1. Robyn says...

    I remember reading a post of yours years ago talking of Lucy and her husband- time passed- and I have just finished reading When Breath Becomes Air. What a treasure your late brother and law and lovely sister have shared with the world. ?

  2. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

    Kaylees Bridal

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for this blog. It makes me happy. *s*

  4. I love the Harris Burdick pictures; I use them in my classroom to get students inspired to write creative stories.

  5. S. says...

    happy B-day lucky girls :D
    I think I also buy The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, thanks Joanna

  6. Happy Birthday Joanna, thanks for making each day sparkle for me with your lovely posts!


  7. Happy birthday to you too. =)

    Shannon <><

  8. Fondest wishes for a spectacular birthday celebration for you and Lucy :)

  9. claire-elisa says...

    Happy Birthday. I love that you post things that will get our minds and our childrens minds working. I keep remembering your post about meeting a little girl and instead of commenting on her appearance you asked her what she was reading. I cannot tell you how this has impacted me with my own daughter and my interaction with other children. I have had some magical conversations with some lovely young children since that post, so thank you.

  10. Joanna, very best wishes to you and your sister! Hope you had an amazing and fun day. XO

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  12. Happy Birthday Joanna! Cheers to you and your sister on y’alls special day! ps. I’m an aquarius too!

  13. Sweet birthday wishes to the both of you darlings!

  14. Eeek! I spy with my little eye, something that is brown.

    Monchichi! Your sister is holding a monchichi! I remember the 3 little plastic Monchichi’s my mom had perched on the edge of the tv table throughout my childhood. I loved these cuties!

  15. I am late to the party !!!


  16. well that means it’s your birthday as well! :) hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday joanna!

  17. Happy Birthday to you both!

    I remember finding out about Harris Burdick and the book in 5th grade reading class. The images are so interesting.

  18. Happy birthday to you too! How are you feeling? How is Toby? I hope that bug does transfer to Alex… You are so very lucky to have a twin- I have a wonderful sister but we are 8 years apart. Although we are definitely friends , but it took until NOW that we connect – me at 31 and her at almost 24. But even then – I have kids, she is not even married :) fashio/ style and careers ( that we happened to share ) is what brings us together now:)

  19. Happy Birthday to you both. How fun to have a twin sister to celebrate with!

  20. Lily A says...

    Happy birthday to you both! :)

  21. EThompson says...

    Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!!!! The Mysteries of Harris Burdick was my favorite book to use for writing lessons while I was student teaching! I have to dig up my copy now!

  22. Happy Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños!

  23. Happy birthday, Joanna! I love sitting down at work or between classes to read what you post. You’re so casual and post such fun things it feels like I’m checking in on a friend’s blog. Thank you so much for being an inspirational mother in that you take trips, still look cute, and post awesome tips. I’m 19, but I really enjoy seeing all these cute little toys Toby has and the beautiful fashion pregnant women wear. Have a great one!

  24. Erica E says...

    Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! Have a great day.

  25. Happy Birthday to both of you!!

  26. Happy birthday to both of you! I have an identical twin sister, Abby. I love being able to share my birthday with someone else. What are your thoughts on having a twin with whom to share your day?

  27. What great photos! And how lucky to share your birthday with someone so special. Happy birthday to you both!

  28. Happy birthday to you both!

  29. elisa says...

    Happy birthday to both of you! What a lucky girl Lucy is to have a sister like you.

  30. love those pictures. happy birthday to you both! have a wonderful weekend together.

  31. Happy birthday to you and your sister! Chris Van Allsburg is amazing – what a great present.

  32. Happy Birthday Jo and Lucy! Hope you both are having a great day. My sister is named Lucy and she was pretty great to grow up with, too. Must be the name :)

  33. happy birthday to you!!! hope it’s wonderful :)

  34. Happy birthday, Lucy!
    Happy birthday, Joanna!

    Wishing each of you a wonderful day!

  35. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! I hope the flu has passed and you can enjoy today!

  36. Joanna, I’ve noticed that Toby looks ridiculously like you when you were a little kid. It’s adorable! Would be fun to post pictures of you and Alex as kids for comparisons with little Tobs! :)

    Happy Birthday!

  37. That really is the most fabulous photo, happy birthday to you both x

  38. Happy Birthday to you and your sister!!! (I’m a twin too so I get the whole sharing a birthday thing lol)

    that’s so great that she is coming to visit! Have a great Fetal roommate day! ; )


    aka @GrayDayShop and tiptoethrough.blogspot.com

  39. Happy Birthday to you both!

  40. Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy! :) Joanna – Hope your 2 guys treat you like a queen today (and always)!

  41. Happiest Birthday to you both!

    New twist and happy to an old twin Irish joke…

    Happy Birthday Lucy! When is your sister’s birthday?

  42. happy birthday wishes!! :)

  43. Happy Birthday, Lucy and Joanna! I hope it’s a special one for both of you! :)

  44. happy birthday jo and lucy! hooray for twins, sisters and birthdays. i hope you feel better enough to indulge in something divine. thank you for writing and keeping up this amazing, inspiring, honest and cheerful website. i’ve loved it for years. xo.

  45. Happy Birthday to you and your sister! How amazing it must have been to grow up with a twin! Those books sound amazing!

  46. happy birthday to you both!

  47. adorable photos! happy birthday to you as well :)

  48. best wishes to BOTH of you on your birthday. :) i always dreamed of having a twin!

  49. catarina raminhos says...

    Happy birthday Joanna!!!
    I’m from Portugal and i’m a fan of your blog and your posts :)
    I’ve been reading your articles since I was pregnant. My daugther is 18 months now and reading about your experience with Toby as been very inspiring to me :)
    Thank you!

  50. happy birthday to you both! hope you have an incredible day :-)

  51. Happy birthday to you and your sis, the photos are adorable! xxoo

  52. melissab says...

    double the happy birthday!!

  53. Happy birthday to the both of you!

    My twin sisters don’t live in the same city either and I love how they remain as close as always :) Well, the three of us do :)

  54. Happy birthday to you and your sister! Hope it’s a great year :) thanks for all you do — your blog is an inspiration!

  55. Happy Birthday…Lots of twins born today! My friend’s twins were born today, too!

  56. Happy Birthday to you and Lucy! :)

  57. Happy Birthday to both of you.

  58. Happy Birthday to Joanna and Lucy!

  59. Happy birthday to both of you!

  60. Happy Birthday!!! How wonderful it must be to share a birthday with your twin.


  61. Happy birthday to you and your sister!! Have a great day, and I hope you have a great upcoming weekend together!

    Also, I LOVED reading The Mysteries of Harris Burdick when I was younger! It was so much fun trying to create stories out of each of the pictures. The mysteriousness of it all still intrigues me to this day!

  62. happy birthday!!!you girls are adorable! how much fun would it be to be a twin!


  63. Aww… Happy Birthday to both of you. :)

  64. Happy birthday twins!!! :) have a good one..
    much love,

  65. happy birthday to you both!

    while i haven’t heard of those books i will hop on any bandwagon involving a lemony snicket foreward…thanks for the introduction!

  66. Happy Birthday Joanna and Lucy! I have a twin sister also and it is nice to share a birthday and be so close to someone : )

  67. happy birthday to you and your sister! Aquarius girls rule :)
    enjoy your day!

    -a fellow january baby/aqua baby

  68. The shot it lovely and happy birthday Lucy too .

  69. Happy happy happy Birthday Joanna!!
    I have never read that book but if it’s inspiring I must check it out! Hope you have a beautiful day.

  70. Yay! Hope you have a great visit with your sis. Nothing like having a sister. So special!


  71. Happy birthday, Joanna & Lucy! xo.

  72. happy birthday, joanna!

  73. Happy birthday to you and your sister!! Today is my birthday too. My husband and I are going to see The Mountain Goats. I hope you have fun birthday plans with your boys!

  74. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH!! The best gift of all is having each other. There’s nothing better than a sister :)

  75. you are sooo cute at the photos, happy birthday!!!

  76. Happy birthday to both of you!

  77. happy birthday to lucy.. and to you! hope it’s a wonderful one :)

  78. Happy Happy! And wow! You look soo much like Toby in the second picture (or the other way around ofcourse…)

  79. Happy Birthday! I love reading your blog, it’s one of my favorite things I look forward to every morning!

  80. The resemblance between you two and Toby in the picture below is remarkable!

  81. Happy birthday, Joanna! I hope you are feeling so much better than this weekend :)

  82. I wish you to both of you a wonderful day and an happy birthday

  83. Caroline says...

    Grattis på födelsedagen!
    Happy birthday to both of you!

  84. Joyeux anniversaire to you too Joanna! It is always a pleasure to read you.

  85. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Hope you guys have the happiest of birthdays together. :)

  86. Happy birthday, Joanna and Lucy! Have a great birthday! Hope you’re feeling much better (and Toby, too!).

  87. Aww..those photos are so sweet. Happy Birthday to you both! Have a fantastic day. xo

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  89. I often think that Toby is the spitting image of Alex, but having seen these photos of the pair of you as children- he is most definitely a mini-me of you! :) x

  90. You two are so cute like little old ladies sharing an inside secret!

    My sister and I are a year apart but I always felt more like a twin.

    Happy birthday to both of you!!


  91. happy birthday to you both!

    And btw, that second picture is SO Toby with long hair! amazing.

  92. Leslie says...

    Happy Birthday, Joanna and Lucy! May the coming year be full of bright and wondrous things!

    Joanna,thank you for giving your readers daily inspiration, laughter, pause for thought, and oh yeah, great fashion! :)

    xoxo, Leslie

  93. Happy Birthday Jo and Lucy! Hope your day is fabulous.

  94. Anonymous says...

    Happy Birthday to you both!

    I dont know if u know this, but a curiosity:

    In some african religions, women that had twins were applauded in the streets because they belived that the souls chose the families they wanted to be a part of and those women were blessed for being chosen twice at the same time. :)

    So, congratulations to you mom aswell!

  95. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day and are feeling a bit more like yourself.

  96. happy birthday, enjoy your day…hope you’re feeling healthy again.

  97. Aren’t sisters the greatest?? Happy birthday to you both! xoxo

  98. happy birthday Joanna and Lucy! I have to tell you that my maternal grandmother’s name was JoHanna and my paternal grandmother’s name was Lucy

  99. Happy Happy Birthday to you lovely Joanna and to your sister too :) Have the most fun together!

  100. Michelle Meltzer says...

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful weekend with your sister!

  101. Heh, I like how you never write “happy birthday to me!” by always announcing that it’s your twin sister’s birthday. Hope you both have a great one!

  102. Happy birthday to you and your sister! I LOVED that book! I thought it was absolutely magical. My fifth grade teacher showed it to us, and I went home and told my parents that I had to have it. I actually came across my copy a few weeks ago and my dad had written some cute note in it… clearly I have lots of fond memories of that book!

  103. Happy Birthday, twins! Have a wonderful day!

  104. Happy Happy!

  105. Nesa says...

    Happy birthday, you guys! I hope it’s a spectacular one! :)

  106. Happy Birthday, Joanna! Hope it’s a special one for you and Lucy.

  107. Happy birthday to both of you! Hope you have a fabulous day!
    Much love,

  108. happy birthday to you and your sister!

  109. Happy birthday, fellow Aquarian!!

  110. happy birthday to you both!

  111. Anonymous says...


  112. Happy birthday Goddard-girls! Enjoy your weekend! (Oh and Joanna, I always love your family pictures! Your parents did a great job photographing their offspring)

  113. Happy birthday!!

  114. happy happy birthday to you and Lucy! Twin birthdays spent together are awesome: I know because I have a twin too.

    Have the best time together!

  115. Happy Birthday to you both! How fun that you get to celebrate together!! (That’s always the best :)

  116. happy birthday! I can’t believe I don’t know that book. Today is library day with my twin boys and we’ll be looking that one up. It looks just up their alley. thanks!

  117. Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy!

  118. A long time ago that I read your blog almost every day. I live in Spain and my name is Lucia. Today, when I came to read your news, I thought that I was the protagonist. What a coincidence! Today is my birthday and my name is Lucia.
    Congratulations on your blog!
    And sorry for the grammatical errors that can commit my translator on-line ;)

  119. Happy Birthday to both of you! :) I hope you have a great day!

  120. Happy Birthday to the two of you… It’s great that you will be together for your special day.

  121. that must mean it’s gonna be a happy one for you today too!! bonne fete…to both of you!!!!


  122. Tanti auguri to you both! xoxo

  123. Happy birthday, Joanna! And to Lucy as well! I hope you both have a luxurious day surrounded by loved ones.

  124. Wishing you and your sister the happiest of birthdays!