Renting Houses on Vacation

Would you rent a house on vacation? We really like to rent places, since they’re typically less expensive and more spacious than hotels (which is especially great when you have a child), and staying in a real home makes you feel like a local. Here are three amazing places, just for fun…

Above is a cheery place in Austin

Here’s Paris with a balcony…

And this San Francisco apartment is just a block from Dolores Park.

We usually scout places on Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO. If you’re feeling wanderlusty, Airbnb has really fun round-ups.

Where have you rented houses or apartments before? Any recommendations? Any funny (or horror) stories?

P.S. Remember this California spot and this Hudson Valley home? Dreamy.

  1. I remember when some of my classmates did something similar to this for a senior trip in California. Before that, I didn’t even know that this was something you could realistically do. I think this is a great way to approach a vacation though. It would definitely be much nicer than staying in a hotel. I wonder ho comparable the costs are though. That could be a big thing to consider.

  2. SO these are just little homes you can rent while on vacation? Are they in neighborhoods? The fences make them look they are neighborhood homes. That wouldn’t be a problem for us, though. Thiago |

  3. SO these are just little homes you can rent while on vacation? Are they in neighborhoods? The fences make them look they are neighborhood homes. That wouldn’t be a problem for us, though. Thiago |

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  5. For a young college student like myself, I like the idea of renting a home. You got fifty other things you got to worry about, and when your renting a home, all you have to worry about it paying your monthly rent to your landlord. If your on top of it, it’s a very easy process, and saves you a lot of stress.

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  9. I’m going to the US for the first time ever in a few months and I’ve been looking at Air BnB and VRBO – looking at places in NYC, they’re a lot cheaper than hotels. Anyone have any personal recommendations of something cheapish and central for 2 people? <a href=”

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  13. That is a perfect sized place to have when you are on vacation. It is not too big and it is not too small. It is there to do exactly what it is suppose to when you are on vacation and that is to keep a roof over your head when you are going to sleep. The things that people come up with can be so amazing and helpful towards people too.
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  15. Thank you SO much for this post! We are going to NOLA in March and were paying outrageous amounts for hotel accommodations that were not at all accommodating for a family with an infant and a grandmother. Logged on to and within minutes found a house for the same we were paying for the hotel! I am so grateful!
    Love the blog too!

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  26. I wouldn’t mind sharing either. From what Blackbird _song has said, the rooms can sleep 4 pretty comfortably and if we get four or even five, that’s less than one night apiece for a 3 night stay. Please let me know if you’re interested in adding a third to the room share.

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  31. These are some gorgeous vacation homes! I especially love the one in Paris with the balcony…it looks so dreamy! My favorite place to stay at is one of the many Cape Cod vacation rentals. It’s such a beautiful place and renting a home makes it feel even more peaceful.

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