1. Fist of all, LOVE Marshall, CA. I love that link to the Poet’s Loft. Just put it on the list. Will definitely stay there at some point. Love these picks too. I have always done well with airbnb. Also used homecarers.com once to housesit in a villa in Mexico. Fun.
    If anyone has stayed in any 1 bedrooms that they loved in Hollywood, Los Feliz, Mid-Wilshire, WeHo- would love a recommendation!
    volatizing the esters

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  3. courtney says...

    We stayed here for a couple of nights on our honeymoon! The view was unreal and location was great, but the house itself was pretty filthy (the linens hadn’t been washed and the couch slipcovers were really dirty) and outdated (the hot tub is more yucky than romantic). Kind of a bummer ;(

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  5. The poet’s loft overlooking the water is for me:) I would love to be there during the night of a storm with red wine and cheese and my JRT for company and watch th ewild weather let rip!

  6. it’s dizzying but beautiful!!!! great blog btw, i was just checking out all the posts on blogloving!! :D keep it coming!!!

    kisses from the philippines xxx


  7. I live only about hour and a half from there. My new favorite place!

  8. so so perfect!

  9. To D.I.E. for. Absolutely. xx’s

  10. More and more hotels are allowing pets too! Definitely glad to see pets being accepted in more places! Love waterfront lofts.

    Dierdre G

  11. Oh. My. Gawd. That spot was *designed* for novel-writing and tea-sipping. Yes. Love.

  12. I love Point Reyes! I use to go on hikes with my dad around there as a kid. Great amount of wild life on the trails too, all around a gorgeous area and it’d be great to stay in house as charming as that one.

  13. if you wanna save a couple bucks and still be in the area, the bf and i have stayed here:


    i grew up in marin and still think it’s absolutely tops!

  14. I would love to stay there, it looks so peaceful

  15. {jaw drop} yes, please.

  16. Wanna hit the road and make my way there right now!!

  17. Gorgeous! Who wouldn’t be able to write in such a beautiful and inspirational setting?

  18. Um… YES I would like to stay there! And who doesn’t like the added bonus of fresh cheese on a vacation?

  19. kb says...

    Love this photo. So gorgeous. I just came back from a cruise through Alaska and the very best part was being able to sit by a huge window like that, overlooking the ocean, anytime you want. Def. dog-earring this post for future adventures :)

  20. G. says...

    I would absolutly love to!

  21. We just went to Point Reyes for our honeymoon! Check out some of our videos from our hikes in the surrounding parks: http://www.mplsmarrieds.blogspot.com. We stayed in at a rental called Almost Pi (due to its nearly pi proportions!).

  22. I don’t eat cheese but I adore that house! Too bad it’s on the other side of earth:)

  23. This is amazing.. what a great place for inspiration……


  24. looks awesome!

  25. Looks amazing! Wish it was close enough to Australia to be able to pop over for a weekend. Bliss!


  26. Anonymous says...

    I have friends in San Francisco that rent that place every time a new Harry Potter book comes out! They stay up ALL night until they’re done!!

  27. Heaven!

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  29. Point Rayes is amazing and the nature is just overwhelming in a good way. I went there on a class trip when I was 8 to do a nature walk, and I decided then and there I never wanted to leave.


  30. oh gosh, i would do almost anything to stay just one night in that place.

  31. It’s pretty but I can say, as a poet, wow, most of us do not have the bucks for it. I’m much more a fan of that particular coast & a more rustic place. But if you force the issue, I guess I could sacrifice:)

  32. Wow that looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing this picture as it is such a dreary day in ny. I’ll have to remember that location for our next vacation!

  33. oh sigh. sign me up for that gorgeous goodness.

  34. Joanna, have you ever tried Point Reyes blue cheese?

    O.M.G. So good. So, so good. Another reason this place would be worth visiting in a heartbeat!

  35. heavens! oh I’d stay there in a heartbeat! So lovely….

  36. A lighthouse and fresh cheese! Sounds like heaven.

  37. That house is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    However, being a poet, and knowing a lot of other poets, I’m not sure how long any of us could afford to rent that for, lol.

  38. yes.


  39. This looks like the sort of place I’d love to relax and daydream in!! xoxo

  40. The view is stunning! I get dizzy just looking at the water.LOL

  41. This is so close to where I live! I really need go there sometime with Mr. Branflake, and that hot tub is a definite selling point.

  42. Looks unbelievable!! Must show the hubs ;)

  43. wow! man, i want to go there.

  44. Tis is a fantastic place! Maybe you could stay there and visit Lucy and Paul and the same time. (Maybe even score an overnight babysitting stint from them so you and Alex could have a “getaway”!) Lucy loves Point Reyes!

  45. Oh man I would love to have a getaway like this one@

  46. I’d stay there in a heartbeat! Sign me up! It’s too beautiful!!

  47. Any spot near the water…Bring it on!! (As long as I don’t have to sleep out in it! LOL)

  48. you never cease to amaze me with all these great finds! what an awesome spot! i could get all sorts of poetic in a place like that!

  49. Aw man, I was just there! But instead of staying in this awesome rental home, I slept in a tent on the beach and froze! It was still awesome though.

  50. I need to find my “self” there.


  51. Yes please!

  52. that’s a good point, anna-lisa. you’d definitely want sunshine. it stormed when we were in santorini on our honeymoon and we sat in the hot tub in the rain! still fun, but kind of ridiculous :)

  53. I’m obsessed with this place!!! I want to see that every day when I wake up!

  54. That’s spectacular! It makes me feel like I’m on a boat!


  55. It looks glorious! Love the HUGE windows, the floor, the gorgeous view….everything!

  56. wow. that is spectacular.

  57. I was just there a few months ago! Just make sure you go when it’s not totally overcast and dreary. But then again, a cold day with a hot tub is fun!

  58. I love Point Reyes – it would be amazing to stay at this place!