Have a Great Weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend? On Saturday night Alex and I are actually stealing away to a hotel!!! We haven’t traveled without children since before Anton was born, and we’ve been craving a romantic getaway. Yesterday, we suddenly had an idea: Why not just stay at a hotel in the city? (We’re planning to use the genius app, Hotel Tonight.) The boys will have a sleepover with their beloved babysitter, and we’ll back home before lunchtime. I can’t wait. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Looking forward to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s new movie (even though it won’t come out til December 2015).

Leonardo Di Vinci’s resume.

Art socks.

Exclamation marks are officially a thing.

GREAT interview with Mindy Kaling.

A T-shirt for introverts.

How to be prompt. (I’m guilty of #3.)

Actors hanging out with their body doubles. What a trip.

I just ordered this book to read before this movie.

6 nail polish trends.

Motherhood: Who has the worst kids? (LOVED this.)

Denim love.

This poor bride!

Plus, three posts you may have missed:
* Annoying words.
* Touch museums.
* Did you have sex on your wedding night?

(Photo of a dinosaur being delivered to the Boston Museum of Science in 1984 by Arthur Pollock, via Victoria Hannan. Actors link via Emily)

  1. Hello lovely, Jo.
    I went into my blog, excited to finally close the chapter and shut it down, and saw a swarm of visits from your site!
    Gosh, thank you for sharing my rambling words.
    Much love, Dee X

  2. This Is Where I Leave You is so great! Enjoy the book, I can’t wait for the movie!

  3. Joanna – You’re gonna laugh your guts off at that book. I read it in ONE DAY on vacation in Croatia (I know.) It’s just hysterical! Makes me happy to think of you reading that. I’m stoked for you! Katie

  4. “This Is Where I Leave You” is soooo good. Great summer reading. Super excited for the movie. Amazing cast.

  5. This Is Where I Leave You is so funny. Can’t wait for the movie. Hope you love it!

    The observation on exclamation marks is so true. I had to share it with two of my friends on extreme ends of the use spectrum.

    My friend was the bridesmaid second from the end on the dock. It was BEFORE the ceremony and the wedding party was still in towels when the guests started to arrive. Quite the memory!

  6. Your links always inspire me, so thanks for that first! This weekend was for enjoying some sporadic sunshine and catching up with old friends. And for missing NYC. Just got back in Amsterdam from a trip to the USA and you won’t believe how much I miss that city. The idea of staying a night in a local hotel is perfect, the thought that “local” means NYC for you? Jealous!

  7. What I wonder is if an introvert would wear such a t-shirt. lol

  8. JK says...

    I’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, sunbathed, relaxed…locked the vacuum cleaner away and have forgotten about it!

  9. reading your friday round up is one of the highlights of my weekend coffee time. thank you, as always, for that.

  10. I love exclamation points. Glad you that piece made it to the list.

  11. LC says...

    Once a year we try and find a concert abroad. We live in the UK so we “go play” anywhere is Europe. These weekends are dedicated to Quality Couple Time. We write notes to each other weeks before, we sometimes buy each other special gifts, or make arrangements to go to quite naughty places. The anticipation is amazing. The QCT is beyond my dreams and expectations.

    Once a season we grab an overnight in a city close to where we live. If we are lucky we get sleepovers where our son sleeps over at a relatives house and we get our home to ourselves!

    We do have a lock on our door, so we get privacy at home without fear of being stumbled upon, but our home isn’t big, and our walls aren’t soundproofed so quiet sex is good, but no holds barred sex is better!

  12. jm says...

    I loved that bit about the exclamation points!

  13. The post about motherhood struck home. There is relating with other mothers and then there is making fun of/disparaging/mocking the people you love the most. I’ve been guilty of it all, but I can also change it. That’s the great thing about being human…the ability to change so much.

  14. I read that a book a few years ago it was laugh out loud funny so much so that my husband demanded to read it when I was done as has since read every Jonathan Tropper book to date. Enjoy!

  15. I just finished This Is Where I Leave You. Best.Book.Ever!!! I laughed out loud soooo many times. I am recommending it to all my friends. Can’t wait for the movie….and it doesn’t hurt that tasty Jason Bateman is the lead. :)

  16. I just started watching The Mindy Project, and I’m on a binge (something I never do). So happy that you linked to a GREAT interview with her!

  17. I agree we should have our significant others and childrens backs – loyalty is huge for me. But I also don’t think there is a problem in sharing when we are stressed, frustrated, annoyed with our loved ones. In fact, I think it is good to relate to other mothers about how hard it is and the things you lose (though you love your children and what you lose is not as important as what you gain).

    Specifically for significant others, I think it is important to talk about things that bother you. Otherwise, people can really isolate themselves and I have seen many unhealthy relationships last a long, long time because women have been quiet out of ‘loyalty.’

  18. Great links this week, as always!

  19. Thank you thank you for being someone who has it figured out (i know you don’t think you do…but you do more than most). I’m so glad you advocate for “alone” time and “getaways” with Alex and openly get excited about time spent away from your children. It’s obvious how much you love them and dote on them, but thank you for being a role model for other mothers to see that you can be a wonderful mother while preserving your own identity and relationships! I think it’s a wonderful and healthy example and really applaud you for it. :) Have an AWESOME time this weekend!

  20. Staycations are a great way to spend a weekend in the city without the travel hassles! Can’t wait to hear more!

  21. I try so hard not to not use exclamation points, as I like to consider myself better educated and trained than that, but it’s so hard to resist sounding upbeat (!)

    Also, Mindy Kaling gives the best interviews.

  22. Oh how wonderful,hope ye have a great time. We did this at Christmas,I went to the spa at the hotel and then we had room service. Really relaxing xxx

  23. “This is Where I Leave You” is an awesome read – you’ll breeze right through! If you enjoy it, (which you most definitely will) you should consider picking up Tropper’s “The Book of Joe” – another great read.

  24. Loved the link about how we speak of our children! Thank for the reminder that we have so man ways in which to build up or tear down our children…but none so powerful as our words!

  25. As a Bostonian, I am loving this picture. So many school trips to see that dinosaur!

  26. I definitely just had a “lightbulb moment” reading that motherhood/worst kids post. I don’t know why I had never really thought about that before. Thanks for sharing that link. I know it’ll make difference in my kids lives (who don’t exist yet, but will someday!) :)

  27. “This is where I leave you” is a great book! Let us know what you think! I love the link about the “worst” children.

  28. So many great links today, I always look forward to browsing them but don’t usually have the time, energy or interest to read many longer pieces. Today they were all winners. My hubby is away this weekend, so I have a sitter to get to yoga and take my eldest on a little date to pick out party favours for her 4th birthday party!

  29. Ha, ha! That bridesmaid!

    I also loved the mama defending her kids. Thanks for that.

  30. I’m going on a bachelorette weekend with a bunch of girls to the beach and some wineries!

    Better than strippers and penis straws anyday!

  31. My bf is out of town at his college reunion…first weekend we’ve spent apart since last November! I’m looking forward to drinks tonight with girlfriends, BBQ/birthday party tomorrow, and reorganizing my closet/redecorating.

  32. i just ordered the book ‘this is where i leave you’, too! hopefully it’s good. i’ve been devouring books lately & this looks like a pretty quick read.