So Alex and I have decided to take one final short trip this summer. We’ve been blowing out travel this summer (Amsterdam and Chicago) because we’re really hoping to get pregnant this fall (have I mentioned that already?:) and if all goes according to plan, we know next summer will be a wash. With a newborn and a toddler, we won’t be traveling much! We figured we’d treat this summer like One Last Hurrah, before what (hopefully) will be a chaotic, noisy, sleepless couple of years ahead:)

We decided to go alone to Italy for the next four days, and my mom is staying with Toby. We’re going for just four days to keep it more affordable and also because we didn’t want to be away from Toby for too long. We chose Capri because tomorrow is our third anniversary, and we went to nearby Positano for our honeymoon, so this will be like a fun flashback. We’re really, really excited, and it seems surreal. (Even while I’m writing this, it still hasn’t kicked in that we’re actually going.) I’ll be posting every day this week and am looking forward to sharing photos next week.

Have you ever been to Capri? Any advice? We would love to hear:) Thank you so much! xoxo

(Sorry this post kept disappearing! Blogging was tricky from our hotel in Italy:) Photo by Giuseppe Greco in National Geographic)