1. Have been dying to go here since you posted this. Just booked a November trip with a crew and am super excited. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. @Miss Gina: LMAO! Yea, is the dog included??
    This is a great house inspiration for those who are dreaming of a cozy place to just chill and relax. Reminds me of The Big Chill. It’s really cool. That bathroom can be a do-it-yourself I think, since the tub is very simple. As for its living room, building a separate construction for the area is not so common today but very unique. Perhaps we can use Pantone’s color of the year which is Honeysuckle.

  3. it is lovely :) too bad we dont have that in Texas :(

  4. A beautiful location, really fine shots, and nice to see the dog enjoying the view!

    All the best from Santiago, Chile…

  5. Anonymous says...

    Love this!

  6. Anonymous says...

    Wonderful house! What a rental!

  7. My dream get away

  8. I would do anything to spend a weekend there ! Gorgeous !

  9. hopefully the dog comes with

  10. What a gorgeous retreat… my dream home definitely has a fire place just like that in it!

  11. I grew up in the Hudson Valley and I am convinced there is no place more beautiful than Warwick, NY about 1.5 hours out of NYC in the fall. Check Sugar Loaf, NY small arts and crafts village right near by. FABULOUS

  12. I love this house. I first saw it showcased in Dwell a few years ago. I love the balance of old and modern,


  13. Susan says...

    Wow, I’m ready to go now. Very enticing. Off to check out the rentals. Thanks.

  14. wow…. vr nice scenery

  15. I would love to LIVE there!

  16. swoon! I would love to visit.

  17. Oh, those skylights!


  18. This cottage is actually IN Hudson, not just in the Hudson Valley. I’m from Hudson! It’s come so far – it used to be a desolate sad little town, but now we have a ton of antique stores, boutiques, and adorable properties like this one! Definitely go if you get the chance.

  19. Hah! That dog sure enjoys sitting on the furniture!

  20. Oh it’s fabulous!! I do love escaping to the Hudson Valley after a long week in the city…

  21. I really like this square modernistish addition to the older looking building! I am not into property porn myself, but I like this architecture.

    Thanks for sharing.


  22. Beautiful dream house!

  23. my friends and i rented this house last weekend actually and had the best time!! really a spectacular house, we vowed to make it back for autumn foliage.. :D

  24. The wooden floors!!! Gorgeous!

  25. beautiful!!

    looks like the perfect place to escape from the world for a few days.

  26. I realize this might sound… shallow… (no pun intended, teh heh), but it is seriously one of my life goals to one day have a bathroom like that. And now you’ve added another– that fireplace!!

    P.S.– I lived in Sweden from this last October through December, and our apartment had a genius heated towel closet (check the 3rd and 4th posts in my blog archive if you want to know more ; )…) Anyway, about Sweden–you need to go there, girl!

  27. Beautiful – love the bathtube and the fireplace!! Super nice!
    Viele Gruesse, KRistina

  28. i’ve seen heated bathroom floors, but towel racks?? way cool.

    you should check it out and let us know how amazing it was, so we can live vicariously through you :)



  29. I love skylights! And big windows, I could totally live there too, except for all that snow! haha.

  30. I love the design. The white walls, the wooden floors, the fireplace, a wonderful escape!

  31. Holy geez. How awesome.
    And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to ask if the dog comes with the place. That white bedroom drenched in sunlight is an extra treat… drool.

  32. Now that is what I’m talkin’ about…a modern home in the country! I own a small cape-cod right outside of DC, it’s furnished with vintage items found via Craigslist, consignment stores, flea markets and even the trash. I love my home very much, but I so desire a home in the country that is sparse, bare and empty. Oh wait a second those all mean the same thing. Well, you get my point! I need a place to rest my over indulged mind. A place to get away from my country home in the city. A place to breathe.

    Oh and by the way, Toby is to die for cute…that smile reminds me of my son at that age. Hold him close to your heart, as the days will fly by and all of the sudden he will big, but he will always be you’re little man!

  33. the sight of those wide plank floors make me swoon. and that bathroom is being favorited right away!

  34. Must go there NOW.

  35. This is a rental house??

    I’ve been dreaming about this house since I saw it somewhere (don’t remember) a few months ago!

  36. Wow, it is so beautiful!

  37. can’t go wrong with a claw foot tub!

  38. Stunning. I could see myself warming my hands and red wine next to that fire. (and the kids throwing balls through the opening…)

  39. This is such a beautiful place!

  40. Yes, please. :)

  41. C says...

    well…no clutter…

  42. I can’t believe how close that is to the city! It’d be the perfect place to vacation without venturing too far away! So cozy!

  43. Wow, this place looks so amazingly cozy. And the adorable dogs so aptly placed in the photos don’t hurt the appeal either…

  44. Wow! This place is awesome. Right now my boyrfriend and I go to college in PA. We both really want to move to New York City when we graduate (pending actually getting jobs there!) This is just another reason for us to dream. We always talk about everything the city will have to offer, but this makes weekends in the country look just as good. I could imagine him writing in an old comfy chair under one of the skylights, and me taking photos of our dogs playing in the snow. Thanks for sharing!

  45. love the natural source of light!

  46. Thanks so much for the outrageous plug for Ten Broeck Cottage, Joanna! Hits to our vacation rentals site, http://www.RedCottageInc.com , spiked so much I assumed it was an error. You’re right to have chosen that property as the uber-cool stuff of city-dwellers’ dreams. It’s one of our most popular rentals.

  47. I’ll keep it simple – WOW!!! As an Aussie who has just sweltered in a week long heatwave that snow scene is so appealing! Might be a bit far for a weekend escape though…shame!

  48. So calming and luxe!

  49. Really love it.
    Very cool space. I especially love how simple all the design is!

  50. Love that it has so many windows, and so much natural light. It does look like a lovely little getaway.

  51. Forget the stunning photos, sauna, I am sold on the apple orchard…a fall getaway for sure!

  52. Great how the dog is looking outside.. I am not to fond on animals in my bedroom though… I have trained my cat not to walk on the whith floors LOL… sometimes he does go in my room and I hear him miauwing *is that a word?) as if he want to say look I am naughty ;P

    I have a valentines give away running and another really exciting one next week! Come over and play ;)

  53. This house is a dream…

  54. Um, yes please! That house is riggggght up my alley. Btw, I think I need to use “crikey” in more everyday lingo. I’m just sayin’!

  55. wow! what a great spot. i want to LIVE there, not just vacation there. Gorg!

  56. Nice pad! Would love to stay there. does look a bit chilly in the winter…

  57. Gorgeous ! I love the wooden floor so much in this bedroom (oh and the rest of the house isn’t bad either)

  58. I’m so there!

  59. Anonymous says...

    This looks awesome!

  60. dreamy

  61. I feel relaxed just looking at these photos, so serene, pure and simple.

  62. Ooof. Hear that? That’s my heart a’ fluttering.

  63. Definitely amazing, but did you see the price?! It’s not so much a romantic weekend away type place as a group outing type one – definitely need to share the cost. If I’m spending $1000 on a weekend trip, it’s a) going to be a longer weekend than 2 nights and b)better include airfare!


  64. i love the white walls & the light!!! so much light. :)

  65. Love love love! I’d be making s’mores in that fire place right now!

  66. swoon! it would be a nice change of pace from NYC.

  67. Wow I would love a weekend getaway there!

  68. Wow Joanna, I love it! A great getaway spot. Cute dog as well…

    Do Come and enter my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  69. Carol says...

    Nothing says, “I’m not a great building designer” like a post-modern box pimple attached to a traditional house.

  70. very rad!! a perfect getaway for sure!

  71. I just want to cut out the middle man and go live there! ;o)

  72. Beautiful house!

  73. It looks lovely. I’m liking the decor, too.

  74. I’ll take it! :)

  75. S. says...

    wonderful!! :D

  76. Packing the B.F. the dog and me in the car right now! :)
    Just lovely.

  77. Just amazing! I dream of those floors and a tub like that.

    xo marcie

  78. this makes me want a snowy vacation. im really digging those fuzzy sheepsking rugs right now, especially in the cold.

  79. oh my goodness… it’s stunning and oh so cozy! the perfect little getaway from the hustle and bustle of NYC!

  80. yes, yes, yes!!!

  81. Ever since your trip to the Hudson Valley, I’ve been dying to go!!!
    Hopefully I’ll have the chance to go this summer! This house is fantastic!
    That dog is cute, too.

  82. Gorgeous! When can we go?


  83. My boyfriend is more into uber-contemporary houses like this. I find it’s a bit cold. I love that bedroom, but that’s about it! He, on the other hand, would never want to leave. :)

  84. Oh man. I love a sauna.

  85. yes. please.

  86. this looks so dreamy and relaxing!

  87. I love this.

    p.s. I also love that you said, “la ti da” – my dad says that about fancy-schmancy stuff. tee hee. xo.

  88. It almost makes the endless winter and snowsnowsnow look appealing. And that is saying a lot.

  89. By the way, I have heated towel racks–they’re called my radiators. ;)

  90. gorgeous! and did you see the Irish castle that you can rent?! I’m saving my pennies.

  91. I’d love to get a few couples together and make a fun long weekend of it. Like the Big Chill! (Minus the funeral.)

  92. so crisp, clean, gorgeous! like a breath of fresh winter air!!

  93. gorgeous! heated towel racks. too awesome.

  94. maggie says...


  95. It really would be fun to spend a weekend there:) I love that dog in the second photo! He is totally waiting for someone..(giggle)
    Kisses, Joanna

  96. Love that fireplace!!! <3

    Amazing place!!

  97. Looks so peaceful. Cozy up in front of the fire with a cup of tea and a great book, then I wouldn’t mind the mounds of snow falling outside the windows.

  98. Wow.. let’s go!!!!

    Although I really want to escape from snow. We’re getting too much of it here in Canada! ;-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    Post of the Day: Interior Canadian Designer Sarah Richardson.

  99. beautiful! definitely not your standard hudson valley cottage.

  100. Take us with you! What a killer fireplace, I guess if it’s going to be this cold outside, might as well be somewhere with snow this beautiful!

  101. Is the dog included?