Getting Massages at Home!

When the dating and relationships company HowAboutWe reached out to me about going on a NYC date, I really wanted to say yes. But the catch was: Alex and I are pretty homebound in the evenings. We typically put both kids to bed, then eat dinner and pass out ourselves. We miss date nights! We are so boring! We have watched so many 30 Rock reruns!

But then it occurred to me: What if we could have our date at home? I checked out their site, and then I saw it. AT-HOME COUPLES MASSAGES. SAY WHAT?!

Amazing, right?! Who knew that was even a thing?! We were pinching ourselves. Although HowAboutWe began as an online dating site, they’ve since launched HowAboutWe for Couples—where they help couples find awesome dates. You browse their list of dates, book the ones you like, and go. They take care of all the details. It’s great for people who want to do exciting offbeat stuff but don’t have time or energy to plan everything themselves.

So, after both boys were in bed, we cracked a bottle of rose and put out bowls of nuts, olives and kettle chips…

…and shoved the toys to the side of the room. :)

Getting Massages at Home

Two really nice and friendly massage therapists arrived and set up folding massage tables in our living room.

Massages at Home

We provided our own sheets and towels, and they put on relaxing spa music with sounds of rainforests and ocean waves.

Massages at Home

Needless to say, it was such an incredible date and definitely the coolest night we’ve had in ages. What a luxurious treat!!! I’ve been a basketcase recently with a toddler and newborn, so it was so amazing to do this for ourselves and then just roll into bed after the massage (next to Anton’s co-sleeper, haha) instead of commuting home.

I’d highly recommend HowAboutWe for Couples, which has so many fun date ideas. You can sign up for free and browse their dates in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle (and they’re expanding to new cities soon). BONUS: Get $50 off your first date through this link, until December 31st. Thanks so much, HowAboutWe!

(This post was sponsored by HowAboutWe, a service we now plan to use all the time. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by our friend Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo, who stopped by at the beginning and left once the massages started haha. Definitely one of the funnier/more surreal blogging photo shoots:)

  1. sounds so nice! I truly feel for you Joanna! I’m still waking up occasionally with my twins who are now two.

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  3. Hello Joanna! I have read your blog everyday for quite some time now, and am so grateful for your insightful daily entries. Typically I save your posts for after my lunch break. In the world of law, where I work, reading your material is an escape. Having said that, I take your recommendations seriously, and decided to get my boyfriend an in-home couples massage for Valentine’s Day through + zeel. We got the massage yesterday, and it was wonderful. We were both a bit nervous for it, but Zeel was professional and friendly – and you can’t beat using your own sheets and listening to your own tunes. So, I thank you for that, and for all of your entries, as I have come to rely on them each day.

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  5. Hi everyone! thanks for your lovely comments. We’re, and we partnered with HowAboutWe to bring you same-day, in-home couples massage – you can literally book the same day or hour you want the massage, from your computer or our app.

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  7. wow!!!! Amazing that lot’s of hotels also provides the massage therapy to their client this type of therapy really help their client to overcome their stress and getting relaxed.Read More

  8. This looks like such a great idea, especially for new parents who could use a relaxing night, but don’t necessarily want to leave both kiddos with a babysitter (or try to coordinate getting one). :-)

  9. We did this a couple of times when our kids were little. A great night in and no need to hire a babysitter! Gets much more difficult when your kids are older to have privacy at home ;)

  10. This sounds so cute and looks wonderful. Love massages! And I have those wine glasses, love those as well haha.

  11. That is a really great idea!! I love massages, and to get a massage date night in sounds like the perfect time.

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  12. I really can’t wait for this to come to LA…

  13. Such a cute idea! Staying home with my husband is usually just as fun as a night on the town with him :)

    XO RTC

  14. The photo disclaimer made me laugh….I was totally thinking that by the end of the post, haha.

  15. Ooh this sounds nice :o) I find that the older I get, the more appealing and cozy my apartment looks every time I’m about to go out on a Friday night~

  16. rosin, have fun!! so glad you guys are into this. i love howaboutwe’s mission to keep couples connected by doing fun exciting stuff :)

  17. Just registered with this website and purchased my first date for me and my boyfriend! Thanks for the info Joanna! xx

  18. jm says...

    If you want to view a different city from the one you originally enterered, go to settings and put in a different zip code. The couple dates look amazing.

  19. Joanna,
    There have been alarming reviews about Howaboutwe, and that they are kind of a scam. For exapmple, when you sign up for “free” once you choose to book a date they ask for your credit card information to proceed. Then they email the date information, and say “Thanks for opening a membership”. Many people who try to cancel their membership said that the support team is non existent, and they keep getting billed because of the auto subscription.
    Please be aware of this issue.

    • Hi Ambient, thanks for your note! Don’t worry about this at all! I’m sure you’ve just heard weird rumors or something. You can sign into explore the site for free, and then if you decide you want to have an official membership, it’s $18 AND comes with a free date. And for auto-renew, I spoke to them today and they absolutely always honor cancellation requests. Their response time is about 5 hours (and is getting every faster every week). They are real people operating a real business and are always seeking to improve the member experience. They are super, super nice to work with and very friendly. I know TONS of people who use this service and they’ve always had a positive, easy time with it. Hope this helps!! Joannaxo

    • I agree, it’s very strange to have to give out my credit card info just to try something. After I was scared off by this, I wandered over to Groupon and was shocked to see that 95% of the “dates” offered by HowAboutWe are on Groupon– for the same price! (And they offer many dates in my neighborhood.) Why should I pay an extra membership fee to book through HowAboutWe? I’m not sold, and there isn’t even any helpful info on the site.

  20. Great idea – wish they were in Canada. My husband and I found an RMT who would come to our house when our son was under a year (as it seemed I had to cancel every massage I booked as our little guy was always attached to me). It was heavenly! Reminded me that my body was mine too – as it really felt more like my son’s feeding/napping station most of the time – and I was feeling the wear and tear!

  21. I have never, ever commented on a sponsored post… but this idea is brilliant! I’m in Chicago and will be signing my husband and I up for this service.

  22. Brilliant idea! I root for Philadelphia next on their City list!!

  23. This is such a cute idea for a couple with kids. I might feel weird about bringing someone into my space for a massage, but it’s definitely an interesting idea. Cool site and concept for sure!

  24. I’ve had a massage at home too. Its incredible!

  25. Sounds so amazing! Me and my boyfriend have the best nights at home watching our TV shows, and LOVE relaxing – this would be such an amazing addition to those at-home nights! :)


  26. What a great business idea! We have massages at home too however ours are not the relaxing type… they’re the type that make you want to scream of pain, ha! However worth it for this crooked back that keeps on carrying a 1-year old (and sometimes a 3-year old) always in the same, wrong position! Sure your back needed it too… toddler and a baby is hardcore at times.

  27. I literally just heard about this yesterday but couldn’t remember the name. Thanks for the link, I would like to save fifty bucks ;)

    Kristina does the Internets

  28. Yes, yes, the service sounds wonderful.

    But tell me more about the olives, nuts and chips? ;)

  29. This looks amazing! Going to give it a go : 0


  30. I know others have said this already, but that last photo is wonderful. It perfectly captures both of you, this time in your lives when your babies are young and life is crazy, the city, everything! A family photo album keeper for sure. :)

  31. This site is amazing!! Just moved to nyc in August and finally have a little extra money for a good date night! So excited to try the site out this month:)

  32. The site sounds awesome! we will definitely be checking it out.

  33. I just signed up for the service in San Francisco. We love going out, but we are too busy/lazy to actually plan new things, so we are in a rut of going to the same restaurants and doing the same things over and over. Maybe this will motivate us to be a little more creative!

  34. Wow that looks awesome! We do a lot of at-home date nights too.. whenever we go out, we drink too much. ;)

  35. oh, that last shot!
    what a beautiful capture of your life at this moment ♥

  36. I love this idea! I’m in a similar situation with an almost 3 year old, and a 12 week baby… After reading this post my back is begging for a massage! Must see if there is a similar company in the UK…

    I hope you feel lovely and relaxed now :)

  37. I always see the promoted Tweets for this at the top of my feed – good to know it’s actually a good service. Maybe I’ll check it out now.

  38. Brilliant idea! We’re always at a loss to what to do for date night. It’s always so exciting just to have a night to ourselves that we don’t end up planning much. This would be a great way to actually do it. Thank you!


  39. oh god, that looks like so much fun! how wonderful it would be if you simply had a cupboard which you could open at any time and a massage thrapist would pop out and give you a quick five minute head massage or foot rub…

  40. I am not sure if it is just me but I am not able to register/sign up. It seems to just take me back to the main page when selecting the register radio button.

  41. Such sweet pictures of your lovely night together. I am glad you had a relaxing evening. Being a mommy is such hard work sometimes and I am sure you’re doing a fabulous job!!
    We plan on having #2 next year (our daughter is 2 now) so I am sure I will feel like a nutso around this time next year! Amazing what a lack of sleep will do. Hang in there and glad you had a lovely night with your main squeeze Alex!! Cheers to you both.

  42. That is a wonderful idea! At first, people might think, why would I pay more for a service that I can do myself? How hard is it to set up a date night…but you’re right. With kids and work and other social obligations, sometimes date night gets put on the back burner. Also, my husband has a hard time planning things, but wants to do more interesting things (just the two of us), so this is perfect for him. So worth it to invest in your couple time. Tell them we need them here in San Diego. :)

  43. such an awesome idea! can’t wait until they come to my city!

  44. GET IN MY HOUSE! Oh my word, that’s awesome! Me and my honey seriously need this. I think I smell a Christmas present coming …

    Thanks for the tip,
    Steph @ NewlyMynted

  45. jm says...

    What a great idea! (And perfect for you and Alex! with a new baby. I hope he slept through the massages!) I am going to their site now to see the other things they do. Have a great weekend.

  46. I love how easy it is to see how much you two love each other.

  47. This is an awesome idea! I always see services like this and wish they’d hurry up and come to smaller cities!


  48. this is a really sweet idea, I’d love to have a massage at home, the only time I had a proper one it was amazing but then putting my clothes back on and trudging through the rain to get home sort of spoilt it

  49. Glad you guys had such a nice date! Any chance you can tell me where you got your rug?

  50. this sounds so perfect. what an amazing idea for a date!

  51. wow! this is so great!!! :) everything looks awesome! and well done you two! you both deserved this all for sure! :)
    wish you way more dates like that to have!! :)

  52. sounds so nice! but, I can’t help but think of phoebe buffay coming to your house to give a massage ;)

    • Ha! Totally. Or worse, Ross Gellar might turn up and run Tonka trucks and wooden spoons over your back.

  53. I truly feel for you Joanna! I’m still waking up occasionally with my twins who are now two. I remember those sleepless nights and I just couldn’t believe this was my life! glad u did something for yourself and something for your relationship with your hubby! Investing in yourself during this season is key to your happiness.

  54. dreamy!!! what a perfect date. and i couldn’t help notice the reflective shot of your windows… that view is beyond.

  55. it looks and sounds amazing! you’re very inspirational, joanna, with your way to view and live your relationship. i hope i can remember some of the advice for when my time comes! :)
    btw, are you going to tell anton’s birth story? toby’s was such a fun and sweet tale :)
    thanks for all these great ideas!

  56. Ok, there are some pretty hysterical options here in Chicago! I don’t think we’ll be taking the “Bondage Class for Two” through the Discovery Center at a “secret location” anytime soon, but the DJ Lesson sounds pretty fun. :-)

  57. Its so great that you are both working on your relationship! Its so rare this days, couples are usually too exhausted to keep dating (themselves) when they are married or when kids are around. You and Alex are great together! Keep a good work! :)

  58. That last photo is absolutely beautiful. What a lovely candid :)

    • that’s exactly what i was thinking!