What Annoys You About Your Significant Other?

I recently got an email from a reader, who was stressed because her boyfriend gets on her nerves. “I love him, but sometimes he really bugs me,” she said. “Does Alex ever annoy you?” Here’s my answer…

YES. People are annoying:)

Annoying things that Alex does: Sneezes really loudly in the middle of the night (terrifying). Doesn’t take The Bachelor seriously. Takes forever to get through airport security. Never wants to go on vacations to rainy places (even Maine).

Annoying things that I do: Am bossy. Clip my toenails on the sofa. Can be super chatty, especially when he’s trying to read. Am chronically late. Steal bites from his dinner plate. Get inexplicably grouchy when I drink red wine.

Here’s the thing: Over the years, I’ve realized that literally anyone in the world you spend lots of time with will inevitably annoy you. Even if it’s your mom. Your best friend. Ryan Gosling. Gandhi. No matter who you date, they will drive you crazy sometimes. And that’s OK. You don’t have to fear being annoyed.

Alex is wise in his old age:) and last night, he said something great, as we were talking about this post: “Young people in relationships tend to give negative things too much weight and underrate the positives. Negatives often get three times the weight of positives. But look at married couples in their eighties. Their little annoyances are often all they talk and joke about. “Oh, Miriam always says this…” “Oh, Herb always does that…” The little annoyances are acknowledged, accepted and part of the fabric of their relationship. They try act like they’re driving each other crazy but they really can’t live with out each other. Annoyances aren’t a deal killer. They’re a natural part of a long, happy marriage.”
Great answer, Alex. I can put up with your scary sneezes. :)

So, let’s celebrate those annoyances! What bugs you about your significant other?

P.S. Colorful wedding dresses, and to pee or not to pee.

  1. Michelle Avitia says...

    Oh geez, where do I even begin! Hahaha, I love him.

    1. He’s a hardcore night owl. Seriously. He goes to sleep at 3 or 4am and wakes up around 1-2pm. Oh the life of a writer.

    2. He doesn’t eat breakfast, at all, ever. Coffee has all the nutrients in the world apparently.

    3. He’s a Giants fan ;)

  2. ha! love this!! Great post and response! My husband chews/eats unnecessarily LOUD! It’s awful. He doesn’t mean to do it. I know it’s who he is. It’s his mouth-he’s always had different issues with his mouth; wisdom teeth, tonsil problems, blah blah blah. But it’s gotten to the point where i have to leave the room. I still love him though. ;)

  3. aww, i love this post! i think i needed to read something to renew faith in relationships in general and my own in particular.

  4. My boyfriend and I broke up in MAY after I found him scoping out women on various dating sites and finding out that he had actually picked up a woman in a bar while I was at my family’s Xmas party. We had a closure talk in JUNE and we were talking about remaining friends. In march we went out one more time when he took me to lunch for many birthday. He told me how beautiful I was and hugged and kissed me. It was like old times. A few days later we had a huge blowout fight. And he told me never to contact him again and that he hates me. Completely devastating. I haven’t called or anything since then…well one email last month with no response. I miss him like crazy and wonder how he is. I deleted him from Facebook right after we broke up and deleted all but one mutual friend . I want to talk to him but I don’t think he will ever want to. I tried dating someone else very briefly and i just couldn’t do it. I miss my ex more than i’ve ever missed any ex. I’ve tried so hard to move on and I’m just as heart broken as I was day one. 3 months seems too long to still be devastated. one day i came across Dr Kate love spell on internet on how he rebuild relationship and make it grow forever so i contacted her for help and explain all my problems to her, she guarantee me that after the spell in he next 24 hours me love will come back asking for my forgiveness that he still love and cherish me, after the spell, the next morning i was so so surprise that my jeff call me on phone asking me to forgive him, thank you once again Dr Kate he just came back thank you thank. reach her email she is a woman that fell others pain (

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  7. Oh, another thing which annoys me about my boyfriend is how long he takes to EAT. When we have a meal together, I’ll probably finish my meal in what, 15 minutes? I’m not exaggerating, he will take about 40 minutes! It’s because he doesn’t stop talking and lets the smallest things distract him. I need to instruct him when we’re eating to put food in his mouth, like you would do with a little kid.

  8. This is pretty gross, but the most annoying thing about my boyfriend is that he picks his nose and then either flicks the bogeys on the floor, or wipes them on me. It is honestly the most disgusting thing ever, but he thinks it’s funny, so he sits there hysterically laughing when he does it and i’m just about crying because it’s that gross.

  9. What annoys me most is when my husband is watching a boxing fight/football game/baseball game he gets super loud screaming at the TV. Winning or losing he will clap, shout, root and just be plain loud.

  10. What annoys me most is when my husband is watching a boxing fight/football game/baseball game he gets super loud screaming at the TV. Winning or losing he will clap, shout, root and just be plain loud.

  11. Sounds like a Lot of Loud Sneezy Boyfriends and Husbands out there! You could probably just make a thread out of this subject by itself….:)

  12. Sounds like a LOT of Loud Sneezy Boyfriends and Husbands out there!! Could have a thread all by itself just about that…..

  13. My husband cannot for the life of him tell a story sequentially; or if it is sequential, he cannot tell it without missing major points. If he is telling me the alphabet it is a,f,p,u,z the end or a,m,d,q,y,h the end. The day he tried to explain the movie “Face Off” to me was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  14. Funny post.

    My boyfriend (also older) is much more fastidious than I am, which doesn’t bother me now because we don’t live together. . . but I think it will eventually!

  15. He doesn’t answer back if he agrees.

    “I think we should pay off our loans asap.”
    : silence :
    : silence :
    “I agree… I just have nothing to add”

    One of the things that annoys my boyfriend the most about me is my unwillingness to do chores.
    I would rather wear sweatpants than do laundry any day.

  16. Very true. And there is no such thing as a perfect husband or wife! :-) The annoyances make you love that person so much more when you think about it (because its them, in a very unique way). Love the piccie too! – jojo

  17. Tori T. says...

    My boyfriend graduated from college in two years and is now working on his masters at age 21, but anytime I am driving us around, he makes a finger gun and “shoots” at everyone and everything– complete with sound effects. This drives me crazy (and also irrationally afraid he will actually hurt someone with his finger gun).