Great Shoes for Fall

To me, loafers always felt preppy (or reminded me of Thriller-era Michael Jackson). But for our most recent hair tutorials, my friend Caroline wore patent black loafers with everything from jeans to dresses, and she looked effortlessly cool and tomboyish. This cute pair also comes in rose gold. I’d love to wear them every day this fall, wouldn’t you?
P.S. Parisian wedges.

(Photos of Caroline by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Jeans are vintage Levis; baseball tee from J.Crew; green men’s jacket from Nicholas K, and striped dress from Madewell)

  1. Kailee broadway says...

    Where did you get your bag from? its so cute.

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  13. I was unsure of this look when I first saw it, but as I kept looking at pictures it continued to grow on me. I really love it now. It is just so effortlessly chic and seems to go great with everything. I definitely might be purchasing me a pair within the next few days!! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. I just bought a pair of chocolate patent leather losfers! They look great with skinny jeans and today I wore them with some printed shorts, lloked great too!

  15. I love Caroline! She is a dream girl!

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  17. So sorry to side with the dissenters, but I have to give a definite nix to the these kicks! They would be nice for grandma but a young girl should reconsider her options. The good news, however, is that when you’re as lovely as Caroline you can wear anything and still look good.

  18. This look wouldn’t fly in Florida,i can see NYCers wearing them but I’m not a fan, the restof the outfits I love!

  19. I have an old pair of coach loafers that I pulled out again this fall. Love them again just like I did my original oxblood bass loafers from high school in the 80’s

  20. Sorry to be the party pooper, but I think those shoes are just horrid…reaalllly nasty. Rest of the outfits are gorge though. Really lovely.

  21. in a two month period, i have bought like five pairs of loafers, obsession?

  22. Complete agree….loafers gives any outfit a quite preppy touch. I adore it.

  23. I got it in my head about 3 weeks ago that I needed a pair of patent leather slipper loafers and after 1 week of searching for a reasonably priced pair (Sadly Chanel is not in my budget) I found them. Absolutely love this staple.
    Thanks for the post Jo.

  24. I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the loafers.. just not my style. Love the rest of Caroline’s look though.. she is gorgeous and always looks so effortlessly chic.

  25. Seems to me that refusing to wear something because everyone else is, is just as bad as wearing something because everyone else is. I wear ballet flats and nothing else, because they’re comfortable, and screw the high heel-wearing haters. ;)

    I love these! I’m so afraid of patent leather, though – I’m really hard on shoes and I just remember how scuffed my Easter shoes would get as a kid, just from one day of wearing them and trying to keep them nice. I can’t imagine what they’d look like being worn every day!

  26. Love the loafers, just wish they were a little less preppy and a little more hip. These are good but the search continues. I refuse to wear ballet flats, cuz they’re everywhere!!

  27. The jacket?!?!?! Where is that from?

  28. Yea, I remember when Kate Moss started the trend a couple years back and it didn’t really stick. Needless to say, I bought a pair. Just remember to wear socks! Or you’ll get blisters. I still love the look.

  29. eh- not a fan. I love the outfits, but the shoes are jarring to me and don’t flow with the rest of the look. Softer, more feminine ballet flats or perhaps a nice pair of boots would be better.

  30. Repetto have a great pair like that as well! They always look good!

    xoxo Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris

  31. I love loafers, too. I was sad to get rid of my old pair of Cole Haans, but they were just falling apart. Time for a new pair!

  32. Where did her coat come from? That’s what I want!

  33. I love it and wanting to own one, but Japanese school girls wear these (I’m living in Japan). So I got the oxford shoes instead!

    I love the Jacket and her tomboyish style :)


  34. Jo, where is that incredible jacket from!?

    • SERIOUSLY! It’s beautiful…looks like Anthro, but it’s not! Where’s it from?

  35. kinda happy to see them come back in style – especially cute with vintage jeans with huge cuffs and a great blouse! thanks for sharing!

  36. gorgeous photos. Love it!

  37. Ew, I can’t get past Michael Jackson.

  38. Loafers are my favorite!!! I would so wear them everyday if I could.

  39. I once hated preppy, but in the past few years, I’ve slowly embraced “preppy” details such as oxford shoes and more button-down shirts. This woman makes anything look chic.

  40. Jo- where can I find this striped dress??! darling!

  41. Not a fan of the shoes, I have been seeing them everywhere and I’m just not into it… I’d love a pair of moccasin-style shoes though, like those Minnetonkas?

    Another who would love to hear where the jacket is from. :)

  42. A says...

    They are really cute, but so expensive :(

    I used to work for J.Crew, and although I love their style, I can’t justify paying full price for their clothes/shoes/jewelry. Their prices have absolutely skyrocketed since Jenna Lyons took the design helm and I think it cost J.Crew a lot of middle-of-the-road customers.

    I guess there’s always the outlets!

  43. SO cute! I have a vintage pair I need to dig out after seeing this!

  44. Maybe this is an east coast trend? They would not fly in California. I just don’t get it – they look like men’s shoes and her outfits are so cute they deserve adorable flats & boots to go with…not those.

  45. Jo – I LOVE these shoes! But what really caught my eye is your friend’s jacket. Do you know where she got it? I’ve been searching for something just like that and haven’t found anything quite like it. I’d love it if you could share.

  46. Oh, I’m so glad! My new pair from Shoemint just came in the post today! I got the Oxblood loafers that look a lot like the J.Crew. They’re great!

  47. Ditto the army jacket comment… i’ve been scouring the internet and can’t find the perfect one!

  48. I have been eyeing those Jcrew ones for months, and add them to cart, and chicken out because of the price tag. LOVE.

  49. You must share with us where that great army jacket is from! I’m in lurv!!

  50. Love it!! Although I’d have to get a brand new wardrobe if I wanted to make the loafers look that perfect w/most of what I wear, so.. maybe for another year.. :) I’ll start saving!

  51. I want to be this girl in every single one of her photos. I would even wear the shoes… =) And just by the way… I still am so in love with your new blog format.

  52. Oh my gosh! Love the jeans. Where do you find vintage Levi’s that fit as well as those do on her?? Please tell!

  53. Not for me. I have the thing against black patent shoes – they look too much like galoshes. Maybe in a more fun color, like red or orange, I’d be willing to give them a try. But black is just too severe.

  54. I have a pair that I’ve worn for the last year and a half that I wouldn’t trade for anything. :)

  55. I so want to be into this trend (even considered buying a pair of Rebecca Minkoff’s Harlis) but it is just not for me. Your friend totally can pull it off though!

  56. She looks adorable in them, but they are not for me. They make me think of a Bill Cosby sweater or a more formal version of slippers Hugh Hefner would wear around the house.


  58. I love the shoes..but I’m OBSESSED with that dress she’s got on. I assume it’s either not available anywhere or out of my price range…does it exist online maybe??

    • I’m says in the post..

  59. hmmm. I’ll have to be a dissenter and say that I’m not big on these shoes. They look a little too…outdated? And not in a “they are vintage and great” way…more like a shoe I would probably pass over in a thrift store. Plus, looking at them already makes me think of sweaty feet and blisters if I don’t wear them with socks or hose all the time. Maybe I just have demanding feet. haha

  60. Like you I’ve always that they were too preppy to even consider, but the patent version is surprisingly appealing to me. It feel like a casual younger brother to a pair of oxfords or something, still sort of walking the feminine/masculine line, very classic, easy elegance. Still preppy, for sure, but maybe now it’s easier to mix it up and bring them down a notch.

  61. target has them in leopard print and gold glitter.
    i got the glitter ones. they make me feel fancy yet also rock star. they’re my favorite

  62. I have always worn loafers… travelled around Europe in them in ’84 and they have become my signature shoe. Have you seen pics of Grace Kelly wearing them (not that I look like that! – but I long to)… amazing.

  63. One too many posts with this wannabe model girl. Later days, cupofjo

    • Hmph. Well, I think she’s lovely, and I like seeing her every now and then :)

    • I agree, Caroline is beautiful, but just because she could look good in a paper bag doesn’t mean I’m gonna go out and buy one.

    • Haha, Lynn, you’re right- she could. Man, if i could look good in a paper bag I’d save SO much money on clothes!

  64. I LOVE the look of those loafers with some cute BF jeans – so classic! What a stylish friend you have. :)


  65. Y says...

    i love loafers!!!
    I have a velvet pair in black that I call my hugh hefner loafers :)


  66. I bought loafers (a pair of Borns) this spring and have loved them. So classic!

  67. Love Love Love these shoes. I agree with the preppy aspect…look like th loafers we saw all over the village where I grew up….

  68. Caroline never fails to impress in her cuteness! I would love to find some cute loafers to wear for Fall!

  69. these are adorbs! i have fallen truly, madly, deeply for patent leather this year.

    i do have to say that, to me, caroline’s loafers look more like the repetto patent leather loafers than the j. crew ones.

    • I think you’re right, but that Jo only links to sites where she can get a cut of sales (she’s a smart businesswoman). Thus often the links are to items the model isn’t wearing but are similar.

  70. jo, i swoon. they are so simple & feminine. they’re romantic in such an effortless way — like stripes. you should get a pair! you’d look so chic.

    p.s. i know my accolades are belated, but the redesign looks great!

  71. love and probably need! xo t

  72. I always feel so manly in loafers like that.

  73. Ah – YES!! I have been obsessing over these recently and am on the hunt for the perfect pair. I love that they pair with jeans, but could also be worn to the office.
    Much love,

  74. I love to wear loafers in the fall, they are easy slip ons that allow me to hold on to the sock-lessness of summer just a little bit longer!

    Although patent leather ones would really be a great staple to have! looks cute with everything.

  75. erin, it’s so funny that you wrote that because i was actually thinking they’d be so perfect for a trip to Paris:)

  76. i’m too tomboyish to pull this off. i’d just look like i’m in drag.

  77. I had shoes like these when I was younger… black patent leather with tassels… Oh, I loved them so! I think I could totally rock them now.

  78. wow, incredibly chic! that messed bun, red lipstick, and wispy braid complete each look as well. gorgeous. xo

  79. They look nice, not sure if I can pull it off with everything. Not a big fan of patent leather. Will def. give them a try :) Thanks!

  80. I have a suede pair from Steve Madden that I live in. I wore them around Belgium and Paris this spring and fit right in. So happy to break them back out now!