On a much lighter note, I’m excited to share another hair tutorial today…

My friend Caroline introduced me to the four-strand braid, which is such a pretty twist on a regular braid. Wouldn’t you love to wear it with a cozy sweater all winter? Here are Caroline‘s steps, and Jamie Beck took photos (you might recognize a few from this post!)…



Divide your hair into two equal sections. I did this one on the side of my head, but you can have it facing straight back or in a higher ponytail. Whatever you like!

2. Take those two sections, and split each of them in two, so now you have four equal sections.

3-4. Take the section on the outside and pull it UNDER the section next to it, then OVER the next section. Repeat the opposite for the section on the inside: it goes OVER the section next to it, then UNDER the next section.

(I’ll break this step down a little more: Let’s label the sections 1, 2, 3, 4, starting closest to your ear, then outward. Section 4 goes UNDER section 3 and OVER section 2 (it will then become the new section 2). Section 1 goes OVER section 2 and UNDER section 3 (it will then become the new section 3). Repeat: Section 4 goes UNDER section 3, and OVER section 2, and so on.)

5. Keep repeating these steps until you have reached the end. You might need a minute to get the hang of it (it did for me), but just keep remembering the under-over, over-under pattern. Then tie off with an elastic band.

6. Fatten your braid out a little so you can see all four sections clearly.

Voila! It takes a second to get the rhythm down, but I promise it’s easy!

What do you think? Would you guys do this?

P.S. More hair tutorials, including a messy side ponytail and the perfect top knot.

(Photos of Caroline by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Caroline is wearing a striped dress from Madewell, black patent loafers, and a tote from Dusen Dusen. All her jewelry is from her own line, BRVTVS.)