Engaged to Prince William

How rad is this interactive exhibit by Jennifer Rubell in London? A wax sculpture of Prince William stands in the pose he struck at his engagement announcement. On his sleeve lies a replica of the sapphire engagement ring he gave Kate Middleton, so, when you visit the gallery, you can step onto the pedestal, slide your arm through William’s, and slip on the ring. Would be trippy to pretend for just a moment, and see what it felt like!

(Via My Modern Met)

  1. This makes me laugh. It would be interesting. But even without the art exhibit I always think being Kate Middleton would be total hell. I’d hate to have to go to all those boring events all the time. Gads.

  2. Bloody brilliant!

  3. Too funny!! Too bad he has quite a bit more hair than the real one, though. Wouldn’t fool anyone. :-)

  4. Slightly odd, but definitely a crowd pleaser!

  5. wow! thats amazing!

  6. This is brilliant! One of my closest friends is OBSESSED with the royal family and would cheese it up if she got a chance to visit the exhibit :) I wonder if we will see anything similar pop up in the states?

  7. i absolutely love that. art that is immersive is my fav. and we have to admit, most of us girls had a little fantasise about being a princess when it was announced.
    (big giveaway on…)

  8. that is precious!!

  9. Bahaha! This is awesome. I want a picture with Prince WIlliam.


  10. How fun! But what if the ring gets stuck on your finger…have to cry out for soap :-)

    I discovered My Modern Met earlier today, great site it seems like

  11. Hilariously awesome! I like the idea other commenters have suggested: a wide variety of attractive bachelors. I would definitely go for a Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy wax sculpture.

  12. creepy, but i love it! i’m about his age and when i was younger, i’d dream of marrying him. :) who didn’t?

  13. That’s very amusing!

  14. Hilarious! I wounder if the artist would be open to featuring the same concept, but with different celebrities? Say Henry Cavill?

  15. Haha! So funny and cute.

  16. mandy, “my monthly” — haha, what a funny term:)

  17. So funny! Posing for this pic is on my list now!

  18. Ah! Amazing and creepy all at the same time (but mostly amazing)!

  19. Anonymous says...

    I’d rather a Prince Harry figure to pretend.

    Prentending with a marriage man wax figure is not good pearly gates’ karma building.

  20. The girl in the first photo’s face is classic~

  21. I’ve been practicing the Kate Middelton engagment pose for months. Finally, the perfect stand-in for my William (who cares that he’s made of wax!)

  22. I didn’t realize the first time I looked that the ring was attatched to his jacket. haha So funny!

    xo Haley

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  24. Ha-ha! It’s so hilarious that the ring is attached to his sleeve – I didn’t even notice that at first!

  25. LOL! That is so funny. He definitely doesn’t have that much hair in real life!

  26. So funny! The ring is definitely my favorite part. It is true that this doesn’t really look like Will though. Does anyone else see a Jon Heder resemblance in the face?

  27. Cool idea, but Will looks a little weird up close in my opinion.


  28. Wow his hands in the close-up shot look so real

  29. funny idea indeed!

  30. Would probably be better if he ACTUALLY looked like Prince William…rather than some tall guy who may or may not have had a stroke recently…

  31. i lOVE this! My friend in London would always post me Prince William stuff when I was younger (in the 90’s!) I still have the newspaper clippings and magazine photos :) I’m 27, married and have a kid, but my love for Will is still there! ;) It’s a good thing I like Kate Middleton! xx

  32. Anonymous says...

    He looks very tall!

  33. Anonymous says...

    Hilarious. (Especially if you wear jeans and a flannel shirt!)

  34. This might be the coolest exhibit I have ever heard of!

  35. AMAZING! Gah, I had the biggest crush on him when I was a little girl. xo.

  36. this is too funny!

  37. kinda sad actually. x

  38. My 12-year-old self would have gone bonkers over this. I had such a crush on him!

  39. that’s hilarious!! how funny is it that he’s standing there all by himself in the last photo?? haha


  40. This is awesome!! Another reason to go to London!! xoxo

  41. Hahaha, that’s hilarious.

  42. hmm, is this still on, the gallery site has this exhibition marked as Feb- March 2011…

  43. haha this is amazing! and yes, the first thing i said was oh my so much hair ;)

  44. Becca says...

    Knowing my luck, the ring would get stuck on my finger, and I’d end up walking out with the sculpture still attached (although there are worse things :) ).


  45. haha, lauren, i didn’t notice that. SO funny.

  46. wow, that’s a generous amount of hair he’s been given!

  47. That’s the funniest thing. The fact that you can stand their beside him, but then the ring!!! Hilarious.

    xo L.

  48. …and she gave him extra hair! thoughtful of you, rubell.

  49. thats kind of weird haha!