-versa. My 4-yr-old has been sucking his right thumb (which, by the way, is significantly smaller than the left thumb that he leaves alone. Shrinkage?!) and pulls some very Anton moves- pointing with his index while the thumb is still in the mouth, resisting putting his clothes on, because the right hand is “busy”, etc… Don’t let anyone stress you about how/when he should quite. I’ve met a lot of very normal (and nice toothed) adults who admit to thumb-sucking well into elementry school! Here’s to more thumb-suckers!

  3. happy babies suck their thumb.
    A down side is getting him to change thumbs if his favorite develops open skin (cut) during a fever illness. From my experience, methinks willingly sacrificing your own thumb(s) won’t be a problem.

  4. Those marshmallow cheeks!

  5. Anton is such a cutie. I used to suck my thumb and did so till very late. My family was very concerned about it and tried many thing to stop me. One of them was to put pepper on my thumb but nothing worked!

    Have a nice weekend in Brooklyn!


  6. Awwww! Too funny. My little guy, Charles, sucks his thumb every chance he can get too. I just think it’s sooooo darn cute! Enjoy that cutie pie little thumb sucker of yours. Btw, he has a great name. :-)

  7. I have one of these to match. Baby boy with an adorable thumb that he feels is made for this. Nearly always his left. Our Nate is 13 months. Close to Anton’s age, right? Right now I am over the moon that he can soothe himself so well. Other mamas like to say how much easier it is to take away the pacifier. So likely I will change my story one day. But as number three with two older sisters, I like not spending energy to chase dropped pacifiers.

    The comments about the photos are right on. Anton is all cuteness!

  8. Silly baby, doesn’t he know that single-tasking is the new multi-tasking?

  9. mindy lee, that is SO CUTE. my brother used to carry a piece of a women’s silk slip around! my mom was like, yes, my toddler is carrying lingerie, NBD.

  10. Joanna, I would LOVE to read your Anton birth story if you’re willing to share. Mine was a weird experience too…

  11. I spy Carroll Park! Hope you’re liking Carroll Gardens so far. If you ever see a little guy stuffing his whole hand into his mouth (more challenging as he gets bigger), that’s my kiddo!

  12. Adorable! You can deal with whatever consequence result from the thumb sucking later, if there are any.

    I remember my younger brother sucked his thumb for a LONG time! When my boys were little, neither one did, nor would they take a pacifier, even thought I bought ALL of them in the hopes that one type would appeal, but no such luck!

  13. I wish one of my kids had ever sucked their thumb, i can see how it would be such a comfort. My daughter does love silkies and carries around a silky piece of animal print fabric all day at daycare! LOL He is so adorable and I LOVE his name.

  14. Those cute little shoes! What an adorable little man. You’re a lucky mama. :)

  15. He’s a cutie pie!

  16. What a cutie! Infants and toddlers have a high need to suck for soothing, so if they’re weaned early or are not breastfed at all they’ll require a pacifier of some kind. It’s a good thing for them to suck, as some theorists say infants and toddlers who are not given the opportunity to suck will develop addictions later in life. Enjoy your little thumb, Anton! :)

  17. aww, Carroll Park. I spent so much time on those swings and in P.S. 58’s yard (in the background). Enjoy!

  18. those yellow sandals are adorable! i have friends with kids and i would love to gift them with these cute kicks. where are they from?

  19. What a cutie pie!

  20. Aw, how cute! My youngest sucked her ring and middle finger on her right hand with her tiny stuffed Elmo tucked under her elbow…..making me sad to remember-she starts kindergarten in two weeks!

  21. So cute! I sucked my thumb til 3rd grade when my parents finally bribed me to stop by promising me a cabbage patch doll. I still furtively sucked it at night for another few months before quitting completely. (And as much as I coveted my friends’ retainers I never needed even a single visit an orthodontist). I not so secretly wanted my daughter to be a thumb sucker, because I still remember how soothing and comforting it was and who wouldn’t want that, but she never showed any interest.

  22. A weird experience? Now you have to post Anton’s birth story ;) He is too cute!

  23. Joanna I was also wondering why you didn’t do a post about Anton’s birth story, weird and all I would love to read about it if you’d like to share it.

  24. laura, just saw your comment! i keep going back and forth about it…it was kind of a weird experience! (obviously with a very good ending but nonetheless:) but maybe i’ll start writing it and see how it goes?

  25. I had a heavy duty thumb sucker too. He stopped around 8 years old.

    My funniest memory was him on the neighborhood summer swim team (maybe 4 years old) up on the race blocks waiting for the starting whistle and sucking his thumb.

    So cute! But glad he eventually quit. At some point it’s not cute any more and it was starting to mess with his teeth.

  26. sophia! i wish! i would love to meet you guys :)

  27. If only you had been at the park today with me and my almost 11-month lady! She is a die-hard thumb sucker and does the exact same thing on the swings, though since she’s small she’ll sometimes lounge at the bottom of the swing, her right arm through one of the back of the bucket’s four holes and her left firmly implanted in her mouth. It’s pretty funny.

  28. I can’t stop laughing.

  29. obsessed with his shoe and onesie combo!!

  30. Ahw, he looks adorable. I loved my thumb as a kid, and now I’m in my twenties, when I’m sad and crying it weirdly/secretly still comforts me.

  31. Anton is adorable! And what sweet picture! Not to cause panic, just simply to alert you that I was a thumbsucker as a child and it affected my bite as an adult and I consequently needed braces and lots of dental work as an adult. I later learned that thumbsucking was a result of trying to self soothe and anxiety (I’m also a recovering nail biter). I found this article on thumbsucking and nail biting to be really insightful and thought I’d share: http://www.childhealth-explanation.com/thumb-sucking-and-nail-biting.html

  32. I can totally relate to Master Anton. I was a thumb sucker until about 13 years of age. I know, crazy! I’d dread sleepovers at friends’ houses in case I’d be caught with my thumb in my mouth! I recently had a scan of my baby boy and he was sucking his thumb! I love that he’s already taking after his mama. :)

  33. So cute! Love his little sandals. Where are they from?

  34. Ha! I love the title of this post so much:) I’m pregnant with my first and it’s a boy! And I’m so inspired by you: a mama of two awesome, fun little men with so much personality. It’s so cool.

  35. What a doll!

  36. What a doll! My little boy is a first-two-fingers sucker, and I think it’s just the cutest!

  37. He’s just the cutest! A great multitasker like his hardworking momma and poppa, I’m sure.

  38. tt says...

    Did Toby suck his thumb or do the pacifier at all? My son is two and has been a thumb sucker ever since he figured out what his thumb was. He’s getting better at doing less but in the back of my mind, it still stresses me out a bit. I have no regrets about it because it’s enabled him to do such a great job with naps and sleeping through the night but I wish I had a better exit plan.

  39. oh my god these pictures are INCREDIBLE. i can’t wait to hear about his personality developing!

    ps I think he totally looks like Alex now! no longer is he only an homage to that baseball pitcher!

  40. LOL!!! Too funny!! I never sucked my thumb, but was addicted to my pacifier. He had a name (Dubba), and I remember my parents and preschool teacher forcing me to leave him in my cubby on my first day of preschool, because they decided that 4 was waaayyyy too old to walk around ALL DAY LONG with a binky. I remember staring at him through the side of the basket in my cubby feeling a little strange that he wouldn’t be with me for the day, but apparently I got over it pretty quick. My younger sister was more naturally a thumb sucker, but my parents shoved a binky in there right quick because you can’t take away a 4 year old’s thumb, so they felt it was a safer oral fixation. The only reason they cared that much was because thumb sucking makes your teeth stick out, but my sister and I both had a close relationship with our neighborhood orthodontist despite my parents’ best efforts.

  41. He is such a cute little ham, Joanna!

    Just curious–do you plan to ever post his birth story? I know it’s easy for time to get away!