Toby’s third birthday is next weekend, but since my mom is in town this weekend, we decided to have his party early. It was such a wonderful afternoon, I promise! Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…

We invited friends for a picnic at a park. The weather report gave a 40% chance of rain. We debated changing the day but Alex pointed out that it rained at Woodstock and it was still awesome. Amazingly, EVERYONE rallied and showed up.

Look at these sweet babies!!! How cute are those cheeks?

We ordered pizzas from a neighborhood restaurant. I love that excited little face in the top photo:) And in the second photo, how chic is Ella’s trench coat style? I’m taking notes from that girl!

We served a doughnut cake by stacking up a mix of chocolate, glazed and jelly doughnuts and sticking three candles on top.

The birthday song started off well…

….but the closing cheers from the crowd were way too scary!

Luckily, the mood picked back up quickly:)

We played with a parachute…

…and Uncle Nick arrived for shoulder rides and requisite wild antics.

At the end of the party, Toby opened a bunch of adorable presents, including this cool truck, art supplies, a book about an animal orchestra and a helicopter.

We had a wonderful day.

Finally, at 8pm, past Toby’s bedtime, we headed home. When I put him to bed, he said, “Well, that was a good day, Mama,” and asked to keep wearing birthday shirt. What a sweetheart. It’s funny, I can’t decide if he seems really grown-up or still like a sweet baby. He’s in that precious in-between phase. Oh, how I love this boy:)

P.S. Toby’s 1st birthday party, and Toby’s 2nd birthday party. And when he was one DAY old—and so tiny!