A New Documentary

Love, Etc. is a new documentary that follows five couples for one year in New York City: old, young, gay, straight, falling in love, getting married, having babies, breaking up. The film showed the complexities of romantic love–not just the happy stuff of Disney movies. I watched it this week and adored it. It was funny, heartbreaking and beautiful. Here’s the trailer…

What do you think, my darlings? Would you want to see it?

Update: I saw it and loved it.

  1. Hey Jo!

    My new husband and I caught Love Etc. in LA on Saturday night and really enjoyed it! The director and producer had a Q&A and shared some inside secrets- mainly that they hoped it would end like a Disney tale with rainbows, laughs, and eternal love and were surprised with the actual end result. It was beautiful and we went thanks to your post! We were once again reminded that the world is so very small and connected- thank you for your great work, Jo!

  2. Looks very promising!

  3. I would love to see this!

  4. LOVE!!! i’m a hopeless romantic, and just this trailer made me tear up. looks great!!

    a peek of chic

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  6. Great share! This is now on my “to watch” list :)

  7. I think I interviewed to be cast in this! I guess they didn’t want us, looks good though.

  8. I would love to see this! As of now it is not playing in Minneapolis – maybe that means I should take a trip to NYC for a fun long weekend and enjoy the film while I’m at it!
    Much love,

  9. I really really (REALLY) hope I get to see this where I live!

  10. oh man, i just sobbed while watching this. definitely a must-see. thanks for sharing.

  11. WOW, It gave me goose pimples just to watch the trailer, I wish I could watch the whole documentary.

  12. I wish I was watching this RIGHT NOW! But my husband’s out with the boys and I’m stuck home with the sleeping baby. Boo.

  13. i hope this hits dc soon! it makes me think of when harry met sally. your ten best documentaries is one of my fave posts. if you have netflix, pressure cooker is a great documentary that’s up there now…art and copy, too.

  14. ahhhh i need to watch this!

  15. Allison says...

    this looks amazing! i would love to see it :) speaking of doccumentaries.. joanna, did you see ‘forks over knives’? very interesting!

  16. Looks amazing. Have to see it. Crying already.

  17. Yes and know. Looks cute but heartvrending… I like the song at the end.

  18. I’ve seen a screener of this docco -it’s definitely worth a watch! it’s very heartwarming and quite an honest insight into the participants emotions

  19. K says...

    This movie came to a film festival in Montana last fall I can personally vouch that it is excellent!! My only complaint is that you are left wanting more when its over!


  20. kaela d. says...

    looks like seeing it isn’t an option in Denver! sad day. real ove is fascinating….real (true) love and real (realistic) love …both. :-)

  21. Emilie H says...

    I really wish I could see it. Shame Seattle isn’t on the list of viewings :(

  22. WOW! I can’t wait to see this!

  23. I totally teared up when the older man says he’s been married 48 years, but it feels like 48 minutes, 48 seconds. shucks, who *doesn’t* want to grow up to be one of those couples? =)

  24. I must see this! I love it just from the trailer.

  25. I would love this. totally gotta see it.

  26. jesus! that looks amazing!

    must see list..

    ps, I think I get all my ‘must see’ movies from you! keep it up!

  27. Would love to see it! I wonder if there is any chance it would make it’s way to little Columbus, Ohio. I may just have to wait until is comes out on DVD otherwise.

  28. Definitely want to see this. It looks heartbreaking and beautiful.

  29. that looks so.good. hopefully it’ll come to my city!

  30. Aww, thanks so much for sharing this. I’m such a sap and love things like this!

  31. oh my gosh, that look soooo good! i’ll have to keep an eye out for it!

  32. Aah, those real life transition times, seem so devastating and fascinating, both. And, the waiting for the unfold, keeps on hold.
    Wild and wondrous, really.

  33. cute, I would see this! Sort of when harry met sally inspired with the couple interviews…

  34. I hope this comes out in the UK! I love documentaries like this – where you follow different people with a common theme like ‘Babies’. I can tell that every scene with that old couple is going to make me tear up!

  35. Can’t wait for it to come to the west coast. Seems like we could all learn from the older couple. :)

  36. ok i cried just watching this preview…

  37. G. says...

    Oh no, I don’t have the cable:-s. I hope they will show it on Hulu, or even Netflix later! That looks like an awesome show.

  38. Oh, I’ve never heard of it but now I can’t wait to see it!

  39. wow, thank you so much for sharing this, looking at show times at Sunshine now!

  40. Looks awesome! Definitely want to see it. Sadly, it’ll probably be ten years before it comes to Portland!

  41. just shared this on fb–looks wonderful! (and it’s coming to LA next week:)

  42. kate, i know!!! so, so sweet. and hopefully it will come to other cities soon; i think they’re trying to grow the buzz and then expand. and then it will come to netflix/amazon soon, fingers crossed!

  43. Ooh, I love documentaries, and Love Etc. looks particularly good! It reminds me a bit of a documentary a friend of mine put out a few years ago, although it followed folks in Chicago that were on the dating scene…it’s called Breakup Date (it’s a little…darker?!)


  44. I love this; what powerful stories about love. I will definitely be checking it out! Thank you!

  45. i think they wont be showing it in Houston,TX .. :'(

  46. i cant wait to see it!! i almost cry just by watching the trailer… thanks!

  47. i love the old couple more than i can say!

  48. OK, I am totally bawling. The comment about, “48 seconds…” So incredibly sweet. When is it coming to Salt Lake?

  49. ohh wow, i def have to check this out!

    xoxo Lisa

  50. Looks outstanding. This is why I love blogs. You all keep me in the know and current. :)
    Thanks for the heads up.

  51. i love a good documentary. i always feel like i learn so much! this one i will check out for sure! thanks! have you seen herb and dorothy!? xx

  52. yep, i would love to see this. i think anyone in any kind of relationship can identify with one or more of the couples featured. it sounds good!

  53. Oh, this looks lovely – thanks so much!

  54. Such a great find! I definitely want to check this one out.

  55. Looks very interesting! I will have to check it out!

  56. would love to watch it, but guess i would have to go to LA or san diego (no show times in canada :( ). Love all things dealing with NY. thanks for the hint.

  57. The preview alone almots made me tear up.. I have to watch this!

  58. K. says...

    Oh yes, would love to see! Thanks for sharing!

  59. It looks amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing. Definitely going to catch this one. =)

  60. Seeing little old people in love just kills me. 4 8 years…48 minutes…48 seconds. ahh, melts my heart! Who wouldn’t want love like that?

  61. It looks charming and heartbreaking all at one. But, i suppose that’s what love is essentially… charming and heartbreaking all at once.

  62. OKay that just made me tear up. I am such a hopeless romantic! Must see this!
    New follower here!

  63. Bahahaha the comment about the three rings was great! :-D But seriously, this was a very sweet trailer. I hope I’ll get to see the film online somewhere as I doubt it will come to the big screen in Germany.
    Oh, and I especially loved the old couple: “Please! Don’t be annoying!” ^^

    Relatable Style

  64. Oh, goosebumps, just from the trailer!

  65. This looks great! I love hearing other people’s stories.

  66. So interesting. Thank you for sharing it!

    By the way, I know you have a baby boy and I just found out I’m expecting a baby boy also. I couldn’t be happier! Just thought of sharing a bit of my happiness with ya. :-)


    Luciane at

  67. The trailer looks GREAT and I can’t wait to watch it. Thanks, Joanna:) Have a lovely Thursday!

  68. Thanks so much for sharing the trailer! That looks like a show that I would love to watch. I am a bit of a reality show junkie:) It will be interesting to see how different people handle situations in relationships. Have a wonderful Thursday!

  69. hannah, i agree! i always secretly want to be a fly on the wall in other people’s relationships :)

  70. I must watch this, thank you for sharing!

  71. Wow! This looks fabulous! Love your pics this week of different things to check out. They’ve been really moving! Happy Thursdy! Check out my walnut-coconut crusted tilapia with pineapple salsa! :)
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  72. I’m going to get my lovie to watch it with me…it looks like a wonderful movie!!

  73. I love documentaries…and any glimpse into NYC is welcome in my book. And who doesn’t find relationships/people fascinating? :)

  74. i’m such a sucker for a good documentary. this looks great! and it helps that i love the brett dennan song at the end of the trailer. :)

  75. This sounds wonderful! I can’t wait for it to come to my city later this month.

  76. woww!! thanks! I would love to see it!