Avocados are one of those foods that seem to be universally loved. Whether they’re smashed on toast, stuffed into tacos or chopped into a salad, they make everything taste richer and creamier. Happily for us, Pilar from Momfilter came up with this delicious salad that puts avocados front and center, and Rebecca took photos…

The Best Avocado Salad
By Pilar from Momfilter (and Martha Stewart Living)

The key to this salad is making sure the corn is sweet enough to be eaten raw. All you have to do is sample a kernel to tell right away. To make a decent amount, I cut off the kernels from two husks (laying the corn on it’s side and cutting off the “lengths”) and a nice big bag full of shelling peas (or frozen peas, if that’s what you have) and two avocados. You could use any amount you have on hand, however. This isn’t so much about ratio, but more about whatever’s fresh. I tossed it with a dressing made of olive oil, the juice of a whole lime, a teaspoon or so each of honey and mustard, a generous sprinkling of salt and a turn of pepper.

Thanks, Pilar! You can serve it as an appetizer with chips, or a side for, say, roast chicken.

P.S. The best avocado toast, and Pilar’s work/life balance

(Top photo by Pilar, and all other photos by Rebecca Baust from The Daily Muse—thanks, Rebecca!)