Toby the Giraffe

Happy Halloween!!!! Toby was excited to be a giraffe, but when the costume arrived, he thought it was “a little bit scary.” We had his old baseball costume from last year ready to go, but this morning he woke up and was super giraffe-ready. We took these shots this morning on the way to school (excuse the spilled juice box on his belly:)
(Doing a giraffe dance, naturally:)

And this evening, we’re going trick-or-treating around the 27 floors of our building and are hoping to meet some nice neighbors!

Have a wonderful Halloween!! xoxo

  1. So cute! And I love that he picked out giraffe all by himself. :)

  2. those are the cutest pics.. he has embraced his inner giraffe

  3. sooo adorable……..always like toby <3

  4. So cute!!! Did you choose the giraffe costume or did Toby? How’s trick or treating in an apartment building? I’m from a tiny town in Iowa and trick or treating was the best. As kids we’d go around in packs and stop by all of the houses in town.

  5. He is so cute! Hope you meet some nice new neighbors!

  6. Oh – I loved these photos – just when I think he cannot get any cuter, you post something like this (his dance face killed me!)

  7. I loooove the pics you post of your boys. I once dressed my son as a giraffe for halloween and it’s still one of my faves. Hope everyone had a fun day!

  8. What a cutie! My son just got the Sophie the Giraffe and I kept thinking how cute a costume that would make! Love you boy’s smile!

  9. Thanks for sharing! Smiling Toby made my day! :-) I love how happy he looks in this costume.

  10. How sweet he is. And how adorable that costume is. The combination is almost too much!

    My little one went as a skellington. It was his first participatory Halloween, so I didn’t want to overwhelm him. You can see the result of his adventure here:

  11. Oh my gosh…that third photo down! LAUGHING SO HARD! Made my day! Thanks Joanna! What a cutie you have there!

  12. cutie pie! i just told my friend who’s kid is also dressed as a giraffe to say he’s the facebook profile picture for peeps who didn’t get that riddle…

  13. Cute! What is Anton? Also still looking forward to you posting your birth story!

  14. I can’t wait to have a little one that I can try to coax into costumes, and hope that (s)he enjoys being in it as much, and poses as well as your little guy, vs wiggling out of it. :D

    For now, I had to make do by posing with a plant as my Halloween ‘accessory’ until that day comes… (working on it, though!)

    Happy Halloween!

    ~ lauriel

  15. That is an excellent giraffe dance. He looks so cute!

  16. The cutest giraffe ever!

  17. These pictures are amazing!

  18. D2 says...

    What a cutie!!!! Happy Halloween!

  19. so adorable!

  20. Adorable!

  21. LB says...

    OMG. I want that costume for myself!! Adorbs.

  22. Very cute!! Even cuter then the pottery barn one!

  23. Oh my goodness… Adorable! Happy Halloween!!

  24. Oh. My. Gosh. he makes the cutest giraffe ever! Love this!!

  25. AWWW. So cute!! Toby makes for one heck of an adorable giraffe!! :)

  26. I love this child’s eyebrows more than I can say.

  27. Toby is so stinkin’ cute! I can hardly handle it.

  28. My goodness, what a sweet little giraffe!

  29. He looks so happy! Just what Halloween is supposed to be about. My mom made one of my favorite Halloween costumes when I was a kid. I wanted to be a mouse, so my mom threw together a giant gray sweatshirt, a rope for a tail, construction paper ears, and a little eyeliner to make a black nose. Did I mention she was a single mom and we were poor? Hooray for moms!

  30. AHHHHHHHH – cuteness overload!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  31. He is ridiculously adorable!!!!

  32. … adorable …. 27 floors, WOW … how will you know which direction to go?

  33. He is so precious!!

  34. He is so adorable, I just can’t stand it!! How can you possibly get anything done when you have that darling little boy to look at all day long??

  35. So cute! And what is Anton?

  36. My two year old was going to be a giraffe, but she found the costume too scary as well! Maybe next year!

  37. Adorable! This reminds me of “What Does Fox Say?” What do giraffes say??

  38. You made him such a happy boy :) embrace the day.

  39. Oh my goodness, that is so adorable! He looks so happy and proud. :) Tres tres tres cute.

  40. Ahhh, so cute! Toby is adorable. I love that the giraffe seemed scary to him at first. : )

  41. So cute! My costume is also a giraffe onsie. I think it’s the best costume you can wear on Halloween personally.

  42. Cool! He looks fantastic! A wonderful Halloween to you and yours

    I just realized that I don’t know what a giraffe sounds like.

  43. Love it.

  44. Giraffe dance? LOVE it :)

  45. His smile is so infectious, this just made my morning. Happy Halloween, sweet Toby! I’m sure he’ll be the most charming trick-or-treater in the building. :)

  46. so sweet! xox

  47. Adorable, Toby!!

  48. He’s soooooo stoked! I love it!

  49. Sooo funny especially with that giraffe riddle going around on facebook.. the boy is on point.

  50. I love giraffes! Such a sweet costume!

  51. The excitement in these photos is contagious!!

  52. I can’t stop looking at these pictures! So cute!! I can’t wait to see all the kids tonight.

  53. LOVE his costume. The photos are priceless. That face! Happy Halloween!

  54. Happy Halloween, not-scary giraffe!
    From, Harold’s purple crayon (and mom).

  55. It’s perfect! I love that smoochy face!

  56. So cute!!! Happy Halloween :)

  57. sooo cute!!!!! I love the dance pics!

    Nicole @ I am a Honey Bee