I’m looking for an experienced writer/editor for Cup of Jo. Do you know anyone (maybe yourself?) who might be interested? This is a paid position based in NYC. Here are the details, below…


I’m thrilled to be bringing on an editor to help grow Cup of Jo in big and exciting ways this year. I have some major goals and plans for this year, and I’m looking for someone hardworking and likeminded who is a fount of ideas and is equally excited about bringing these ideas to life. This is a huge growth position for the right person, and I’m excited about finding someone to work alongside. If this describes you, and you’re interested in working together, I’d be thrilled to hear from you.

About the editor position:
* Part- or full-time position, between 15 and 40 hours a week, depending on experience and availability (the role will be tailored to the person we hire). This position has major room for growth based on stellar performance.
* Based in NYC. We’ll typically work together in the same office, either in Dumbo or the West Village.
* A bunch of different roles, including generating awesome original post ideas; producing photo shoots and series; conducting interviews with all sorts of people; scouting contributors/writers for longer-form essay posts (like this and this); scouting products for round-ups and gift guides; writing blurbs and some posts; producing round-up posts; doing blog formatting/coding/photo resizing; running blog-related errands; organizing photos shoots; helping with social media, and providing general administrative and editorial support.
* Commitment of at least one year.
* Hourly rate and/or salary negotiable, plus perks: Exposure on Cup of Jo, learning the ins-and-outs of how blogs work behind-the-scenes, helping grow a business, jokes, high fives from Toby.

About the ideal candidate:
* Reads Cup of Jo.
* 3+ years of magazine or blogging experience (or many more, if you’re hired for a more senior position)
* Fluent in the blog/online world.
* Able to generate all sorts of fresh and compelling ideas—for series and posts in all different categories. BEING A FOUNT OF IDEAS IS KEY.
* Fluent in the online shopping world and great sense of style for market work.
* Able to scout anything and everything, from people with great homes to mothers living around the world to unexpected products for gift guides. You should also be able to scout crazy/offbeat things, like professional dog walkers or people with nutty collections or…anything.
* An innate understanding of what really matters to people and what’s interesting.
* Outgoing, friendly and comfortable approaching strangers on the street.
* Nice email manner.
* Very detail oriented and organized.
* Efficient and adept at meeting deadlines.
* Able to juggle many tasks simultaneously.
* Self-motivated and eager to take an idea or task and run with it.
* Curious, enthusiastic, efficient, hardworking and solution oriented.

* Bonus: Experience with Photoshop. Stable of great writers/designers/illustrators/etc that you’ve worked with. In-depth knowledge of New York City. Knowledge of basic html. Has a personal blog.

If you’re interested, please email cupofjoeditor at gmail dot com with a letter about yourself, a resume, links to your website/blog/instagram/pinterest/twitter (if you have them), 5 ideas for posts that you’d love to write or produce for Cup of Jo, and 10 links that would fit well into a Cup of Jo Friday round-up. I’ll be reviewing the applications during the month of January and will be in touch after that. Thank you so much for your time and interest! I’m excited to hear from you. xoxo

(Photo by Crystin Moritz)