Last Saturday, we took a one-night vacation. As I mentioned, we hadn’t traveled without kids since before Anton was born, and we had been craving a romantic getaway. Suddenly, Alex had a great idea: Why not just stay at a hotel in the city?

So, on Saturday morning, we booked a room through the genius app Hotel Tonight, which releases discounted hotel rooms every morning. We were psyched to nab a room at The Standard, while our beloved sitter agreed have a sleepover with the boys at our apartment.

One cool thing about the rooms is that the baths are smack in the middle. Sexy, right?

The views–of both the Hudson River and the Empire State Building—were amazing, and Alex pointed out that the dock beneath our room was where the Titanic would have docked, if it had made it to New York City. Always full of fun facts, that guy, haha.

I had gotten a new dress for the occasion. It was a splurge, so I plan to wear it 382,746,952 times:) I loved that it looked like a wedding dress, since we had stayed at The Standard on our wedding night; and a few people on the street actually asked if we had just gotten married at City Hall.

Next we walked around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a little bar, Entwine. I have no idea how we had missed it while living in the West Village for seven years! The space was dark and charming, with a small bar and back patio.

Alex ordered a Negroni, while I, as always, chose a glass of white wine. Side note: I LOVE when bars describe their wines (especially with descriptors like “chalk and wet stones”).

Afterward we walked to a late dinner and got fish, pasta and more wine.

A giant portrait of the chef hung on the wall above us. Awesome.

The next morning, we slept waaaaay in and then read in bed for a while.

And here’s the view from the bed! Not bad.

The shower had one of those rain shower heads. Heaven.

We finally rolled out of bed to make it home by noon.

And found this little guy waiting for us in the sink. :)

It was such a great night and felt like a real escape! I’d highly recommend it if you need a quick break (and who doesn’t?). Have you ever stayed in a hotel in your town? Any fun vacations coming up? xoxo

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