Have a Sweet Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to a holiday party, and the attire is “black tie optional.” And I can’t help sharing this photo of five-month-old Anton in the bath. As someone pointed out on Instagram, he has seven armpits, haha:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

My kid’s insane wishlist. Made me laugh out loud.

This is not a photo of Morgan Freeman.

Would you eat hot dogs on the rocks?

Cheese makes everything better.

Pretty party shoes.

Jane Austin quotes about break-ups and happiness.

30 of the best ponytails in history.

Kids drawings of their grandparents are recreated in real life.

19 signs you’re doing better than you think.

How great is this red door?

The best photos of 2013. Amazing.

Excited to be included in this Terrain interview.

And New Yorkers: This storytelling event looks awesome! David Cross, Mario Batali, Greta Gerwig…

Have a good one. xoxo

  1. What an adorable picture of the baby.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I just started my blog, and I have to say it’s because of you! I love your blog, and I check it religiously. You’ve really inspired me to blog about my own personal experiences and what’s going on in my life! XO

  3. Someone else already suggested but Rent the Runway is AWESOME! I had a record number of weddings this summer and used it so I didn’t have to buy a new dress for every wedding. Though I would say never pay full price for a rental because they have SO many coupons (by email, facebook, referrals, etc.).

  4. Joanna, you would look gorgeous in that dress! Hope you had a great holiday party. xo.

  5. From the look on his face…if Anton was 21 years old, and can communicate his wishes, would you be posting his photograph without asking then?

  6. Anton is such a beauty! Love him

  7. Yes I have a Wonderfull Weekend. And Ireally enjoyed your post that you are pointed in that post. Here is one of other Good Inforamtion about Toronto Airport Taxi.

  8. your baby is growing up too fast! five months already?

  9. your baby is growing up too fast! five months already?

  10. 19 signs that you’re doing better than you think…I needed that today. Thank you.

  11. some of those pictures in “best pictures of 2013” are quite graphic

  12. Have you heard of renttherunway(dot)com?!

    It’s the best you can pick a dress and rent it for the night! Maybe they have your dress! If you can’t use it this time maybe for another party.

  13. jm says...

    He is the sweetest ever. What an intense expression. What a doll!

  14. Beyond cute, he is!!!!

  15. I love his little face in this photo. We just bathed our newborn for the first time, it was terrifying, lol. Have fun at your party!

  16. p.s. Anton is adorable (to say the least).

  17. I tell ya, I was NOT prepared for those 2013 images. Damn powerful. Good thing I have that awesome dad’s response to his daughter’s Christmas list to shift things a little (two friends sent that to me this week and I just keep rereading it. Funny guy!) And yay for yours and Alex’s feature on Terrain; very sweet. Happy weekend!

  18. what a cutie! He looks like quite the thinker!

  19. Seriously, how cute is Anton! What an adorable little expression! Have a good weekend!

  20. LOVE the Jane Austen quotes. My best friend broke up with her first real love just yesterday and this post could not have come at a better time. I’m printing off a few of them to attach to the chocolate and tension tamer tea I got for her.

  21. That photo….my heart! He looks so content, the epitome of being comfortable in your own skin! X

  22. That photo….my heart! He looks so content, the epitome of being comfortable in your own skin! X

  23. I’m going to be super busy with my twin boys this weekend and also working on holiday orders!

  24. Love the “19 Signs…” post. I work for a national non-profit and think about how lucky I am all the time. Peoples’ “first world problems” can be so aggravating. Stop and smell the roses :)

  25. Gosh, he’s adorable. That Christmas list post is absolutely hilarious! Happy weekend!

  26. I hate to be “that girl with an English major” … but it is Jane Austen, not Texas’ Austin. And thank you for the link! Love her.

  27. Oooh, Anton is too sweet!! That is such a lovely picture :) No plans in here yet, it seems it is going to be rainy and cold… in L.A! I guess we will also have to enjoy that since it does not really happen that often, hehe.

  28. Oh my gosh! Totally love his moobs! Baby rolls are the best!

  29. Jane AustEN! :) :) Not like Texas.

  30. This picture is SO sweet. What a face!! Have a wonderful time at your party!! Cheers.

  31. austen #spellingpolice

  32. Anton is so darn cute! I love those “rolls” on his arms! I’ll be cooking hearty butternut squash soup this weekend and have a movie night with my hubster. Have a great weekend :)