The Best Avocado Toast You’ll Ever Have

In my old age, I’ve learned a few things: how to trapeze, how to argue fairly and the genius of avocado toast. Avocado toast is delicious, healthy and takes like three seconds to make. It’s the perfect breakfast or lunch, and we’ve even had it for dinner along with tomato soup or scrambled eggs. Lucky for us, the fabulous Jessica from How Sweet It Is agreed to share the perfect recipe…

The Best Avocado Toast You’ll Ever Have
By Jessica from How Sweet It Is

There’s one thing I love to have for any meal of the day, and that’s super crusty, seedy toast layered with smashed avocado. In a perfect world, I would eat this three times daily, with my snacks in between consisting of a form of chocolate, peanut butter and bacon.

While I’m not very picky about how the avocado gets on my toast (leftover guac, anyone?), with much experimentation I have discovered my favorite simple combination. With a few sprinkles of sea salt and freshly grated pepper, followed by a quick spritz of lime, this is a go-to snack that makes its way into my kitchen each and every week. Enjoy!

Recipe: Avocado Toast
Serves two

You’ll need:
4 pieces of multigrain bread, sliced thick
1 perfectly ripe avocado
1 pinch of sea salt
1 pinch of freshly grated black pepper
1 slice of lime

Scoop the avocado out of the skin into a bowl. Sprinkle on salt and pepper, then spritz with one slice of a juicy lime. Mash with a fork (mash well to create a smooth spread, or mash just a few times to create a chunky spread). Toast your bread to perfection, then spread the avocado on top of each slice.

Thank you, Jessica! Who wants some right now?

P.S. More best recipes, including chocolate banana bread and chocolate chunk cookies.

(Photos by Jessica from How Sweet It Is. Thanks to Shoko for help with this series)

  1. therese says...

    I start every morning with avocado toast…salt and pepper, sprinkled with lemon juice, topped with a fried egg. If you have some extra time, make the toast in your cast iron, I think the extra butter used on each side makes it extra good :) I’ve also been switching up my toast and doing smashed avocado, salt and pepper, thinly sliced red onion, and a drizzle of honey…life changing!

  2. I adore avocado toast. I like it even more when I cut the bread really thinly, spread it with butter or Nuttelex Lite then toast it in the panini maker/sandwich squasher thingy, and, when golden brown and squashed flat and crispy, spread it with the avocado and place a 1/2 centimetre thick solid slice of lettuce on top, either from the heart of a baby cos lettuce or the heart of an icebery lettuce. That way the lettuce is deliciously crunchy, so is the bread. Yum

  3. I love avocado toast. i do add some finely chopped cilantro, and when i have time, a fried egg. the cilantro really compliments the lime flavor. oh, SO delicious!!!!

  4. Love, love, love avocado toast. I skip the bowl and scoop slices right into the bread, smash them down and sprinkle with salt and pepper! Fast and delicious. For those gluten free people, it’s yummy on crunchy brown rice cakes too :)

  5. I always use finely chopped onions as well. It’s sooo delicious!

  6. I eat at least one avocado each day! I usually cut it up in slices and have it with health bread or on whole wheat crackers with red pepper flakes on top. It’s so delicious!

  7. I wrote about almost this exact thing on June 20!

    I love avocados, and avocados on toast. There are so many good ways to eat avocados, like shrimp and avocado crostinis with lemon and basil

    This made me hungry!

  8. Simple and delicious… It’s always the best, duh. Love it.

  9. I love avocado on toast (or a everything bagel, yum) but never thought of adding lime. I think you’ve just changed my life. Thank you!

  10. Anonymous says...

    I love avocado toast. I drizzle mine with some Frank’s Hot Sauce and it is just perfect!

  11. I had no idea avocado toast was such a big deal! it looks delish and i’ll have to try it soon. i like to drop a spoonful of salsa in the hole where the seed was and eat it all with a fork…it’s instant guacamole!

  12. I do the same and add honey for a touch of sweetness :)

  13. X says...

    Someone at work brought this is and i forget to find out who and ask for the recipe

  14. I remember back when I lived in NYC how much you liked avocado toast! Whenever I eat it I think, “Joanna told me about this…” & think of you!

  15. This looks delicious, and so simple! Thanks for the great idea!

  16. Mouth watering. I eat my avocado on brown rice cakes since I can’t handle too much bread, but this looks splurge worthy, man. splurge worthy!

  17. Anonymous says...

    Spread some vegemite on the toast before you add the avocado and that’s heaven right there!

  18. i looove this and if you like onions also try mixing a chopped onion with all of that

  19. Sliced or mashed avo on ciabatta toast with a spread of butter and Marmite. Some cracked black pepper on top and it’s ACE! I’ve been known to have this for brekkie and lunch and dins ;)

    You can get that avocado smoothie everywhere in Indonesia and in many Indonesian restaurants worldwide, it’s called Alpukat and is so freaking good but oh so sinful! YUM!

  20. i want one right NOW! but will have to wait ’till tonight!

  21. Anonymous says...

    If ever you head to Bali, that Indonesian island, you have to try an avocado and chocolate smoothie! Or just avocado…

    I did, and while I’ll never order it again, I’m glad I had the experience. It’s weird, and strangely moreish!

  22. Anonymous says...

    After living in Chile I eat this almost every night for dinner :)

  23. I haven’t had acovado in so long! This makes me wish for it so hard.

  24. Anonymous says...

    Seriously? People need a recipe for this? Jesus.

  25. I have avocado on toast for breakfast all the time but I’ve never heard of anyone else trying it, I usually get grimaces! Hurrah for avocado toast people.

  26. I make avocado toast, but without the lime and I add a cracked soft boiled egg on top. The yolk oozes over the avocado and it’s supremely tasty. And nice to look at, which never hurts! Although, I gotta say, I’d take Jessica’s version too – it looks perfect!

  27. How funny! This is the exact recipe I use on my avocado to make guacamole or avocado toast. It tastes really good with a dash of garlic and/ or some fresh grated parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of the recipe you just gave us too.

  28. This is also great with some feta cheese mixed in with the avocado to provide the saltiness and then a squeeze of lemon and some freshly cracked pepper…doesn’t get much better!

  29. This looks fantastic

  30. I made this tonight for dinner and for me the key to its deliciousness is the lime juice! I would never have thought to add it! I can’t wait to try this again with a little dijon mustard as has been suggested by a number of commenters!

  31. Anonymous says...

    I would prefer a post on arguing fairly to a tutorial on how to mash an avocado.

  32. more and more i’m starting to see people’s appreciation and love for avocados. being from the Dominican Republic, I eat avocados with almost everything and pretty much every day (thank God it’s healthy). Many people can’t imagine how well it goes with most foods. avocado is great for the soul and your tummy. give it a try and experiment – there’s very little avocado doesn’t go with.

    may i suggest, fried plantains, chopped grilled shrimp and avocados. yum. happy eating.

    peace + love + happiness,


  33. i eat avocado every day! every day! i’m obsessed and i’d like to keep this obsession :)

    in addition to avocado toast, i use it as a sandwich spread, so yummy!

  34. Avocado toast is one of my go-to breakfasts! I usually use lemon juice and some cilantro, but I’ll have to try lime juice instead!

  35. this looks so freaking good…and i just ate!

  36. Anonymous says...

    Ah lovely! This whole week I’ve done my “special” for lunch, which is like a grilled cheese sandwich, but replace the cheese with avocado (just like the above recipe). For some reason, if I fry the avocado in some olive oil, I can eat “cooked” avocado (I used to despise the taste and only love the raw avocado flavour, but now I really like it)!

  37. We have an avocado tree in our backyard and I had run out of creative ideas. This sounds great, I will try it soon!

  38. I have avocado on my toast most mornings (with a tomato slice) and it makes me grateful to be alive. So yum!

    This looks like a great way to spice it up! Thank you!

  39. I haven’t eaten avocado in about 10 years but this makes me want to give it a go :)

  40. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for posting!

  41. I would recommend spreading Dijon mustard on the bread too. DELICIOUS.

  42. You have got to add mustard in my clearly very humble opinion! Seriously, it’s amazing. Love. Love. Love avocado toast.

  43. now where’s the post on how to argue fairly?

  44. Carla says...

    I love avocado toast. My husband and I had this just last night as a snack. We topped the bread with tomato slices and a sharp cheddar and then threw it under the broiler for a few minutes. I then topped it with the avocado and sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. So delicious!

  45. Joanna, will you do post on how to argue fairly. Please?

  46. I had this for breakfast, but used key lime juice instead. De-freakin-licious!

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  48. My favorite way to have it is just with salt….it has to be a tasty avocado though!

  49. Nom!

  50. This looks DELISH! I need to go buy some avocadoes now…

  51. K says...

    I like to rub a little raw garlic on my toast, then add the avocado.

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  53. Cafe Gitan got me totally hooked on avocado toast! There is nothing easier and nothing more delicious. Nothing. I like to add some chili flakes to mine.

  54. Oh my this sounds (and looks) delicious! I need to try this immediately! ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  55. I love this and I am going to tell you what will make it even better! Spread a wedge of laughing cow cheese down first and then add the avocado. Maybe minus the lime, I dunno I have never tried it with lime.

    You will LOVE it!

  56. Love avocado toast! I skip the lime, but always add a little garlic powder or garlic salt.

  57. It looks sooo good! I love avocado!

  58. This looks delicious! @Kathy – Adding mustard prior to the avocado is a great idea! I’m going to try this later… :D

  59. We love avocado toast! My favorite is slathering a bit of hummus on the bread first, then avocado, topped with Sriracha. So good!

  60. Often this is what I feed my almost 2 yr old- it’s the perfect combo of salty, sweet, creamy, crunchy, plus it is healthy!

  61. The Commons Chelsea also has some amaaaazing Avocado Toast with a little bit of cumin on it. DELICIOUS!

  62. Having grown up in Southern California with an avocado tree in the back-yard, I’ve been spoiled. Now, living in Belgium, the one thing I miss most is having access to fresh, delicious, fresh-off-the-tree, avocados anytime I want….. sigh….. Please enjoy a nice, thick slice of avocado toast for me :)

  63. hey- that was my breakfast this morning!

    its good!

  64. A spritz of lime juice is genius. This treat is tied with tomato sandwiches as my favorite summer meal, but I absolutely must have butter on my toast.

  65. I love avocado but I have to admit I’ve never thought of spreading it on toast and eating it just like that!

    I’ll have to try it!
    Eat Cake

  66. Yum! Avocado is a favorite of mine!
    P.S. Joanna, I would love a post on arguing fairly.

  67. I like to make “eggs in a basket” (toast with a whole in the middle, egg cooked inside the whole) and then smear the avacado spread around the remaining edges of the toast. The yolk from the egg mixes in with the avacado and it is to die for.

  68. I love mine with an over easy egg in between the avocado and toast!

  69. Thx! I am obsessex with avocado and need every new variety there is:) will try this when grilling this weekend!

  70. omg. YUM!

    could totally do with some of this right now


  71. I do almost the same thing, except I usually make it garlic toast because I put garlic in/on everything possible, and I usually add a little red pepper flake to the avocado.

  72. this looks so great! it also reminds me that i saw a recipe for a french-market, sardine toast in a david lebowitz vid that i’ve been wanting to make…SO MUCH TOAST, SO LITTLE…scratch that. there is time for ALL the toast.

  73. I JUST had this for a late lunch with a french press of coffee, but then on rice crackers, with a drizzle of truffle oil. It’s my little “me” moment in the afternoon. (:

  74. Anonymous says...


  75. Would suggest throwing on some sweet chilli sauce as well. Nom!

  76. This is definitely a favorite quick meal of mine, I can never have enough avocado!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  77. Yummy – this is one of my faves. So tasty and relatively healthy to boot!

  78. wow i have never visited her blog before thanks for sharing Jo! i think i went nuts pinning her recipes haha :)

  79. The latest Bon Appetit Magazine’s Editor’s Letter talked about the glory of avocado toast (and it’s ability to save a dinner party!). Check it out if you have a chance.

  80. Love this combination also…I drizzle mine with Balsamic glaze…In fact I put it on everything. Since watching Fork over Knives I am vegan and fat free. So Balsamic glaze is mana from Heaven.

  81. Avo on toast with black pepper is the best thing ever! And a little balsamic vinegar is always good…

  82. I love avocadoes with olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette in the ‘hole’ where the seed was. Spoon into mouth for instant gratification! it’s so good please try it!

  83. Anonymous says...

    Also great with some cottage cheese mixed in with it, gives a good protein boost! One of my faves.

  84. Yum! My favorite!

    It’s also genius with some shredded basil on top!

  85. I am a big fan of Jessica’s blog (and avocado…and chocolate, peanut butter and bacon!), and it’s a great day when two of my favorite bloggers collaborate!

  86. sounds great. my favorite is avocado, dijon and a slice of cheddar with some s + p.

  87. So much more appealing than the oatmeal currently sitting in front of me!

  88. You could just sign me up for all of the above. In fact, I had avocado toast this morning. Never thought of lime though, gotta try that.

  89. I’m with Janae — I’m also a gluten-free gal and have had great luck with lettuce roll-ups. Of course, there are some good gluten-free breads out there if you know where to find ’em. I’m most excited to try out The Paleo Bread, which will be available June 29. I will definitely make some avocado toast on that!

  90. Instead of lime juice I actually like to drizzle a little honey over my avocado toast. Sounds a little weird, but it tastes AMAZING!

  91. yummers!! i used to be a no-avocado-kiddo. now i enjoy myself some deliious guac. and i want to step into the world of “i’ll eat an avocado on everything”. ok maybe not that extreme, but i’d like to venture into the world of avocados, not just in guac.

    thanks for my first baby step! looking forward to trying this :D


  92. I am SO doing this! Avocadoes helped me regulate my body. AND they’re freakin’ delicious!

  93. I love avocado toast! I like spreading a thin layer of Dijon mustard to my toast before the avocado.

  94. Yum, we do something very similar. Never tried it on toast, though – this is a great idea :D

  95. LOVE avocado toast. One of my favorite treats. I’ll also often slather mashed avocado, s+p and lime onto a brown rice cake. Great in the heat of summer.

  96. Anonymous says...

    Awesome at-home recipe- NCYers who want a treat, try Cafe Gitane’s, it is insanely delish!!

  97. I love avocado toast!

    Since I went gluten-free though, & I’m not crazy about paying $$$$ for a tiny loaf of so-so bread, I do the same thing but instead of bread, I use a large romaine lettuce leaf, spread w/ avocado add salt, & roll it up. Sooo good.

  98. This looks amazing. I must try! Thanks!