Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? My guy friend took it at work and the results were dead-on. Honestly, it felt like someone had read his diary and written up a detailed personal description. Intrigued, all our friends suddenly wanted to take it! So we found a mini version online. (Not sure how scientific it is, but it seems pretty good.)

I’m a ENFJ personality, and Alex is a INFP. Which are you? Take the quiz here, if you’d like. Does the description of your personality ring true? It’s pretty crazy!

  1. Kim says...

    When I took the test in college, I was an ENFJ, emphasis on the E! Over the past few years I’ve completely switched to a more introverted type, and when I retook this today, sure enough, I was an INFJ! So interesting how it can change, I wonder if it’s happened to others.

  2. I’m ISTJ but just barely. I read through the description of what “your average ISTJ person looks like” and it could be me but to the extreme. I’m definitely introverted but my S, T and J were just moderately more than their counterparts.

  3. I took the complete version almost 30 years ago (!!!!!) and the results I got from the shortened version were exactly the same – ENXP. (I scored exactly 50% on Feeling/Thinking both then and now.) I think it’s a great tool for self-awareness.

  4. I am an INFJ and I am amazed to see so many others! INFJ is supposed to be only 1-3% of the population so I wonder what it says that so many INFJ’ers are loving up Cup of Jo…

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  7. ENFJ all the way as well, i love how much ENFJ’s seem to enjoy the test. typical of our personality type…

  8. I am an INFP hmm…. not so excited about that!

  9. I am an INFP hmm…. not so excited about that!

  10. Just took the quiz and I’m a INFJ 56% Introvert. I knew that would be high. haha

  11. My results were 35 – 40% accurate at best. Others read mine and agree. I answered honestly so not sure what’s up. Will ask friends and family to take it to see how results stack up. Fun though.

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  15. I’m an ENFJ too! I love the combination of extroverted but reflective, I think it describes me so well!


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  17. I’m an ENTJ. I’ve done the full test and find it uncannily accurate. What’s also funny is that I have just done a ‘what animal are you’ personality test on an iPhone App called MyHerd that only asks 4 MB test style questions which pinned me down as a Lion. Here is the description:

    “I’m a decisive and forceful beast, the head honcho, ‘the King’! I’ll tell you straight and won’t waste time deliberating when confronted with tough decisions. However, I’m always ready to learn and give others the benefit of my knowledge, especially teaching those young cubs a thing or two in the shade of the midday sun!”

    A bit of fun and flattering (guess they don’t want to point out any shortcomings like an inability to listen in the App!).

    I thin ENFJ is a Wild Dog and ISFJ an Antelope!!!

  18. We’re the same :) ENFJ (Everyone needs fulfillment and joy)

    Here’s to us…. about 2% of the population!

  19. We’re the same :) ENFJ (Everyone needs fulfillment and joy)

    Here’s to us…. about 2% of the population!

  20. We actually had a unit all about the Myers-Briggs back in my educational psychology class in college. The teacher was certified to go into companies and such and do seminars about how using myers-briggs to help work situations go better. The reasoning behind in- and how things like teaching or working situations can be tailored to work better as a result- is truly fascinating. I try to do things to accomedate both sides of the spectrum for all four areas when teachings (for example introducing the Big Ideas first, then go through the specifics steps/parts of a lesson and reiterating the Big idea again means both styles of information processing is covered)

    I came out as INFJ this time, but flip back and forth on thinking and feeling. Usually being 50/50

  21. I took this for the first time 5 years ago and I’m obsessed with it. I made my husband take it and I found it helpful when it came to understanding how he and I work together.
    I’m an ENFJ (like you!) and he’s an INFP (he was an ENFP 5 years ago but is now an I!!)

  22. I decided to take it again (I’ve taken it a few times but haven’t taken it since college)…I’m an INFP but i’m usually on the border in the Perceiving/Judging category.


  23. I worked at a place that put huge focus on the results of this test, and honestly it’s left me with a distaste for it ever since. I’ll admit that it’s accurate for some people (generally those that lean pretty heavily in that direction), but for me I was borderline on every letter. It also led to some pretty strong stereotyping, as you might expect. I sometimes felt like my personality was being shaped by people’s perception of me after I told them my results, rather than being an actual reflection of who I am. Since at my workplace we had to share our results at the start of every new project, this was a continual issue.

  24. I love Meyers Briggs! My college roommates and I spent hours analyzing each other and talking about our personality types. I’m an INFP. And the INFP’s “natural match” is an ENFJ, so you and Alex are perfect for each other! I’m still on the search for my ENFJ…

  25. I think this is too funny you posted this, in college my housemates and I all did a personality test from The Life Colors book. It was such a great tool with communicating with each other during troubling days, and was such fun to pretend we had our own lingo calling each other out on our “indigo” or “crystal” qualities. Great test, and I think the most accurate as it breaks down ways you approach relationships with your parents, sex life, problem solving techniques, and more. Great fun!

  26. I’m an ENTJ, but not a strong one. I also tend toward. . . ENFP, I believe.

  27. I took one of these a few years ago as part of an aptitude test – I’m an INFP. The Enneagram is ridiculously accurate, though.

  28. Everyone who is considered for a job at my company is required to take the DiSC test, which is similar to MB. It is interesting how accurate it seems to be.
    One time I applied for a managerial job at the Body Shop, received a direct email from a women in their HR saying she wanted to set up an interview. First, I had to take an extensive online personality test (it took over an hour). I got to the end of the test and it immediately told me I wasn’t the right fit for the company!! I really wasn’t expecting to find out I didn’t get the job that quickly! It kinda stung at the time.
    Now I am in a position where I hire people who I will probably work with for a long time, I realize how these tests are really good tools. I’ve found it a waste of time (and sometimes traumatic!) to attempt to coach an employee to perform in a job function that does not align with their personality.-like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole :)

  29. I was just talking about this the other day! =P I’m an ISFJ. I took the test again and compared it to the results when I took it 5 years ago and it’s still the same. I guess I haven’t changed =P

  30. ENFJ here. Very accurate!

  31. I got ENFJ, too! Fun.

  32. Ha! I just scanned the comments and saw how many fellow INFJ’s read this blog :)

  33. Love the MB test. I’m an INFJ!

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  35. I’m an INFJ, which I think is exactly what I scored as when I took the test in high school. Glad to be in the company of so many fellow Cup of Jo readers!

  36. I’m ENFJ too! Shows how much I like your blog!:P Loved answering this test, thanks for sharing.

  37. Completely an INFJ and proud :) the test had me pegged exactly.

  38. INFJ–

    always have and probably always will be! a student of English literature and am pursuing my master’s in counseling. I love writing and the arts-and rich conversation with others makes me come alive.

  39. I’m an ENJF as well!

  40. ISFP :) I looooove personality tests, Myers Briggs and Enneagram are my favorites!

  41. I’m an ENFJ too! Probably why I like your blog so much :)

  42. I hadn’t taken the quiz in about 10 years so I retook it just now and I’m still an INFP (just like Alex ~ I always knew I liked him!). I just read a summary of an INFP on some website and it does still feel like they’re writing just for me. Amazing.

  43. I used to be a 50/50 splice of my parents’ MB types and as I get older and having become a mother, I’m now one more pairing like MY mom! I was ENTJ for a long time and now am ESTJ. My mom is an ESFJ and my dad is an INTJ. Fascinating stuff.

  44. ISFJ…though i’m not sure if i’m fully convinced! it would be neat to see what my boyfriend is…i think i’ll ask him to take this test tonight! :)

  45. My mother is certified in Myers-Briggs and administered the test to my whole extended family (20+ people) at Thanksgiving about 15 years ago. I’m an INTP.

  46. I’m INFP too, Alex and I would get on like an awkward house on fire.

  47. I had a hard time answering many of the questions from the test, I thought some were vague and not very clear, making it hard to choose just “yes” or “no”. Like asking if I “consider the scientific approach to be the best”… well, in comparison to what (religious, emotional, humanist, spiritual approaches…?) and in what circumstance? Well but in the end I got INFJ… which makes sense I think. :)

  48. I’m INFJ with a very strong I which I am not at all surprised by as I go slightly crazy if I haven’t had any time on my own for a while!

  49. I’m a family doctor and as part of my training had my personality typed – I came out an ENTJ (Margaret Thatcher and a lot of other ball-busting leaders were ENTJ’s, you get the type!) I spent a lot of time working on my consultation style as a result to be more empathic with patients.

    I just did the test again out of curiosity… ENFP. Probably the perfect type for my job! I do feel I have changed since the last test but I’ve also been told that these tests have to be done with someone who is trained in interpreting the results and can guide you in making the right choices, so who knows?

  50. I’m an ENFP, and funnily enough my sister is the COMPLETE opposite!

  51. INFP for me!! the description seems so true, it’s like you know but you actually KNOW it when I start reading.. Thanks for the que

  52. I am also ENFJ! pretty accurate

  53. I did the test a while ago with friends and I’m an ENFP!! And it’s SO true!

  54. INFJ… which predicts that I’d be unconventional, possibly a teacher or an artist. Curiously I studied Arts and Humanities at UNI and got 3/4 of the way through my teaching degree (got pregnant before I could complete it). Plus I am an artist…

  55. guy at work, joanna?
    i thought you were a full-time blogger who works from home?

    it seems so strange that you talk about being authentic all while recycling content and intros (guy from work, guys at the bar talking about sex, etc.)

    i realize this might not be the “nice” comment you are usually looking for, but i think someone who seems to want to champion the authentic self would be okay with being called out on not being that from time to time.

    i really want to like this blog.

    • The post says her guy friend took it at work. Not her workplace-his. Many companies test their employees’ Myer-Briggs types. I’m sure he just shared his results with his friends.

  56. I’m an ENFJ too! Glad to be in yours and Obama’s company!

  57. I have taken that same test within my career twice now and both times came out an ENFJ as well! I knew there was a reason I love your blog so much!!!! :)

    It is a crazy accurate test through my experiences as well. Just sent your link to my husband to take . . . now I am curious as to what he might be!

  58. Our minister had us take the test as part of our pre-marital counseling before we were married in October. It was so eye opening! I am an INTJ, and my husband is an ESFJ. So pretty much opposite :)

  59. I took the test a few years ago, INFJ. Fits me well!