My friend came over the other night and, after drinking white wine and talking about work and babies, the conversation turned to sex. And she pointed out something surprising…

Back when we were single women, we would talk about our sex lives—every detail, every funny thing, every you’ll-never-believe-this-happened anecdote—and now we just…don’t. Once we got married, we all clammed up. Maybe it’s because we know each other’s partners, or because we’re older, or because there aren’t as many crazy anecdotes? Maybe it’s because we don’t need as much reassurance? But, whatever the reason, it sort of feels awkward and abrupt now to bust out with a crazy story from the night before.

One big difference, in my experience at least, is that we talk about our sex lives in overarching ways—”Have you had sex since the baby was born?” “We’re going away for a romantic vacation to reconnect”—but we don’t share random stories or moments. Sometimes I really want to have that kind of salacious girl talk, but with many of my friends, I’d feel weird these days!

What about you? How much do you share about your sex life to your friends? Everything? Nothing? I’m so curious!

Just for fun, this Seinfeld clip made me laugh out loud. Jerry, spill the beans!

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