When we were decorating our new apartment last fall, I scoured the web for affordable art. There are so many beautiful prints out there! Here’s a round-up…

Above, from top:
1. John Lennon photo from Sonic Editions, a collection of iconic music photography.
2. Atmosphere print from Inaluxe, an Australian design studio.
3. Flower photograph by Ashley Woodson Bailey. (I also love the flower photography by Kari Herer.)
4. North America photographic print from Art.com, an online poster shop.
5. Ocean print by Budi Satria Kwan from Society6, a collection of art prints from thousands of artists around the world.
6. There’s No Place Like Home print by Ashley Goldberg.
7. Hollywood photograph from Whisper Editions, an online gallery that collaborates with artists to create original works in limited quantities.
8. Letterpress poster from Aardvarkonsea.

9. Photo of Maddie the Coonhound.
10. No Matter What print by Christopher David Ryan at My Little Underground.
11. Constellation print from Evajuliet.
12. Married to the Sea art print by Clare Elsaesser.
13. Couple Dancing print from 20×200, a collection of limited-edition prints by emerging and established artists.
14. New Yorker cartoon from The Conde Nast Store.

15. Bike poster via JaydeFish.
16. Buffalo photo from Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop.
17. Stripes silkscreen print by Wayne Pate.
18. Illustrated recipe by Felicia Sala from Society6.
19. Pears watercolor from The Joy of Color.
20. Linen heart print from Castles and Things, an Australian home shop.

A few other art destinations: Buy Some Damn Art, Schoolhouse Electric, Max Wanger, Little Paper Planes, Mr. Boddington, My Guide To, Hugo Guiness, Paul Ferney, MoMA store, BOOK/SHOP, Rifle Design, Kai Samuels-Davis, Jen Kindell and HunterGatherer.

Thank you! And please tell me, below: What did I miss? :)

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