NYC Date Idea: Trapeze Class

So. Last Saturday, Alex and I took a trapeze class, and it was wild

We had signed up months earlier, during an alcohol-fueled moment of bravery. “Let’s do it!” I suggested, after a boozy dinner one night. “Yes!” agreed Alex, momentarily forgetting his pathological fear of heights. So we registered for the class, joking that it would like an episode The Bachelor, where a couple will do scary things (climb bridges, go spelunking) on their first date and get so invigorated by the end that their endorphins are flowing and they’re suddenly madly in love.

So, months passed, and finally we found ourselves at the New York Trapeze School last Saturday evening, with our friend Rebecca, who had kindly agreed to take a few photos. Note that the school is on the roof of a building, which makes the trapeze itself feel even higher!

We took off our shoes and put harnesses snugly around our waists. Then we learned how to reach for the trapeze one hand at a time. The other students were two former gymnasts and five friends from Montreal, who were on a weekend bachelorette party.

Alex hardly said a word. He mostly just looked like he was going to throw up. I asked him if he was scared, and he said no, but I knew better. Heights are his big phobia–as much as elevators and subways are mine. Seriously, what a champ.

Then it was go time. The platform suddenly looked very high.

Up I went! You climb a steep ladder, pull yourself onto the platform and put chalk on your hands to keep them from sweating. Then you put your hands on the trapeze, while an instructor holds you back. I was surprised by how heavy the trapeze felt–it almost pulled you off the platform.

And then I…jumped! When you fly through the air, you’re supposed to curl your legs against your chest, so that they’ll naturally swing under the bar, allowing you to hang upside down from your legs. This, above, is the highest my legs went:)

Then the instructor yells, “Hep!” and you drop the bar and sit down, so you land safely in the net. It was invigorating and terrifying at the same time.

Next it was Alex’s turn. He climbed the ladder slowly, and on the platform, I could see his face had turned white as a ghost. I wondered if he’d climb back down–trust me when I say that heights are literally his number one fear. But then he JUMPED! YAY!

Everyone went a few times. The other students were doing knee hangs and flips. “I feel like I’m flying!” one girl said, “It’s the best feeling!” But Alex and I just continued to swing out and then drop. Still, we were proud of ourselves for trying!

In the end, Alex and I sat together, laughing about how we were wusses and couldn’t do all the tricks. We bonded not over conquering our fears like Bachelor contestants, but instead over being equally lame. In its own weird way, it was a great and hilarious date night. And we also realized a new thing we shared: a hatred for trapeze. :)

Would you take a trapeze class? Yes, or no way? Seriously, I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re braver than we are:) A trapeze class would make an amazing for a birthday present or thrilling date. And the evening class is particularly gorgeous, since you’re flying through the sky during the sunset. xoxo

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(Photos by our friend Rebecca Baust from The Daily Muse–Thanks, Rebecca!)

  1. I am a new reader and just happened upon this post. But I had to comment because I did this last weekend for a bachelorette party and then I just saw that you did this almost exaclty a year ago to the day! I was terrified, but super proud of myself for getting up the courage to go not just once, but a second time. Sure some others did fancy tricks and swung across to the other instructor, but I was impressed with getting my knees over the bar!

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  3. I did this too and LOVED it. I can’t believe how many tricks they teach you in the beginner class – hanging from your knees, doing a BACKFLIP, even jumping off into an instructor’s arms! It was such a blast and I would definitely do it again (if the price were a little cheaper)

  4. I did this last Thursday and it was amazing! I would do it again and again. It felt like I was flying! I did a backwards sommersault and a catch with the instructor. Amazing! Thanks Joanna, (and S&TC memory)!

  5. I’d love to try! :D

    When I was young, there was this Japanese anime about a trapeze star that my sister and I really liked.

    So cool!

  6. Looks totally awesome!

  7. Katie says...

    I used to be an elite trampolinist (oh yes, there’s such a sport), and I can’t wait to try trapezing out in Sydney. Might be the one thing that fills that intrinsic need to be crazy AND flip at the same time!

  8. So you met montrealers, as a reader of the blog (and a montrealer myself) I wondered, since you seem to like food a lot, if you ad ever been to Montreal?

  9. love love love that you did this! I would never be brave enough … ever ever ever

  10. This looks like so much FUN! I’m going to look for a Trapeze School in The Netherlands right now. Thanks for sharing!

  11. J think Joanna’s bag is from banana republic. I have the same one in yellow :)

  12. great post! i love the last photo of you and alex, having conquered the trapeze as best you both could. what a great date to look back on and remember together!

  13. you’re braver than me, well I think I’d attempt a class but hate being upside down so wouldn’t have flipped lol. At least you and Alex had some bonding time even if it was over being scared. Love your pants too lol.

  14. sara, yes! he grew up outside san francisco. he loves the golden state warriors! he’s like their number one fan. :)

  15. thank you for these sweet comments!!! you guys should try it — it’s insane. :):)

  16. I do aerial silks and have tried static trapeze, and it scares me. I don’t know why. I have no problem hanging 10 feet in the air with just a piece of fabric wrapped around my ankles, but when I’m on a skinny little bar, I freak. I don’t think I’d be able to do flying trapeze. If I did, probably just what you did.

  17. Looks super fun!!!! Is your husband from the SF Bay Area? I recognize the GS Warriors t-shirt :)

  18. hahah, this is hilarious. I can totally see my husband and I being the same way and afterward bonding over the lameness :) love you guys!

  19. Funny enough I signed up for one about a month ago! And now I’m getting nervous :) You inspired me! it looks like fun :)

  20. We took a trapeze class here in Seattle! Super fun! But my fiance and I are both adrenaline junkies and it was pie compared to bungee jumping and skydiving. Glad you guys faced your fears – you feel like you can do anything afterwards, right? :) xo

  21. oh my god, my hands are sweating! so funny. i can see a lot of toby in your expressions, especially the photo with your eyebrows raised! :)

  22. I took a flying trapeze class at Trapeze Arts in Oakland, CA for my bachelorette party in March. :) It was SO much fun! It’s in a warehouse though, not on a roof. I did put my feet on the bar and completed a few catches, but I had a friend who preferred just to swing. The best part about it was that the instructors were so great and were totally cool with everyone’s varying levels of enthusiasm.

  23. I do fear heights but if my Fiance or sons wanted me to join them, I would. I probably wouldn’t do fancy tricks just swing and drop. I never was good at School Gymnastics anyway. But I do like seeing other people ‘give it a try’.

  24. lyndsey p says...

    you two are SO cute! i love that toby will have these pictures to look back and see what cool parents he has.

  25. You two are hilarious! Definitely rockstars and one of the coolest couples ever! Toby is one lucky little boy!

  26. My hands are sweaty just reading this so I agree with Alex, heights are my number one fear too. But it does look fun! I might be un-chicken enough to try it (as long as my husband did it with me) just to say I had the experience.

  27. If there’s anything I would love to try, it’s the trapeze. Alas, there’s nowhere even close that I could try it.

  28. lol. love your candidness about hating the trapeze! kudos for giving it a shot :) looked like a most memorable date!

  29. What a fun date idea! So much to do in NYC…

    My boyfriend and I are planning to start paddle boarding…but the problem is, he is a bodyboarder and loves to be in the sea, whereas I’m not good at all at water sports…so we won’t be equally lame :)

    Well, anyways, that’s for the next season…

  30. I would love to take that class but then I also love sky diving and white water rafting :)
    Also, I love Alex’s shirt! :)

  31. Alex….I understand!!! My finance took me to fly a plane as a gift, I took off and flew for over an hour, totally outside my comfort zone and so cool.
    Jo….this gives me a great idea for a gift for my 2 daughters in L.A. who did gymnastics for 7 years when they were young, so thank you.
    Major high fives to you both!

  32. How fun! My palms got sweaty just reading the post!

  33. Every time I go to the west side and see the trapeze school, I’m extremely tempted to give it a go…perhaps I will have the courage to do it now after reading your experience!

  34. My 17 year old niece and I did this as a graduation gift to her when we took a trip to NYC this Spring. I loved it and I can’t wait to do it again. We took the class indoors before they moved outside. I cannot recommend the Trapeze School of NY enough. They were amazing, so supportive, and we had a blast.

  35. LC Taylor says...

    Oh my goodness, I completely LOVE that you tried this! I play soccer at Pier 40 and have been wanting to take a trapeze class ever since they started the school there. But I’ve always wondered if it looked like you were going to fall onto the Westside Highway from up there on the roof… Don’t worry about being a “wuss!” You tried something most people will never, ever attempt in their lifetime. That’s amazing! :)

  36. This looks SO fun, but my fiance is terrified of heights too…maybe I, too, will book after a bottle of wine!

    P.S. Loving your shirt :)

  37. This is the cutest post. I love the idea for a date with your sweetie. You are far more brave than I am. :)

  38. I took an Intensive Flying Workshop at TSNY when they were at their old location. LOVED it. There’s a place in Brooklyn (STREB) you can fly too that’s a little less expensive. Going back to flying is my reward for reaching my goal weight. Can’t wait!!

  39. My friends and I, a foursome, took a trapeze class there a few years back, a la sex and the city days. We were in our 20s :) I am afraid of heights, but did it anyway. I was able to do the trick but after a few tries. One of my all time favorite memories! After, we went to Ktown, chowed down, went back to my friends apartment and passed out. We all woke up with our arms sore as heck!!! We could not move!
    Glad you and your hubby had a good date :)

  40. We bonded over being equally lame- classic

  41. Cheryl says...

    A couple friends and I did this for a friend’s birthday a few years ago and like you said it feels SO much higher being on top of the building AND that the west side highway is under you! When I went I had this crazy fear that I would fall into the traffic instead of onto the net! SO happy you guys were able to go repeatedly! We each went once or maybe twice and then just hung out and watched the more experienced and courageous people. Great idea for a date night!

  42. I give you guys so much credit for doing this — and for making a fun time of it even though it seems truly scary!

  43. This is crazy! :) But I love that thought about embarking on a scary task with your partner can light some sparks, because of the endorphins, as you mention.

  44. this looks like so much fun! Glad you were able to find the great parts despite its being terrifying :) I totally am having flashbacks to the episode of SATC where Carrie takes a trapeze class— Woohoo! I would do it. I don’t have exactly a fear of heights but I’ve never wanted to bungee jump. I think this would be different for me because I would be holding onto something.

    In other news, loving your Obama 2012 representation ;)

  45. Excellent Post!
    The photo’s are fantastic. You two look like pros. I especially like not seeing Alex smile until his first turn was over. LOL!

  46. this is amazing, you are so bold.
    i think the wildest thing i’ve done is rappelling in the canyons on dominica, it was wonderful and pushed my limits!!!

  47. lynn says...

    I mean, the trapeze looks ok, but I love the shirts both of you are wearing even more.

  48. WoW! that looks like so much fun :) I remember seeing this on Sex in the city ;)

  49. I am not sure I could do that, you two are so brave!

  50. This is AWESOME! Way to go! I couldnt help but notice my husband has the same The City tshirt as Alex… and laughed because we would be equally lame, too.

  51. I also have a crippling fear of heights and did the trapeze a few years ago just to prove to myself I could do it. So I understand what Alex was going through – yikes!

    Bonding over being equally lame is one of my favorite parts of being married!

  52. I get so irrationally paranoid around heights because of my kids. I have seriously had nightmares about them falling out of airplanes and hot air balloons before after my 4 yr old saw one once and said he wanted to ride it someday. (?!) This is going to sound crazy, but even when they aren’t around (like on date nights), I can’t seem to turn that jumpy, have-to-be-vigilant trigger off around heights, lol… so weird…

    This does sound like an incredible date night though! Glad you had fun!

  53. aww heights are my number 1 fear as well so I’m impressed that alex did it! x

  54. I took a trapeze class in Austin, TX a couple of years ago, and I LOVED it! It was inside though…this one looks amazing. Maybe I’ll give this a try the next time I visit NYC…so fun!

  55. Anonymous says...

    Yay, Alex is repin’ the Bay Area wit his “the city” shirt. Very cool!

  56. joanna, this is one of my favorite posts of yours! i smiled/laughed the whole way through. i can’t believe some people flipped and hung upside down…i would have DIED. trust me, had i been there, you guys would not have felt lame. because i would have been the lamest of the lame, i.e. the the one crying and having to be fanned and coaxed into not having a nervous breakdown.

  57. ahhh scarey! That would be enough for me=well done. the last photo of you together sitting down is great! hey-it makes a change from dinner out!

  58. I’ve been taking roller derby classes since last weekend! It is so important to try new things :-)

  59. yj says...

    I LOVE trapeze – there was a holiday place my family used to go to when I was a kid and they had a trapeze set-up. I never wanted to leave, just for the two hours of swinging time we got every afternoon.
    It’s one of those things that is strangely tied into my childhood. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Michelle says...

    No way!! You guys are so brave! I’m afraid of roller coasters. I wish I wasn’t. I’m making sure not to scare my kids of heights the way my mom did.

  61. you guys are hilarious. you remind me so much of my husband and i!! i’m so glad you did it though despite your reservations and fears.


  62. My girlfriend and I did it in Chicago. Amazing!!! It was completely exhilarating and I would do it weekly if I lived in Chicago. I got to do flips and my girlfriend got them on video. Love to watch it and remember that wonderful butterfly feeling!

  63. I’m an aerial trapezist! LOVE

  64. HIGH FIVE!!!! Way to go, guys! I always see Groupon deals for trapeze classes here in Chicago, but just KNOW my boyfriend would NEVER be down, or up, for it….guess I’ll have to con a girlfriend to go sometime. It looks exhilarating!

  65. Oh gosh! One of my friends has been doing trapeze for…twoish years at TSNY’s DC location! She just flew out of lines for the first time last week, and she came all the way back from a major (trapeze related) shoulder injury and surgery to do it. She’s inspiring, and so are you! I don’t have a fear of heights but I do not like falling so I’m not sure trapeze is in my future. I’ll probably stick with curling :)

  66. Oh my goodness. This is one of my absolute favorite posts of yours! Hilarious! You guys are such troopers!

    Also, man. Your arms look seriously cut in that fifth picture. I can totally picture you as a ballerina!

    So glad you guys had this adventure together!

  67. that looks like SO.MUCH.FUN. holycow. i’m headed to NYC this summer, and i think you just convinced me to sign up for a class when i visit! :)

  68. How very Sex and the City. My favorite part of this whole thing is your socks! Cute!


  69. Mary G says...

    You guys are so flipping awesome! I love that you went through with it, and were cool with just doing the basics. Bravo to Alex for conquering (er, placating?) his fear of heights.
    I had a similar moment of bravery with my then soon to be husband after a night of Guinness: Skydiving. By the time that fateful day came around, and after a 2 hour ride out to the country – oh and did I mention the advancing thunder storm clouds that looked like they were straight out of “Twister”- every cell in my body was begging me to stay on terra firma. After being assigned to load 13 (um, I’m freaking Italian – we don’t DO 13!), and a two hour wait to see how the winds picked up from the thunder heads, I finally sprang from my seat, yelled spastically to my man that I just couldn’t take it anymore and literally sprinted to our car.
    Hi. I’m a wuss. You guys, on the other hand, rocked it. Nice job!!!

  70. OMG this sounds like so much fun!! I just asked my boyfriend if he wants to try it and he said yes! I’m going to the website now to find the next available date.. thanks so much for sharing this! : )

  71. i’m so intrigued to try it myself after watching you guys. i imagine my palms getting soooo sweaty up on the platform.

  72. this is awesome. I’m starting to sweat nervously just looking at the pictures and reading your description. well done!

  73. I’m terribly afraid of heights too, but this is something that i’ve always wanted to do! And the fact that the new york skyline is your background – even better!

    p.s. this reminds me of when Carrie Bradshaw had to try a trapeze class for a piece she was writing :-)

  74. Anonymous says...

    Joanna I love your brown leather purse (I’m assuming that it is yours sitting next to your chair)! That is exactly the type of leather tote I have been searching for. Where did you get it??
    Love your blog!

  75. Wow. I would never sign up for a class like that. You two are far braver than I am. Seriously, roller coasters are bad enough for me. That is way to high. Amazing that you did that though even without the flips!

  76. Je says...

    I LOVE that Alex is wearing a “The City” shirt from SF. So chic. xoxo

  77. That is so cool! I’m glad that you two are trying new and exciting thing. I would think that doing that would require upper body strength. WOuld to try some day.

  78. i’m sure i can’t take it. something about heights and letting lose will make it lose me! if it makes any sense. but i’m sure my partner would love it! this is quite interesting.

  79. AJ says...

    nice shirt! :)

  80. Oh my word Joanna, you are so brave. I’d never, ever, ever, in a million years, jump off that platform. Go Alex for at least trying it (and more than once at that!!)….

  81. I love that last shot and I love that you bonded over your hatred of trapeze, lol. Yes, I’d definitely try it so could say that I have. :)

  82. This looks like so much fun! Congrats to Alex on jumping! I’m not sure I could do any tricks either, haha.

    P.s. Love your t-shirt :)

  83. love the photo of your questioning expression… it’s so telling!!!
    we did this for my daughter’s 14th birthday party. we took she and eight of her friends to “trapeze u” here in phx, az on july 2nd. it was 112 out and brutal but the girls didn’t care. they loved it! all but one, and i was totally on her side when she decided she didn’t want to do it. i took photos and video tape and we all clapped and cheered. three of the girls did the catch where they let go and the instructor caught them. afterwards we came home and everyone cooled off in the pool and ate pizza.
    i think it’s just as fun discovering what you like as what you don’t. i’m proud of you two just for being brave enough to try! i feel the same way about cruises. once was enough. ;)

  84. Wow.. this sounds so scary but I’d really love to try!

  85. This is pretty awesome Joanna. I’ve always been interested in trying this ever since Carrie tried it on Sex and the City. I’m pretty afraid of heights myself, but I’m willing to try anything once. I probably wouldn’t have done all of the tricks either. I’ll be happy that I climbed the ladder and jumped off the platform.

  86. Alex rocks! My heart started pounding just thinking about climbing up the ladder!

  87. Congratulations!!



  88. Alex rocking the Warriors tee!! Awesome.

  89. Sally says...

    Alex looks so happy to be alive… once it was over. Haha. ;)

  90. I did this last summer in Chicago (it’s super cool–it’s right near the lake).

    I couldn’t do any of the tricks either–it actually makes me feel better to hear you couldn’t either! Everyone in my class seemed able to do a catch. Climbing up the ladder is the scariest part.

  91. that is so crazy and fun! i don’t know if i could do it. i went bungy jumping in south africa (at the time it was the highest commercial bungy in the world in the guiness book of world records!)but i’m still convinced it was a fluke that i mustered up the courage. i don’t think i could do that ever again! i also did shark cage diving, but i would totally do that again in a heartbeat!

    bonding over being “equally lame” was definitely my favorite part of this entire post. love it!

  92. That first photo is too good :) such a great adventure, even if you didn’t go all the way!

  93. Hahaha. That is awesome!
    Last year, my cousin surprised Hubby and I with a trapeze class. We started sweating bullets. Climbing the ladder was the scariest thing in the world for me.
    But we did it!
    And it was an amazing experience.

    But as I recall, you are afraid of elevators…i think that the flying trapeze is so much scarier!

    Good for you. :)

  94. So exciting! Alex is so brave! I’d love to try taking a trapeze class! I’ll have to talk to my boyfriend. He’s always up for interesting challenges!

  95. I would absolutely take a trapeez class! You are strapped in and won’t fall too far so I think I would be okay. I bunjee jumped when I was 14 in Las Vegas. I won’t do that again!

  96. I took a trapeze class with friends a few months ago, and I agree, it was TERRIFYING (and I don’t even have a fear of heights, that I knew of!) I’m also a former gymnast, so I ignorantly thought I would be a natural. Nope, my legs never made it above my waist. Props to you and Alex for still making it into a fun date!

  97. My husband and I tried trapeze on our Club Med vacation last year – the Turks & Caicos location is kind of famous for trapeze. Club Med is cheesy, but the great thing about it is that if you like trapeze, you can keep showing up every day, and every week they have a performance where the guests actually do tricks alongside the instructors (they make everyone wear these goofy purple leotards). OR if you are a swing-and-dropper, like my husband, you can ditch it and go windsurfing like 100 feet away instead. Trapeze definitely gets less scary every time you go up!
    For a closer-to-earth circus thrill, I love aerial silks. There are a few places to take classes in the city, but I love the SkyBox in Bushwick. It is a serious workout, so aerial yoga is a good intro. You’re only about 6 inches off the floor, and it feels so good just to hang in a silk sling!

  98. That looks like so much fun!

  99. You’re not lame! At least you jumped. I know people who climbed up to the platform and really did climb back down.

    When I went for an intro trapeze class in S.F., I was allowed to try one trick of swinging by my knees and grasping the wrists of the other instructor swinging toward me. That was pretty awesome. Of course, like most physically daring things, I’ve never done it since. I just like to be able to say I’ve done it once. :)

    Next up: motocross!

  100. I wonder what Toby will think of this adventure someday? You might have to take him next (when he is much older).
    You are one brave girl…I don’t think I could do it.

  101. Very brave of you indeed – I’m not sure I would have been able to do it. (Especially being on a rooftop!)

    I hope you had a nice cocktail afterwards!

  102. O geez, I got sweaty palms just reading this post. Kudos to you for facing your fears!

  103. This reminds me of M.I.A.’s photoshoot for the New York Times magazine last year — she was snapped whilst swinging on a trapeze swing over the New York skyscape.

    It’s on show right now at the FOAM museum in Amsterdam, and I couldn’t stop gaping at the sheer audacity of it!

  104. I’d like to think I’d be daring enough to do it but I have a semi fear of heights, so I’m not sure. Either way it would have to wait til after my pregnancy :)

    I ended up buying my brother a High Falls class for his birthday from your gift guide. He is totally into stuff like that.

  105. I would love to do this, but not sure how the boyfriend would feel. I’ve always wanted to do ribbon dancing, you know, where they hang from the ceiling?

  106. I did this last summer in Chicago with TSNY and LOVED it! I was one of the crazies doing knee hangs and getting caught by others on opposite trapeze. This makes me want to do it again this year :)

  107. Hilarious! And hell no!

  108. random & unrelated, but i’ve never seen anyone else double-cross their legs the way i do–until you!
    thank you for making me feel a little less-weird.

  109. I love the last photo! I think you and Alex are very brave, i don’t know if I could do it!

  110. ooh, this would be a fabulous date idea! now to find a place in LA…

    btw – is alex a golden state warriors fan, or does he just like to rock the shirt? :)

  111. Love the photo of you looking over your shoulder…caption: “you’re kidding me, right? I’m going up where???!!!”

    Coolio and wonderful – good on you for doing it!

  112. I’ve done it and love it, even though all I did was hang from my knees like you guys. The friend that I went with was a natural and even did a catch! I would recommend everyone try it – it’s thrilling without the threat of bodily harm that skydiving has. ;-)

  113. Anonymous says...

    Joanna I love your bag, where is it from?

  114. Ahhh, this makes me nervous just reading this! Buttt, what an awesome experience… and now that I’ve been scared straight, I HAVE to do it ;)

  115. Joanna! I am one of the managers of the school AND a huge fan of your blog! I’m so glad you overcame your fears and jumped off the platform – the hardest part, by far! The second time is far less scary, because you know what you’re in for. Trust me, I was in your boat when I first began!

    We were thrilled to have you guys fly with us!

  116. This is so awesome! It’s the one thing on my New York list I have yet to accomplish. I’m also terrified of heights but get a secret thrill from doing things I’m afraid of, so I think it would work out. :-)

    Congratulations for having the guts to get out there and do it!

  117. I would totally take a trapeze class! I’m terrified of heights too but I’d do it for the thrill. Though I’d probably be just as “lame” as you are at it, haha. I wouldn’t care though, I’d feel like I rule the world if I went to a trapeze class.

  118. “…joking that it would like an episode The Bachelor, where a couple will do scary things (climb bridges, go spelunking) on their first date and get so invigorated by the end that their endorphins are flowing and they’re suddenly madly in love.”

    That’s actually pretty genius insight and totally makes sense.

  119. OMG! shut-UP!!! joe and i literally drove past this place the other day and i told him how bad i wanted to go here!!!! i am emailing him this link immediately. did you see the sex and the city episode where carrie went here? it’s around when charlotte is marrying harry.

  120. I love that you did this! I took my kids to a trapeze class a year and a half ago and I was totally shocked by how “real” it was – even for a 6 year old! They were champs!! I found the stepping off the platform to be the scariest part.
    Pictures here in case you are interested!

  121. Good date idea!!!
    I don’t enjoy heights but this looks purrrty fun. Hubs got me to go with him on his pilot lesson in a 4-seater Cessna and I promptly woke up the next moring wondering what the F I had done lol. I’d do this and probably have the same sensation next day ;o)

  122. That looks so fun!! Sounds like all men named Alex our the same, my boyfriend Alex is super afraid of heights so this would not be up his alley! Kudos to you for getting your husband up there :) – It looks like a blast!!

  123. just did it a couple moths back, and they told us we HAD TO do the knee hang at your second try…. (or at least strongly suggested) we did it and it was so much fun…even did 2 catches at the end:))

    were you not soar at all?? _that was our only problem..could not move for 2 days …

  124. Haha I have the opposite of a fear of heights – I love them!! This looks SO much fun, I have put it on my to-do list and hopefully one day soon it will get crossed off.

    Even though you didn’t like it, at least you gave something new a shot :)

  125. oh gosh, don’t think i could do that! love the obama representin’ there: )

  126. I did this at Trapeze Arts in Oakland and my husband and I had an amazing time. We are thrill seekers so we loved the spins and tricks! So fun.

  127. I did this at Trapeze Arts in Oakland and my husband and I had an amazing time. We are thrill seekers so we loved the spins and tricks! So fun.

  128. What a fun date, even if you didn’t end up loving it! And BTW, I love that you’re wearing red in a sea of black pants!!

  129. what AN AMAZIIINNGGGG date idea!!! I must go with the bf! I’ve always wanted to trapeze! And a great way to fit in some exercise into dates!


  130. I perform on static trapeze and want to try the flying trapeze SO BAD!

  131. this seriously made my palms sweat just reading it! you guys are super brave for doing this. and i’m SURE you would give alex a rose for conquering his fears if you were the bachelorette :)