This week, the new interactive exhibit Rain Room opened at the Museum of Modern Art. Heavy rain pours down in an enormous room, but when you step into the rain, the area directly over your head dries up. So you can walk, dance and kiss in the rain without getting wet!

“The overall effect is mesmerizing,” reported Gothamist. “A semi-blinding white klieg light at the back of the room disorients your field of vision while highlighting the millions of individual raindrops showering down around you on all sides. The motion sensors are so sensitive that you can sweep your arm through the deluge and still keep your shirt dry. Move too quickly, however, and you can get good and soaked if want.”

The lines are going to be insane, especially since only 10 people are admitted at a time, but it would be worth waiting. Since MoMA members get priority access and exclusive viewing hours, it might even be worth joining.

How cool is that?!

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(Photos by Random International, MoMA and Katie Sokoler/Gothamist)