If you’re married, what were your favorite moments from your wedding? (Mine might have been my brother’s hilarious toast, which he randomly performed in a New Zealand accent.) Moment Junkie is an addictive site all about fantastic wedding moments. Here are 10 more…

The bridal toss.

The neck nuzzle.

The bride and her baby.

The switcheroo.

The proud parents.

The stolen glance.

The relatives’ reactions.

The hungry baby.

Scolding the dog.

How sweet are these? See many more here.

P.S. Will (or did) you cry at your wedding?

(All photos via Moment Junkie, via Snippet & Ink. Groom splits by Joe Hendricks; bridal toss by Piero Campilii; neck nuzzle by Mitja Ilc; bride and her baby by Steve Koo; switcheroo by Carolina Photosmith; proud parents by Guillermo Alessandri; stolen glance by Jen from Carolina Photosmith; relative reactions by Dixel Pixel Photography; garter by Mauricio Zamudio; hungry baby by Todd Laffler; scolding the dog by Carly Bish)