10 Gifts Guys Secretly Want for Father’s Day (Written by Alex)

“Most men’s gift guides are written by women, which can be great, but then again sometimes guys just want a football. So, Joanna asked me to reveal the 10 things I’d secretly love for Father’s Day. Hope this helps!” — Alex

Filson backpack. There’s nothing dorkier than a backpack, except when it’s Filson. I swear by these. I use mine for biking, picnics and weekend trips.

Gitman Bros Vintage, $165. Made in U.S.A. REALLY nicely cut. A perfect blend of downtown cool and Mad-Men classic. They’ll become his go-to shirts. They’re the first shirts I reach for in the morning.

Beer Sausage. The two best flavors combined.

Football, $32. No one thinks to own a football after college, but a football is a really fun thing to have. Break one out at a picnic and guys turn into teenagers. The youth-size football is important because every guy secretly believes that a real football is a little too big. This is slightly smaller than a regular football — you can’t tell by looking at it — but you can really toss it around. Made in Ohio, like a football should be.

Beer bottle labels with his photo. Would be even better on a Belgian Trappist ale, made by monks. (Sidenote: This photo is of Joanna and her dad.)

Giant ice-cube tray for impressive-looking cocktails, $16. They’re also practical: Big cubes melt more slowly than small cubes, and there’s nothing worse than a watery cocktail.

Awesome card tricks to perform for your kid, $22. As a dad, it’s important to be impressive.

Mancala, the best old-school game to play on a porch on lazy summer evenings, $10.

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, $24. Despite what you might think, man is becoming less violent. It actually gives you faith in the human race. The best book I’ve read in 10,000 years. (Also, weirdly hilarious.)

An evening spent putting your baby to bed and then hanging out together. Since that’s all he really wants anyway.

Thank you so much, Alex!!

P.S. More gifts for guys

  1. Actually need this post as I was struggling to find gifts for some of my male friends, and my boyfriend.

  2. I am just so happy to know there are lots of people who love our dear fathers very much, even generous to provide the list of amazing fathers day gift ideas. I also have my own list and I’d appreciate if you could check on it. Will be looking forward to more of your articles dear. Cheers!

  3. Don’t forget to add steaks to the list! My boyfriend is a foodie and loves to grill. I ordered some meats online for him and he was ecstatic. The steaks were USDA quality and prime cuts. Definitely worth it!

  4. Great ideas for fathers day, especially the grill kit. I know a lot of dad will appreciate a gift they can use immediately. Anyway, here are more Good Father Day Gift ideas to add to your list. Nice post by the way, keep it up!

  5. Great ideas- I’m not sure my husband would like the beer sausages but preparing him his favorite foods is always a hit.

  6. Great ideas (I loved that football size tip). And super adorable pictures of the boys.

  7. Those beer bottle labels are a total win! Perfect for my homebrewer. Thanks, Alex!

  8. Alex your ideas are awesome i like all gift ideas and use when i need it.

  9. Alex you written a nice gift ideas i like all ideas thanks for share it.

  10. Can you explain me some more about these gifts and suggest more ideas?

  11. Sausage? Who could have thought? Thanks for sharing Alex. Guy stuff is never easy to come by.

  12. Thanks for this! It really helped to inspire my father’s day gift. He loves beer and the personalized label idea is PERFECT for him. Love love love it. Can’t wait for my order to be delivered. Thanks again!

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  14. Anonymous says...

    I love this post!

  15. This is excellent! I should pass this list on to the wife. Since I have two little boys, that mini football could come in handy. I’m not much of an athlete, but like you said, throwing the ball around is always fun regardless of your age.


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  17. Thanks for the great gift ideas Alex! Past couple years my Dad has really taken to Tailgating and our gifts have revolved around that. Last year we got him a grill and I think Beer Sausage will be a great starter gift his year. I got the idea for his big gift for this Fathers Day from one of my coworkers at Dish who suggested the Tailgater Portable Satellite TV system. It is a little dish in a box that automatically find its own signals so dad can have his game up and playing before his coals even get warm. I think he will love it!

  18. Anonymous says...

    I have been reading your blog for roughly four years and this is my favorite post yet (don’t worry, the other favorites are all yours!). Alex is a crack-up and has great ideas–he should post more often!

  19. Are the sausages deliverable across the country? My husband would love these, but we live in Oklahoma. Thanks!

  20. Thanks for the reminder! My hubby and I used to play Mancala when we were dating! I picked one up at target yesterday for 5 bucks! He’s going to love it! (First father’s day!!)

  21. Anonymous says...

    Great!!!!! Something more international that we can buy in “The Deeper Austria?”. Thanks for the ideas!And thanks for everyday too!

    Annb form “The Deeper Austria”( But born in spain!)

  22. Anonymous says...

    Thanks Joy! – Lara

  23. Those are great gifts I think. Gitman Bros Vintage looks good for my dad. But, I think I’ll find a cheaper one.heheheh. I just can’t afford. I’ll just make sure it’s really from my heart.

  24. Have just discovered your blog and cant wait to read more! Love this post about Fathers Day – they are hard to buy for!

  25. Great ideas… Have jotted them down :-)

  26. Great FD gift ideas! Love the Gitman Bros. Vintage! I’m planning to buy a similar one (pattern but diff color) from Fred Perry’s for my husband but I think GBV’s better. :)

    Just followed you on Google Friend Connect. Hope I get a follow back. Thank you! :)

  27. This is great. Really helpful! Thanks for sharing :)

  28. Alex, thanks for such a great post! I’m also exploiting this opportunity to say that you are such a fantastic journalist! I eagerly and insatiably read as many pieces by you in the NYT as I can. You and Joanna are writing power couple. A great gift guide-I am no longer bewildered come the middle of June.

  29. These are great ideas Alex! These are not only great ideas for Father’s Day but for birthdays as well. Thanks so much!

  30. The card tricks is so cute. I bought my dad a book that teaches how to tie different knots and comes with rope to practice…he loves it! I bought a boating one, but I think they other kinds too :)

  31. Many thanks, Alex and Joanna! I am definitely thinking about that ice cube tray and the book for partner Chris for father’s day!

    Question for Alex: do you think those Gibson shirts will work well for a very tall man? Chris is 6’2″ and fairly thin – so he has the whole large is too boxy, and medium is too short/small…problem…

    Thanks, guys! Inspiring…

  32. Great Dad’s Day requests. And thank you for doing a bit of the legwork. I will always turn to A Cup of JO for unique and exciting gifts.
    Thank you!

  33. I so love this post! Men are so hard to shop for! Thankfully, my hubby tries to drop hints now and then for me, but having some extra guidance never hurt. :)

  34. Love the backpack idea. My husband still uses his green backpack from b-school. Your recommendation is a much classier alternative!

  35. Lara,
    I’ve tried pinhole press twice now and have been completely pleased and impressed both times- they really do an excellent job. the photos are clear, and it’s so easy. I highly recommend, and I’m not being sponsored! Hope this helps!

  36. Anonymous says...

    You also regularly mention pinhole press who do the photo labels. Is this because you genuinely rate their stuff or because they’re a sponsor? – Lara

  37. Love you Alex! big fan of your writing.

    I just ordered mancala on amazon for the hubs.

  38. Great insight! I always love giant ice cubes and chic bars and who doesn’t love Mancala?!

  39. WONDERFUL IDEAS! Men are so freakin hard to buy for, but those large ice cube trays- brilliant and so unique.

  40. Love the tip about the beer labels – that solves husband and dad. Now for the father-in-law…hm. I’ll probably bake him nanaimo bars.

  41. Too funny – only a chap would list big ice cubes and beer sausages!!!!! Brilliant post Alex!

  42. Anonymous says...

    ehh, I don’t want any of this.

  43. Sausage, never would have thought of it but that’s so perfect. It is a treat.

  44. I ran this post by my husband just to see how accurate it was. He thought it was great! He would like any of the things on here! Impressive, Alex.

  45. I like the tip on the slightly smaller football! Thanks, Alex!

    Also, Jo, I’m convinced that you just get Alex to write these articles so you know what to get him, under the pretense of sharing it with your readers.. Haha, if so, you’re clever.

  46. “Made in Ohio, like a football should be.”

    I think Alex meant to say Michigan!

  47. I love this list! Thanks!

  48. Is it already Fathers Day? Sheesh where is this year going?

  49. Such a sweet post! These are really lovely ideas, especially the football one! I think my boyfriend secretly would love to be bought a nice rugby ball (same shape as your american footballs!)

  50. My boyfriend has that backpack and uses it everyday :) love this list, as always!

    x fallon

  51. Love this list for guy gifts in general!

  52. LOVE the rucksack. I’m dying for one!


  53. Anonymous says...

    Beautiful list. I only wish my husband would like any of these. What do you do for a non-drinking, non-book reading, non-sports fan husband? lol

  54. ha! love this!

  55. Anonymous says...

    These are all fantastic suggestions….! Than you!

  56. Mancala!!!! What a great idea!!! When my son was in kindergarten we used to play mancala while we waited for the school bus to show up. Thanks for the suggestions!

  57. So cute. Love the ice cubes

  58. Sarah H. says...

    Great list, Alex, thanks! The beer sausage and football have my husband’s name all over them.

  59. What a great backpack! My boyfriend recently go into brewing beer, so perhaps I’ll order him some new labels for his next batch.

  60. Love this post. I ordered the large ice cube trays for my hubby!

  61. stg says...

    Mancala. Awesome.

    Great list, Alex! Way to get the ladies a shoppin’.

  62. LOVE what he said about the football – “Made in Ohio, like a football should be”. Go Bucks!!

  63. this is so pracical, but really…touching. guys want simple things, it’s good to be reminded of that. these gift ideas are awesome, alex, thanks!

  64. K says...

    Aw, what a sweetheart he is! My huz also loves Gitman Bros and Filson. So manly!

  65. I loved that you put Mancala on the list. Before I even started dating my now husband, we played this together. My dad just had open heart surgery and I stayed as late as the hospital as they would let me. My friend Tim came and spent time with me, bringing me dinner, and we played a rousing game of Mancala.
    Needless to say, 7 months later we were engaged!

  66. Great post! Love the football idea, and the specifics. I adore throwing the football. ;)

  67. What a great list, and such perfect timing. I think the book and some beer labels will be the perfect gifts for the awesome father of my kids, and maybe some labels and sausage for my dad. Thanks for the ideas!

  68. BH says...

    Great! Thanks!

    BTW, the side note about the pictures is under the wrong image!


  69. I love when you have Alex contribute to your posts- adorable! And these are all great ideas :)

  70. Great suggestions. Love the backpack and giant ice-cube tray. So right about a ball – my Huzz and son just keep on buying them! Anyhow, one more suggestion is a Leatherman multi-tool with all those blades, clippers, pliers and other tools he’ll need for every camping trip or just to have in his cool backpack in case of emergencies!

  71. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love how true the football comment is :-)

  72. Nice ideas and better than what my husband (father of a 13 year old and 21 year old) not so secretly wants — t-shirt from Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie that says …well being a nice person and commenting on a nice blog, I can’t say it… but if you saw the movIe, you know… now where is he going to wear that? I don’t think he is joking… I think he will be getting a flag mounting kit instead. It also begins with f. That beer sausage looks great!

  73. I loved that post. Thanks for the ideas! :)

  74. Great ideas (I loved that football size tip). And super adorable pictures of the boys. Yay for dads!

  75. great ideas-thanks Alex and Jo!

  76. I’m getting my dad a cheese-grater. Is that a bit boring?

  77. Fantastic post! Thank you

    Beer sausage is on my list.

  78. Those giant ice-cubes are awesome and the last idea is the sweetest! Wish you both a great weekend:) xoxo