Are you a fan of documentaries? A while back, I wrote a list of our 10 favorites, but since then we’ve watched dozens more. So, here are ten more documentaries I’d highly recommend…

* Being Elmo is an award-winning documentary about the puppeteer who created Elmo, many children’s first friend.

* Happy explores what actually lifts our spirits; the bracingly honest interviews with people from Tokyo to Denmark to Louisiana offer surprising insights that honestly could change your life.

* Love Etc. follows five couples in New York City: young, old, gay, straight, falling in love, getting married, having babies, breaking up. Heartbreaking and beautiful.

* First Position chronicles five young ballet dancers in an international competition, as well as their wildly different paths to the stage.

* Elvis ’56 tells the story of how the naive young singer catapulted to intense world fame in just one year. Endearing and surprisingly poignant. (I just wanted to give him a hug!)

* Bill Cunningham New York profiles the cheerful octogenarian fashion photographer of the New York Times. While biking around NYC on a vintage Schwinn, he changed the way people see fashion.

* Touching the Void recounts the astonishing story of two friends’ disastrous attempt to climb a mountain in Peru. A leg is broken, a rope is cut…who will survive?

* Babies was a breath of fresh air when I was (very) pregnant. How reassuring to see four families raising happy children in such remarkably different ways.

* The September Issue reveals how the Vogue editors create the magazine, including fashion shows, photo shoot and lots of passive aggression. A must-watch for fans of The Devil Wears Prada—this is the real deal!

* Born Rich is a documentary about the experience of growing up as a child in one of the world’s richest families. Creator Jamie Johnson (an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune) profiled his own social circle, including Trumps, Vanderbilts and Bloombergs. These twentysomethings seem to have perfect lives, until you spot the cracks.

Have you seen any other good documentaries? What have we missed? I’d love to hear…

P.S. 10 more documentaries.
P.P.S. And apologies for the late post today! A pipe burst in our apartment, so we’ve been a little out of pocket this week:)