To spice up the winter, Alex and I have booked some funny dates through HowAboutWe, the dating and relationships site that helps plan amazing dates for couples. You browse their list of dates, book the ones you like, and go. They take care of all the details. It’s great for people who want to do exciting offbeat stuff but don’t have time or energy to plan everything themselves.

We’ve been lucky enough to get massages at home (woo hoo!) and take a pool lesson, and last week, we went to a juggling class, which was one of the funniest dates we’ve ever gone on.

Our teacher, Heather, learned to juggle when she was in the circus (naturally).

She had us start with scarves, which are of course slower and easier than juggling balls.

Heather explained that juggling is not only a fun party trick, but it’s also incredibly calming and meditative. When you’re juggling, you can’t think (or stress out) about anything else, so it really clears your head. Pro athletes often juggle to increase coordination, and studies show that it can actually increase grey matter in your brain.

She told us to pretend we were robots, so that our bodies would stay in the same position and just repeat the movements, but it was easier said than done!

We were all over the place, and I was dying laughing.

And it was a surprising workout! Throwing and picking up the balls makes your heart pound. At one point, Alex said, “I’m literally sweating. I have rivulets coming down my forehead.”

The juggling class was such a fun activity on a winter afternoon, and we must have been belly laughing for 95% of the date. (And Toby was PSYCHED when his parents returned home knowing how to juggle:) Thank you so much for the idea, HowAboutWe. (And three other dates that look awesome: A “naked” scavenger hunt at the Met, an couples astrology reading and side-by-side acupuncture and reflexology.)

I’d highly recommend HowAboutWe for Couples. You can sign up for free and browse their creative dates in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and—as of this week—Los Angeles! BONUS: Get $50 off your first date through this link, until April 30th. Thanks so much, HowAboutWe.

Check out all their dates here.

Have you been on any fun dates lately? Any recommendations?

P.S. More NYC date ideas, including fire-escape drinks and massages at home.

(This post was sponsored by HowAboutWe, a service that gets people in relationships on wonderful dates, tailored for two. All opinions expressed are our own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by our friend Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo)