Years ago I went on a business trip with a photographer, and she spritzed rosewater on her face during the flight. It was such a lovely (and fancy!) ritual, and after that, I was inspired to come up with my own trusty beauty arsenal when traveling. (I basically pare down my everyday makeup to the essentials.) Here’s what I’ve packed every trip since…

1. Hair powder. Dry shampoo has changed my life, since you can skip showers and still have beautiful bedhead hair. This travel size smells like lavender and clary sage. $10.
2. Supercurl mascara. This mascara curls and thickens lashes so you’ll look wide awake when you land. $20.
3. Chloe perfume is a fresh floral fragrance to keep you feeling pretty. $25.
4. Dopp kit. Unison Home has canvas toiletry bags in three different sizes to hold all those lotions and potions. $35.
5. Cucumber towelettes. I use these every night at home to wash my face (the lazy way!), but they’re also perfect for traveling. The cucumber scent feels fresh and invigorating, $9.99.
6. Benetint gives your lips and cheeks a rosy glow, so it’s my go-to cosmetic for a trip. (My sister actually wears this, and once I was raving about how pretty she looked, so she let me try it, and now I’m hooked:)
7. Muji Travel Pillow. This comfy pillow folds into a pouch and helps you actually sleep on a plane, $9.95.

(Plus, of course, I pack my face powder!)

What beauty products do you pack when you travel? I’d love to hear your tips…

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(Post by Joanna. Layout design by Rachel from Elephantine for Cup of Jo. Top photo from Villa Brunella. I mentioned a couple of my travel staples on CNT, as well.)