Welcome Back!

Hello! I’m back from a three-week blogging break, which was by far the longest break that I’ve taken since starting Cup of Jo seven years ago. Thanks for coming back! How are you? It was a rare treat to be able to step back and think in an overarching way about the site, and I’m excited to be rolling out a few changes. Here’s the plan…

This past fall, I was feeling pretty burned out. Part of that was postpartum depression (quite similar to what happened after Toby was born—more on that later—and I’m so thankful to have come out the other side). But part of it was that I was so swamped by day-to-day work and upkeep that I didn’t have enough time to write as many longer, more thoughtful posts or produce the types of original series I wanted to. I felt a little like I was on a treadmill!

When we were in California for the holidays, I realized that it might help a lot to bring on a few awesome, likeminded contributors. That way, they can contribute great posts, and I will have more time to write longer posts myself. Overall, the blog will keep the same tone and feel—including family anecdotes and personal posts—but there will also be more original content and series that I hope you’ll really enjoy. We’re just taking it up a notch, basically!

It will be a very slow and careful process, so everything will look the same for now. My hope is to slowly roll out new elements throughout the year. Please let me know what you think as things move forward! Obviously I want you to be happy and enjoy the site even more.

Meanwhile, I’d love to know: What are you up to these days? What’s on your mind? What are you excited or worried about in your life right now? What would you like to talk about or read about or discuss with other readers? Any topics you’d love to have covered? Or questions you have?

Anyway, I’ve missed you! And I have so much to share now after being off the internet for three weeks, holy smokes. It was awesome to get a break, but I’m happy to be back! Hope you’re having a wonderful month. xoxo

P.S. Blogging as a career.
P.P.S. Thank you so much for the amazing job applications! I’ll be reading through them this month and will get back to those of you asap.

(Photo by Kari Herer)

  1. you are an Inspiration.

  2. it’s great to have you back- I have been reading your blog for a very long time and while some blogs have become less relevant or interesting to me over the years, yours has always remained a real joy in my day.

    We are at quite differnet points in life but I think you write about having a young family in a really honest, engaging way and I find the posts really interesting as a thirty something non Mum- who would like to be one day!

    I would love to contribute to Cup of Jo at some stage, I live in London so I don’t know if that is something you’d ever consider but if you would, I’d love that.

  3. I hope you are feeling better!
    Just in case you forgot about it today: you are an amazing person! You have 2 incredibly beautiful kids and you care so much about them, you seem to be a great wife, you are really beautiful and you have an amazing blog.
    Just focus on being happy, we’ll be ok.

  4. Congratulations on the time off with your family! I think that a series on different people and different sorts of relationships (romantic, mainly) would be really great to see. I’m 23 and am planning on getting married in the next few months. As a girl-power-having-it-all, independent, college-educated New York liberal, I never thought I’d be getting married, or even be in love, at this age, but life happens and I got really lucky! Some people, both friends and not have had strange reactions to my fiance’s and my plans (for example, asking very publicly on Facebook if I’m pregnant, as that seems to be the only logical reason why we would be getting married), while others have been surprisingly supportive and just plain excited! Neither of us see us as too young, it’s just not part of the equation: we love each other and want to start our life together. To stop myself ranting, I think it would be interesting to see interviews with couples who made unique or not so unique relationship choices: eloping, getting married at a young age, living together for decades without being married, long distance for years, having two separate homes, etc. It would be insightful for lots of different people to share their stories and the choices they’ve made. All the best!

  5. I think it says a lot that you are already doing a lot of things right by having this many comments coming back from a 3 week blog break!! I love your site and can’t wait to see what’s to come. Happy New Year!

  6. JO! So glad you’re back. You blog is my favorite, wholesome, hilarious, smart, down-to-earth easy read. As for what I’d like to hear about… if you have any experience with heartbreak, I’d be all ears. My picture perfect, wonderful, love-him-so-much-my-heart-wants-to-burst other half and near fiancé literally just moved out when I wasn’t home. And with no warning signs. The story is here: http://covetliving.com/wise-words/i-loved-i-lost/ – but you’re the wisest lady I know… any words of wisdom to bounce back from something like that? Thanks in advance and much love, Stephanie

  7. Hi Joanna! I really enjoy reading your blog and am looking forward to reading in 2014!

    As a 26 year old who is still trying to work out what I want to do in life, I would be really interested in finding out different womens’ career pathways, particularly ones who are doing a job they love!

    Really pleased you had a restful break, and thank you for your blog :)

  8. I love your blog and flattered. Thank you!

  9. Welcome Back! I so enjoy your blog-your fashion posts, parenting articles and your songs to get-the-weekend-started are a few of my favorites.
    Currently we are dealing with unemployment and starting a new career and dealing with some of the challenges it places on a marriage/family. Might be a topic to explore as I know we’re not the only family in the situation. Thanks for your passion and authenticity in your writing.

  10. Welcome Back! I so enjoy your blog. I love you fashion posts, parenting articles and songs to get your weekend started. :)
    A challenge we are currently facing is one of unemployment and the challenges of starting a new career and the strain it puts on a marriage/family. Might be topic to explore as I know many are faced with this challenge today. Thanks!

  11. Hi Jo, Love your blog.

    A topic I’d love you to write about is pre-nups! Romance killer, kiss of death or realistic precaution? From all points of view and hindsights including women with money, men with money. I’m mostly interested in the women with money, partner with no money situation. Should you put your money where your mouth is when you say ‘forever’? And how much money is enough money worth protecting, $1M plus or $100K plus?

  12. Please still keep blogging about mom stuff!
    Since you became a mom, I have loved your blog even more.
    I wish you would blog about mom stuff everyday, I love your outlook- you are so real

    love you!

  13. I really love your blog and so glad you’re back. My favourite posts of yours are about relationships, kids, babies… yours and other ppls. Your posts are really endearing and there is no one else I can relate to quite like you (on the internet). I also like seeing how regular people ‘make life work’ like the post you did on the couple that live in that really small apartment and also mum’s living around the world. I have a lot of questions at the moment about how does life change when people have a baby? Do people ever regret it? I also would love a post on how couples met and fell in love. (I have a pretty good one if you need :)

  14. Love reading your blog, and have loved all the content the past few years. Most of all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series you do – mothers around the world. Sharing people’s stories (and your own!) really keeps me coming back. Love the originality you bring to the blog world.

  15. Yay! New year, new you!
    I also have two little ones, and recently found myself in an interesting position: power mom. I struggle with the need for my focus to be at work – but with a 4 year old and a one year old, my thoughts are usually with my kids. Anything “me” comes in last – always. If I can’t order it online, doesn’t happen, and this is so counter to what we’re (hopefully) instilling in our children: to be present, and unplugged. I know I’m not alone here, right? While I’m setting a good example for both my daughter and my son by being a leader (momma can do it), I feel like I’m failing other messages. And P.S.I don’t consider celebrities for realistic examples of balance.

  16. Hi Joanna! So glad you had a lovely break… it’s so nice to step away from work once in a while :) I am planning my wedding this year, and I frequently refer to the lovely posts you’ve put up in the past on weddings… colored dresses, shoes, hair, invitations.. I love, love them! If you are looking for any topics to revisit this year, I’d love to see more on bridal fashion, wedding traditions, and marriage. Thank you!

  17. Hi Joanna! So glad you had a lovely break… it’s so nice to step away from work once in a while :) I am planning my wedding this year, and I frequently refer to the lovely posts you’ve put up in the past on weddings… colored dresses, shoes, hair, invitations.. I love, love them! If you are looking for any topics to revisit this year, I’d love to see more on bridal fashion, wedding traditions, and marriage. Thank you!

  18. Glad you took a rest! We all need a good vacation. Also happy to hear you are feeling better! As always, thanks for your honesty and sharing your life with us. I missed your posts, welcome back!

  19. I love this blog so much, it is my favorite of the ones I read on a regular basis! I look forward to the changes coming because I am sure they are going to be great. I love the post about motherhood. My husband and I are at the “we’re not trying but we are not preventing” stage right now and are soon moving into the “trying” stage. Any advice would be welcome.

  20. I am a portuguese 20 year old and I have been reading your blog for years now, the only one i still regularly read! It’s so weird how i can relate so much to you, even if we’re in completely different stages in life (and an ocean in between)! Please come back, always! :) … most of us are gonna be very thankful you did!

  21. One of my biggest goals/resolutions is to get my blog seriously growing. I’m getting it designed and have been taking a blogging e-course, but any tips are always appreciated. :)

  22. Welcome back, you were missed! So glad to hear that you’ve had time to think and reassess and work out the best way to proceed. I am sorry to hear about your depression. I hope you know how much your readers value your honesty and courage in talking about the experience of motherhood, and the challenge of combining this with a creative life. The blog is such a wonderful combination of frivolous pleasure, cultural sampler, and real human insight – more of the same, please!

  23. So glad your back :) I love your interview posts and series, and I’d love to hear from people who have gone through a dramatic career change as that is something I am trying to attempt at the moment,. To hear about people’s experience setting up new businesses would also be amazing and I bet you could pull a few strings with some pretty awesome and inspirational people for us to hear from! Xx

  24. I’m glad you are back and I hope the new year starts off well for you. The thing I like the most about your blog is the honesty. I always feel like I am talking to a real person when I am reading in. You have a way of making me feel like I’ve known you and have a window into the pat of you that is unique to you. I truly enjoy the real feel.

    I found your blog one night while googling about how to make a decision about having a baby. You had someone guest author for you or something and it described to a T what I was and still am to some degree feeling. It is a subject that not many seem to be talking about. I would actually love to see some articles on maybe how people made the decision to either have kids orcnot after being in that stuck place….especially since I’m still there to some degree.

    I’m sure whatever you decide to write about will be great if you keep with the same type of tone you’ve teen writing with. I truly enjoy and look forward to reading your blog daily.

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  26. Welcome back! You were definitely missed! Looks like there are some exciting changes coming, please just make sure you do whatever you need to do to stay healthy and happy, as I know how rough, to put it very mildly, it can be after baby.

    For posts suggestions: I love your posts about your family/life. As a mom (of an almost 2 year old) I would love to know tips in dealing with a picky eater (though Toby seems to eat a variety of foods), dealing with a bored toddler if stuck at home due to weather or illness (there are only so many episodes of bubble guppies or Thomas the tank engine we can watch), how to stay connected to family members that live far (like a flight) away, and how to every so often be “me” instead of “mom”. I would love posts about the importance of friendships – in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s etc – and maybe how they change as a woman ages. I would greatly appreciate any tips on how to look pulled together, or – aiming higher, chic, on limited time or energy, – including how to wear a scarf and not look 30 years older than I am. I am always drawn to posts regarding how to juggle everything in life and any organization tips. Love your book posts/suggestions – keep them coming please!

  27. So glad you took a break and are feeling refreshed!! Can’t wait to see what the new plan brings. And to answer your question, my husband and I are in a big transition time! We are both in new jobs (finally found our careers 5 years post-college), sold our house and are house-hunting for our next place.

  28. I thought you may be suffering from ppd . As someone who is currently going through Postpartum Anxiety for the second time you learn to recognize that look in a mothers eye when all isn’t as it should be. When I saw the smile on your face from your recent vacation pictures it finally looked real. I actually felt a little of the anxiety lift for a moment because I thought if she can come out of this misery, I will too. There is always a light at the end of this postpartum tunnel, it’s just making yourself hang on until you get there. I would live to read more from other mothers who suffer through what is supposed to be such a happy time.

  29. Thank you for continuing to write. As a few readers commented, posts on non-traditional families would be so much appreciated. I am a single parent and although your Motherhood series are always enjoyable, it is sometimes hard to read about the traditional loving families who have supportive partners who help with children after work. What about the women who have no help or support, how do they cope all on their own? Would love to read about some of their experiences.

  30. I especially LOVED your international motherhood posts. I find other cultural practices fascinating. I hope you are able to find more mothers to share their stories.

  31. Glad you’re back! I looked at your page about a million times while you were gone to use as a guide of sorts for my own new blog. Whenever I questioned the layout or a gadget, I asked my self “What would Joanna do?” ;-)


  32. Hooray you’re back! Love to quote you to my partner “on cuppajo…, Joanna Goddard said…”. Change is healthy. And bravo for your break…maybe a post on taking breaks and not feeling guilty. What about sibling dynamics? Something funny on what we’ve given up/changed since having kids? How bout getting back to work after staying at home with the youngins? Definitely please keep notes on fashion and style (and nail polishes colors you’re into ;)). Love the personal and the motherhood Mondays and the international parenting. Travel with kids is a great topic (talk about different than my pre-kiddo life!). Keep up the fabulous work–it’s so appreciated! xoxo

  33. so excited to see you back, joanna! i would love to hear more about switching careers. the prospect of doing so is weighing heavy on my mind this year, and i would love to hear stories about other women who’ve taken the plunge.

  34. My favorite of your posts are those that educate – whether it be a link to an article on why bringing olive oil could be a neat substitute for bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party, or a post on renting homes on vacations, or gadget sickness, or how to say goodbye at a party. I love all of the off-the-beaten path posts that seem totally random, but that really make you think and can ACTUALLY be readily applied to daily life. keep it up and happy new year!

  35. Joanne, I’ve been reading your blog for years, and am so glad to have you back. Happy, healthy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to your new vision for the site.

  36. Welcome back. Prayers the blues will fade. You have been missed.

    I’d love to see you explore what appears to be a lack of diversity in blogging on the fashion, art, design, crafts type blog road where we click on for blog hopping. I think its more an Alex article but you are going new.

  37. So glad to have you back! As you posted this summer and fall, I often worried/thought about you (isn’t it weird how we can care and have concern for a person we only know from blog posts?!), only because I have a history of postpartum myself and always seem extra sensitive to those types of indicators. So glad to hear you have tackled that hurdle (twice! you are a warrior!) and are refreshed– you deserved the long break! I started reading your blog in 2012, when I was pregnant with my first son, and was struggling with perinatal depression– I was so encouraged by your honesty, I had the post bookmarked as a sign of hope– that hormones are crazy and suck but it’ll work out in the end. I am now pregnant with my second son, and I continue to be encouraged by your honesty (and your strength– despite facing challenges, you seem to carry on with a lot of perseverance and a great attitude, which is super admirable). Looking forward to the roll-out of changes, and happy for you that this can be an opportunity to get back to doing some of what you love most. Much love from Ohio.

  38. Hi I would like to read about postpartum depression, because I had bad bad anxiety with my son, and we are planning another baby and I’m already scared. Other than that: fashion, New York, travelling, make overs, family topics etc! You are my connection to New York city so keep on reporting:) And you are my favourite blogger! Love, Viki from Budapest

  39. I love reading your blog and im so glad you are back! My favorite post are those post from around the web. I love finding interesting articles to read!

  40. *Typo: husband wife dynamic

  41. I’d be really interested in reading a post on child sibling spacing – perhaps following different families with different age gaps (children born back to back, with a 2-3 yr gap, 4-6 yr spacing) the benefits to each situation and seeing how the siblings interact with each other, as well as how it changes the husband side dynamic and any notes the moms might have. Also would love to read some recipe posts on making your own baby food (healthy recipes). And a post on the art of putting your baby down sleeping so he/she doesn’t wake up. I always mess this one up when I try removing my arm from around baby’s neck, it’s so hard! Traveling on planes with babies/ young kids would also be a great one! I am intimidated by the tiny bathroom changing situation and the fear of baby crying loudly entire flight syndrome.

  42. Hi Joanna! I just love your blog. I have two boys almost exactly the same age as yours. I’m a stay at home mom and not at all chic and successful like you and I have struggled with having two little ones. Oh my goodness, its no joke. Its a comfort to know someone as together as you as also found it challenging!

  43. Glad you got a vacation! Those are always a must-have.

    Have you heard of the book, How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: And Other Adventures in Parenting (from Argentina to Tanzania and everywhere in between) by Mei-Ling Hopgood?

    I just got it and I only two chapters through. But I am already so captivated by what the author has discovered. I always loved learning about new cultures, and it just seemed to fit with your blog series: parenting around the world.

    I would also love to hear about how you feel sexy after delivering a baby.

    Glad to be back!

  44. Welcome back, Joanna! You’ve been missed.:) I’m happy you took a well-deserved break from blogging and that you’re feeling like yourself again. I’m a huge fan of all your posts especially your NYC Guide posts, style posts, and the cool things you find around the web.
    What’s on my mind these days? Hmmm…as much as I try to remain positive, thoughts of my cancer coming back sometimes pop into my head. I’m trying not to let these thoughts control my life.
    I’m excited to see what’s to come on A Cup of Jo!
    Love from Toronto! – Donna

  45. Love your blog and glad that you are back! I would love to see some posts on the Tiny Homes movement and on compacting your life – less about commercial aspects. Fair Companies have some great videos on this types of thing. Happy New Year!

  46. Welcome back! Love this blog and will always come back to read when you post and can’t wait to see what you have in store for this year :) xx

  47. I took a two month blogging break over the holidays. I was so overwhelmed with not only the holidays, but also my MBA classes. It felt wonderful! My mind is so clear now. Seems like you are feeling the same way. Glad you are back!

  48. welcome back Joanna Goddard. been missing your blog.i’m your biggest fan from kuala lumpur, Malaysia. i cnt explain by words how much your blog posts mean to me. looking forward for the brand new changes soon. keep up a good work & keep on inspired other people. lots of love

  49. So happy to read you are back. I love reading your posts and am excited as to whats in store this year! I love watching your family grow. You are incredible!

    What’s on my mind? All of my friends are getting married and I haven’t even had a boyfriend. I’ve in 3 weddings as a bridesmaid and I don’t even have a date. I feel fine at the moment not having a boyfriend because I am ALL over the place (3 jobs and 40 hrs a week at school) but it does make me wonder if one day my dream guy (polyester hippie/mountain man) will ever come true.

    Anyways, reading your blog in the morning before work always makes me feel good! Enjoy the week.


  50. So exciting! I love your Motherhood Mondays posts. I have a five week old now but enjoyed them even before he arrived.

    I’d love to read about how you set up bedtime routines with your two boys. It’s something we are working on now but I feel like we are making it up as we go along!

  51. I’d love to hear more about your perspective on travel choices! How do you decide when to go on vacation, where to go, and with whom!? How do you navigate seeing family over the holidays, making time for trips as a couple or immediate family only, etc.! I think this can be tricky ground, especially for newly married couples and young families.

    Love your blog, keep up the great work!

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  53. Hi Joanna! I loved the motherhood around the world series, or any posts that highlight different families and cultures/ lifestyles. Thanks and keep up the good work as a mom and blogger!

  54. Joanna! I’ve missed your posts! I’ve been eagerly checking your blog each day :)
    Oh holidays are so relaxing and I hope you had a wonderful time with your family!

    I really love your motherhood posts – and as a new mum (I have a 15 month old and number two due in May – yikes!) I feel they are really helpful and encouraging! I also love reading the advice from all the commenters :)

    Hooray for 2014!

  55. As you can see, you were missed and you are loved!

    My heart goes out to you, because depression is a beast. Those who haven’t experienced it can find it hard to fathom, but when you are in it, it is physical, it is visceral. It cannot just be shaken off. I hope that you are feeling better, and that you soon find the right balance in your life to bring you joy, fulfillment, and some rest when it’s needed!!

    I think it is a testament to the quality of your work that someone like me, who is well past the baby/young children years, enjoys your blog so much. Reading about your way-beyond-adorable children is certainly great fun, but you also do a good job of covering the other subjects in life, and that gives your blog a wide audience.

    Doing more posts about life’s difficulties, like depression, infertility, illness, divorce, financial problems, etc., will I think be well-received, since all of us at some point in our lives have bumps in the road.

    Good luck to you, Joanna, and welcome back!

  56. PD says...

    Welcome back Jo!
    I am so proud of you for taking a step back to be able to continue forward. I commend your bravery and am very excited to see the growth and development of your blog with the addition of contributors.
    I am very grateful for the break and reflection that comes with the holidays and the stillness that is in winter. It’s a perfect time to look inward and discover your path. I am diving even deeper into my dream job as a nature educator and finding that connecting children with nature is a very intimate job. It requires a lot of letting go and allowing the kids to lead me, something I was not expecting, but am not surprised by.

  57. Welcome back and happy new year. I love the series you did on work/life balance and love hearing from other moms on how they manage their time. It can be tough. I’m so happy you’re back and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  58. Just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy the new steps with the blog. I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and feel as if i know you! I love it and I’m sure it will just keep getting better and better. 18 days until I get married and I have read nearly all of your relationship posts and love all the motherhood posts you did last year. Hope you have a wonderful, magical 2014 I’m positive it will be the best yet! Kayley xx

  59. So good to have you back – I’ve missed your posts! A friend and I often sit over coffee chatting about the beautiful things we’ve seen on your blog. I’d love to hear more about your postpartum experience – I’ve just had my third (2&3 came very close together!) and for the third time struggled immensely with breast feeding. I still have waves of guilt over it but know we made the right decisions for us as a family.

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  61. Thank God you are back! My 3,5 year old boy has had the chicken pox for the last 18 days so I’ve been stuck at home with him and my baby girl GOING CRAZY!!! Your blog is sunshine to me:-)

  62. I sighed over my morning cuppa last week & said to my Mr. “I miss ‘a cup of Jo’!”
    Great to have you back – I’ve been reading since before you got married & hadn’t realised how much a part of my routine my little visits to your site are!
    Look forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeve for this year. I’ve just moved across the world to Australia & am looking forward to having a bit more time to focus on writing & blogging too :)

  63. Hi Joanna! Great to have you back. I had a question/idea for a post or series. I’ll be going on a multi-country, 3.5 month trip to Europe in February, and am wondering if you or any of your stylish friends have any great ideas for what to pack. For instance, a roundup of good cross body bags to carry enough supplies for the day (under $100 or so), simple clothes that go with many outfits (I remember a while back your Glamour friend Susan Cernek talked about a color scheme, so everything went together). I know you’ve talked about good travel shoes in the past, and beauty on the go, but I’m hoping you could add to that! Thanks!

  64. Hi Joanna, Happy New Year! I’ve been following your blog since 2008, and I’ve long thought that what you’re doing on here is experimenting with a unique (and very new) form of autobiography. Your blog offers many different things (style curation, featured series) but its core is your own story as it unfolds with your growing family. Your readers love you because we feel we know you. What about filling out some of the earlier phases of your story? You once posted about being young in NYC, and how you kick started your blog–what about going back even further? Even cooler, you could choose some really early Cup of Jo posts (the ones when you were living the single life and engaged with the NYC art and photography scenes) and write retrospective posts about what was really going on with you at that time, and what questions and issues you were facing. The wisdom of hindsight that you have now could make for some valuable lessons to share! Glad to hear that you’re going to get back into long-form writing–that’s your forte. Keep up the good work! xo, Katie from NYC

  65. I just started following your of after going a search for breastfeeding and hormonal imbalance. I was relieved to find I am not the only one who has experienced such highs and lows during breastfeeding. I am also pleased to find some one that talks about there struggle with postpartum so openly I really look forward to following cup of joe for years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Hi Jo! I adore the blog, love the motherhood stories (I’m an actor who nannys as a dayjob). As far as what I would like to see–I’d love to hear women’s travel stories. I’m in my late 20s and want to get a little bit of that in on my own before I settle down and would love a conversation with your followers on places to go/stories/safety tips/must sees.
    Also- I love a good dating in the city story–A more honest and vulnerable take that what I see out there would be very much of interest.

  67. I suffer with severe chronic depression and I would really like to offer to write about my experience. I think depression and mental health issues are still a topic that is taboo in our society. I had a very high paying and stressful job in Investment Banking, which I loved and have had to give up because of my illness. It has cost me almost everything, my career, my friends, my home. I would like to share my story, or perhaps you could write about it in order to help others who suffer in silence and without support.
    I love reading your blog, and adore your boys. They are so cute! Also we share the same name!

  68. HN says...

    Glad the blog started again, it has been my routine to read A Cup of Joe over breakfast or brunch. I missed it.

    These days I am loving practicing Bikram Yoga. So I may enjoy articles about cool work-out clothes or some inspirational stories of physically strong women. Coming from Japan, I’m surprised so many people are into exercise in the US.

    As a former New Yorker (now Chicagoan), it is a pleasure to see pictures of NYC. Good luck with transforming your blog:)

  69. Every night, right before bed, I sit down and read Cup of Joe. It is so helpful in my decompressing from the day. I really enjoy your life, style, recipe, and travel posts. I think you have excellent taste and definitely look forward to the funny and interesting things I find through you.

    While I do love the baby posts and find them so sweet and interesting, it is not super relevant in my life. I wonder if there are other readers, like me, who are in their mid-twenties that might benefit from contributors you bring on board who are dealing with the same things – really starting to launch your career, being unmarried, the ‘next step’ in relationships, how to maintain friendships as we are all growing up without growing apart, etc. Thank you so much for soliciting readers feedback! We all appreciate it!

  70. I’m a huge fan, Joanna! Thanks for your interesting, useful, and entertaining posts. I’m glad you had an invigorating and restful break.

  71. I’m a huge fan, Joanna! Thanks for your interesting, useful, and entertaining posts. I’m glad you had an invigorating and restful break.

  72. I’m just entering that stage of my life where my married friends are starting to outnumber my unmarried friends and a handful of my friends are having children. I’d love to hear more about how having children affected your friendships with your single friends and with your otherwise childless friends.

  73. Funny, I just read another popular blog with tons of flashing ads on it yesterday that decided to stop using contributors. And then another blog the day before that is very popular who decided to stop using contributors and stop worrying about statistics and frequency of posts and just go back to her roots. Everyone seems to be regrouping in 2014.

    We all started blogging for a reason, but I like all the folks going back to basics, it’s kind of like taking Christmas back to before it was commercialized.

    I think I keep coming here because of you – not sponsors, not contributors, not the number of posts per day. YOU could only post once a week and that would be A-OK with me. Stay true to you.

  74. Hi Joanna, welcome back! Looking forwward to reading Cup of Jo in 2014! I’d love to hear more on what it’s like after the second baby comes (we’re hoping to become pregnant with babe #2 soon!), balancing being a working mom (is it even possible), and how to keep the fires of romance burning (or at least warm). Happy new year!

  75. Joanna,
    I’m one of your longest-time readers – I’ve been following you since your Glamour days! Having you gone for 3 weeks was weird – almost like not talking to one of my sisters for as long! Funny the relationships that are created through technology. I’m so glad for you that you got that time to recharge and enjoy family.
    I’m also excited for what’s to come with Cup of Jo!
    On my mind lately (constantly) has been this uncertainty about getting pregnant… I’m starting to get a bit of baby fever. But I’ve always had anxiety around childbirth, feeling prepared enough, feeling financially secure enough, etc. How do you know when you’re ready?
    Hope you, Alex & boys are staying warm this January.

  76. Your blog is such a go-to for so many things in my life – travel ideas, recipes, relationship advice, and book suggestions! I’ve come to realize how often I turn to Cup of Jo for almost every aspect of my life. Thank you for giving such great advice and for sharing your wise, thoughtful words!

    I would love a post on winter book suggestions. I keep looking to your summer post, but would love to see more!

    Also, how do you manage sibling relationships once kids are involved? My husband and I don’t have kids, but nieces and nephews have definitely changed family dynamic. Would love to hear your insights on that!

  77. We have missed you too! Welcome back! I am looking forward to the changes here on A Cup of Jo! I think you have always struck a great balance between the personal post and the non-personal ones. You’re very good at what you do, I am sure the upcoming changes will be fantastic ones! I always looked fwd to your motherhood monday posts – and now i will even more so. Found out that I am pregnant last month – a happy Christmas surprise! :) so that has certainly been on my mind a lot these days. Also worried/wondering about the financial aspect of it all, like how to balance and budget. Plus of course how to keep marriage healthy once baby arrives.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. I’m so glad you’re back! I am a medical student and haven’t missed very many days of your blog over the past 5 years. Even during studying for my board exams… I’ll deactivate my facebook account but I’ll always find time to read Cup of Jo. So know that your work is so appreciated. Posts that I’ve loved have been the Mothers Around the World series, random little Toby videos, hair tutorials, FRIDAY POSTS, and your awesome fashion (and products) taste. Keep including wonderful posts by strong and insightful women, honest entries about motherhood, and great clothes (maybe some that are a bit more affordable). Overall, keep up the good work!

  80. I’m so glad you’re back! I am a medical student and haven’t missed very many days of your blog over the past 5 years. Even during studying for my board exams… I’ll deactivate my facebook account but I’ll always find time to read Cup of Jo. So know that your work is so appreciated. Posts that I’ve loved have been the Mothers Around the World series, random little Toby videos, hair tutorials, FRIDAY POSTS, and your awesome fashion (and products) taste. Keep including wonderful posts by strong and insightful women, honest entries about motherhood, and great clothes (maybe some that are a bit more affordable). Overall, keep up the good work!

  81. So happy you are doing great. I was starting to get worried. (So spoiled we are.) Can’t wait to read my favorite blogger this year!! Keep up the good work and take it easy!! :-)

  82. Hi Jo- First of all, good for you taking a break. I am sure that even when you are on vacation, it takes several days to get out of writer mode. I too would be really interested in hearing stories from families who have adopted, both domestically and internationally. I would like to read about foster parenting, etc. I think it would be interesting to look at adoption different reasons for adoption: environmental, social justice, religious, infertility, adopting within an extended family, etc.

  83. I have been following for years and the site just gets better and better! I truly loved the moms around the world posts. Maybe you could do more of that? Even moms from WY or moms from CA… doesn’t have to be too exotic! Keep up the good work!

  84. Dear Jo and Other Readers – My husband and I are moving to Canada this year. He is a Canuck and wants to be near his family. I, on the other hand, am thoroughly an American girl. I am working on a potential job opportunity that would have me moving up there in a couple of weeks (without my husband for the first month or so because it is happening too quick for us to plan around. Eek!). I would like to hear from others who have made a big move. How do you rebuild your whole network? How to find a great hair stylist who really knows my hair? Where will I meet friends that I can take girl trips with? Who is going to be my new workout buddy at the gym? I am very excited, but I’m so settle in my current city and that much change is making me nervous!

  85. Because I feel like it hits so close to home for a lot of women, and because I don’t think you’ve wrote about it yet, I would love to read your take on body image and surrounding issues, such as reconciling with your body after pregnancy etc …
    Im glad you are back, we’ve missed you too !

  86. Because I feel like it hits so close to home for a lot of women, and because I don’t think you’ve wrote about it yet, I would love to read your take on body image and surrounding issues, such as reconciling with your body after pregnancy etc …
    Im glad you are back, we’ve missed you too !

  87. I really enjoyed the post about the woman whom had a still born. I read that shortly after my own miscarriage. I am happy to say I am pregnant again. It is very early on. I would love a Motherhood Monday posts about getting pregnant again after miscarriage.

  88. Missed you! I would absolutely love to hear about Anton’s birth story, Toby’s was so touching!

  89. Good for you, you deserve a break! Everyone needs a holiday from work. I’d like to see more stuff around health & nutrition, what regimes have really worked for normal busy women. I also love the mental health stuff, anxiety etc, we need to all be talking about stuff like that. Love your blog! Only you & two others have I been reading for about 5 years. Take care. x

  90. I would love to see more lifestyle posts that don’t necessarily revolve around motherhood. Maybe they could come from the “contributors.” I know that you are a mother now, and an awesome one to boot, but I love the posts about dating, marriage, friendship, etc.

  91. I would love to see more lifestyle posts that don’t necessarily revolve around motherhood. Maybe they could come from the “contributors.” I know that you are a mother now, and an awesome one to boot, but I love the posts about dating, marriage, friendship, etc.

  92. Hi jo! So glad you’re back.

    What I love about your blogging posts are that they are very real. You talk to us about how your life isn’t always perfect as there are ups and down to anybody’s day to day life. I get so exhausted seeing other bloggers post only the glamorous lovely beautiful days of their lives, when in reality, nobody’s life is ever perfect.

    You encompass a wonderful mother woman career person blogger writer, etc and you tell us the ups and downs so we see both sides of the picture. You’re writing is organic and authentic.

    I’m a 22 year old journalism major who has interned with teen vogue magazine once and I’m super interested in your career path. Thank you so much for shadings the posts about your career thus far! Maybe, if you have time to write more about that (like advice, ups and downs of the career you chose, living in EXPENSIVE nyc on the salary you make & how to get by) would be so so so helpful incredible.

    Overall I’m thankful for anything you write!

    Lots of love

  93. So glad you are back! I look forward to your blog everyday but I’m happy you took a well deserved break. :) I’m a twenty something military wife who recently left her well paying (although not fulfilling) job to be closer to her husband. I wonder if any of your other readers have insight on moving somewhere new, leaving a good job for family, frequent deployments, convincing employers you are a good investment (even though you may move every couple of years…), and dealing with everyday family concerns as well as military concerns, etc. I would love to hear from you and the community that surrounds you. Keep up this great space!

  94. Welcome back! Missed you and your beautiful blog.

    I would love to hear about how couples work through (or just wait through) wanting to have a first baby at different times, say one person is “ready” but the other person is not, and then also how people pick the “right” time.

    I loved your motherhood around the world series, and would be interested in more coverage like that, even without the motherhood angle. It is fascinating to see how life is different in these daily ways in other countries and cultures.

    I’d also really like to hear more about the cost of child care in NYC (nanny vs. nanny share vs. day care, etc.), maybe even coupled with a second series on working moms (this time with full-time moms that are not self-employed). It was so interesting to hear how self-employed moms make it work, but I’d also like a glimpse into how it works to say have a 50-60 (or more) hour workweek in an office away from home and manage your childcare situation (how late does the nanny stay? how do the parents juggle who leaves first/who comes home first, when both partners have long hours, tight deadlines and VERY demanding jobs, etc.).

  95. So great to have you back! I’ve loved this blog for years, but as I get ready to become a first time mom, I look to it more than ever.
    I second one of the comments above – it would be great to see a working moms series. To be honest, one of the things that is making me the most anxious is thinking about going back to work after maternity leave and figuring out that balance.
    Wishing you the absolute best 2014!!

  96. would love to hear about your day to day with your kiddos. being a new mom it’s very encouraging hearing stories from other moms. but i love the other post you do as well. and i’m a huge fan of all your series’s. so excited to see what’s in store, i’ve been reading your blog since day one!

  97. Hi Joanna,

    As a soon to be 40 year old with no kiddos, your link to your hubby’s article on making friends as an adult struck a chord with me. It’s tough to make friends once you’re older. Any kind of post or series with ideas about how to expand your social circle without being creepy would be awesome.

  98. Welcome back Jo! Glad you got a proper break! I’m excited to see how your space evolves this year. I’ve been reading your blog since before you were engaged and it’s always been one of my fave reads :-)
    I’m glad also that you’re feeling better following the post-partum depression. I experienced some rough times during my second son’s first year, it’s such a relief to feel oneself again! High fives and best wishes for the year ahead.

  99. I would like to see more career posts. I am having a really hard time at my job right now. I really really hate my job and am struggling to keep my chin up. I have been looking for a new job for a YEAR and nothing has happened. I am so ready to make a change. i would love a post about how to love the job you hate or how to keep your chin up at work or something like that.

  100. I absolutely LOVED the motherhood around the world series. I’d love to see another series that is similar/an extension!

  101. glad you are back! i think bringing in contributors will be great! i love your motherhood posts, and i love “how to” type posts. my favorite series was the motherhood around the world, since i thought it was so interesting to see other cultures. so maybe something else along those lines? where we get a glimpse into other cultures?

  102. I enjoy the balance you keep between motherhood, womanhood, friendship, dating, marriage, fashion, travel and interior design. I think the balance between these, and whatever else you add, is part of your success.

  103. I’m happy you’re back too! This site is my daily break away from work and I’ve missed it! I’m due in April and will go back to work soon after, so one thing on my mind is rights women have (or don’t have) in our country as mothers. Thank you for the site!

  104. Welcome back! Glad you are feeling better and had some time to spend with your family. You were missed!

  105. Welcome back! I missed reading your blog during the past few weeks. Everyday I look forward to reading your posts – especially about your experience as a mom. I’m a new mom with a six week old baby. Reading your blog entries about motherhood and pregnancy really helped me out. I’m sorry to hear about the postpartum depression. I hope you feel better soon and wish you lots of luck in the new direction of your blog.

  106. Welcome back! I would love to see more posts on anything travel related. Destinations, what to wear, tips for packing light etc. I’m always searching the web for inspiration.

  107. Glad you’re back and re-energized. I think Cup of Jo was pretty close to perfect but growth is always good. Looking forward to checking out the changes

  108. Hi Joanna! So glad you’re back and feeling better. Your friendly writing and great topics have kept me coming back to this blog for over four years now!

    In the future I would love to see the ‘work-life balance’ posts extended to cover a wider range of jobs. I’ve just turned 30 and my boyfriend and I are both early-career scientists, so I’m curious about how women in science/technology/engineering/medicine (and other fields) manage their priorities once they start a family, and particularly how they balance their career goals with those of their partner. I think it would be fascinating to see what challenges are similar or different across a big spectrum of careers.

    Best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy 2014!