What are your plans for the weekend? My mom is visiting, and we’re having an early birthday picnic for Toby tomorrow, complete with a doughnut cake and spiked OJ for the grown-ups. His birthday presents include a wooden plane and this awesome book. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A song to kick off your weekend.

What pregnancy brain feels like.

Peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Would you eat it?

Funny interview with Morgan from The Mindy Project.

Linen Sneakers.

A moving Mother’s Day story.

Blackberry pie bars.

Pie with a message. Made me laugh.

Do you wear maxi skirts?

10 ways to use a muffin pan.

High fives gone wrong (and a trick for getting them right).

These sunglasses are on my wishlist.

Kids rocking out in cars.

And why Angelina’s Op-Ed matters.

Have a good one! xo