spring produce

Pan-Fried Butter Beans and Greens

"This recipe changed my life."

Asparagus and Avocado Tartines

An easy spring appetizer with ricotta and fresh pesto.

Frozen Peaches and Cream Cake

An easy make-ahead dessert with gingersnap cookies, peaches and vanilla yogurt.

Strawberry-Cherry Crumble

A wholesome vegan dessert with a delicious crumb topping.

Pea and Goat Cheese Frittata

A crustless quiche loaded with layers of peas, cheese and potatoes.

Berry Milk

Homemade strawberry and blueberry milk, made with honey and fresh berries.

Blueberry Torte

* Freaks out, dies. *

Halloumi, Peach and Cherry Salad

The best flavors of summer in salad form.

Chocolate Pavlova With Berries

An airy meringue cake topped with red fruits.

Strawberry Mascarpone Tart

A delicious tart with creamy mascarpone and juicy strawberries.