Date Idea: Pool Lessons

Now that Anton is finally sleeping (yay!), Alex and I have been excited to go out on date nights again. So we checked out the dating and relationships company HowAboutWe, which has really fun date ideas…
We debated taking a Brooklyn food tour, BYOB pottery class and couples astrology reading, but in the end we chose a private lesson with a pool pro. We were psyched! We headed to a pool hall on the Upper East Side on a snowy Friday evening.
Our teacher was Phil Davis. At first, he seemed so young, we wondered if he was really an expert, but once he started gracefully sinking every single ball every single time, from the most impossible angles, we were totally convinced. He even brought his own $4000 pool stick! The guy was not messing around.
We are complete beginners, so first he taught us how to place our hands on the table…
…and how to control where the ball will go. Phil had actually studied physics in college, so he really understood angles/inertia/force/all those things! “Pool is a mental game, not physical,” he told us. And he was so sweet and encouraging: “You’re really good! You’re great!” he kept telling us. (Not true:)
We did a bunch of practice exercises, and I was surprised how quickly we were able to pick things up once we knew the basics. One interesting tip: You’re not just trying to hit the ball you’re going for, but you’re also thinking about where to place the white ball afterward, so you can set up your next shot. “The rule of thumb is to plan three balls ahead,” Phil told us.
Also, I learned Alex is a leftie when he plays sports! Who knew? It was fun to learn something new about him after four years of marriage;)
Thanks, Phil! It was such a great evening, and there’s something really fun about learning something new with your significant other. We were giddy when we left and definitely plan to take more lessons in the new year.

I’d highly recommend HowAboutWe for Couples, which has really fun, creative date ideas. You can browse their dates for free in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle, and get $50 off your first date through this link, until 3/31/14. (If you’re single, HowAboutWe also has a great dating service. You can click here and enter the promo code CUPOFJO at checkout to get 50% off all new memberships.) Thanks so much, HowAboutWe!

Have you been on any fun date nights lately? Any suggestions? I’d love to hear… xoxo

P.S. More NYC dates, including a trapeze class and fire-escape drinks.

(This post was sponsored by HowAboutWe, a dating service we truly enjoy. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by our friend Bekka Palmer for Cup of Jo)

  1. Peter Delbert says...

    Love what you. Health and happiness are possible.

  2. Seems like you guys had a lot of fun! Wish I would get a friend like this for a lifetime. Looks like I have to put my trust in dating service sites!

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  4. My girlfriend is marrying a man she met on How About We – seems like a great dating website – a little different than some of the old standbys.

  5. such a great idea! I wish they offered the service to canadian cities

  6. how fun! When I was a teenager, my hometown had an all-ages pool hall that stayed open until 2am, had video games and air hockey in the back, and a JUKEBOX. I used to get up a party of friends and we’d go shoot pool every Friday night until the place closed, then grab a snack at a Denny’s before heading home. To this day, Sweet Home Alabama is my lucky pool-shooting song. =)

  7. His expert aiming skills much have rubbed off, you’re not even using the high-five elbow trick!

  8. Fun! Here’s my favorite date night these days: my sitter arrives on the early side and we head to the Met. They’re open till 9 on Saturday nights! It’s a fantastic way to see exhibits. There’s time for dinner and drinks after that! I’m really looking forward to checking out the JAR Jewelry exhibit and the Venetian Glass exhibit in the coming weeks on Saturday nights.

  9. Phil sounds like an awesome guy, love the physics background! Our most recent date was walking around Target, Costco and another store By.Ourselves for kid Christmas shopping. I can always tell when it’s been too long for date nights when 6YOD tells me she’d like to see [insert teen sitter name] because it’s “been awhile”. LOL

  10. This is so sweet! Weirdly enough, I’m a lefty when I play pool, too. I never realized I was doing it wrong until a couple years ago.

  11. It’s good to be reminded of the importance of date night. I confess, we do it rarely. We like to go to museums–we take turns choosing. I like contemporary art & he likes more traditional. We did try a shooting range once. My husband loved it! I really didn’t, though.

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  13. I love pool! When my mum and Dad separated, mum moved out and in her place came a giant pool table into the lounge.

    When the girls and I go down home to stay we play pool by the fireside in Winter and with all the doors thrown open in Summertime.

  14. Great idea for a winter date night!

  15. It is fun, isn’t it ?
    My husband taught me to play pool, many years ago and he was always so proud of how fast I caught on lol … he used to say that if we ran out of money, he would use me to hustle people for the rent lol

  16. I so wish HowAboutWe was available in our city! The closest is Chicago — and that’s four hours away. We’ve considered purchasing a date and spending the weekend there but haven’t been able to plan it yet! All the dates I’ve seen look like so much fun — glad you loved yours!

  17. My fiancé and I love pubs and living in Cannes there are not too many. So last Sunday we started at one well known pub and it was fun because it was completely dead. We enjoyed a pint and walked around the whole city trying to find the next open pub. We ended up drinking a pint in 5 different ones it was awesome! And we got to explore the city like we were on our own little mission.
    I always think drinking makes for the best dates!
    Love from Cannes,

  18. I love your shirt too! You look adorable! :)

  19. Cinthya, what a sweet idea! and my top is from steven alan from last year. xo

  20. Joanna, this is completely off-topic, but where did you get your top? I want one, too :-) Last really fun and non-routine outing we had as a ‘couple’ involved taking my nephew to drumming lessons…which my boyfriend and I took as well. We laughed so much, enjoyed them and all three brimmed with joy when we finished.

  21. You look adorable! I am so sad this isn’t in St. Louis, I’m signed up for alerts for when it finally gets here – you can never get enough cute creative date ideas, especially when you’re married. Congrats on a finally sleeping baby!

  22. Where is your top from? It’s cute!

  23. I haven’t played pool in years…way harder than it looks…great post. RoRo’s World

  24. jm says...

    These are such cute pictures of you and Alex! Sounds like a fun night.

  25. This sounds like such a wonderful date! Will be keeping my eyes peeled for something similar in the UK :) x

  26. Cute shirt, Joanna!

  27. cute idea! is HowAboutWe only offered in major US cities? nice polka dot shirt too! :)

  28. Our last really nice outing was when we went hiking in Sedona on Thanksgiving. You’re right, doing something physical like that is fun! Once we got to the top and saw the view, how high we had climbed and felt how quiet it was, I knew it was worth it. And it was free (:

  29. We went to the Zurich thermal baths recently. They have a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the city. It’s about 85 degrees in the water while literally freezing outside! It was amazing. But the yucky part was, so many of the couples were like totally making out. The Bademeister had to come around and yell at people!! And we’d laughed at the “No sex” sign at the entrance. Eeeks!

  30. Cute idea! Anything active/involving learning is fun.
    That pool hall looks super nice though. Can’t say I have one that looks like that in my area lol
    x atelier zozo

  31. This looks like fun!

    So now, how did you get Anton to sleep???