“Most men’s gift guides are written by women, which can be great, but then again sometimes guys just want a football. So, Joanna asked me to reveal the 10 things I’d secretly love for Father’s Day. Hope this helps!” — Alex

Filson backpack. There’s nothing dorkier than a backpack, except when it’s Filson. I swear by these. I use mine for biking, picnics and weekend trips.

Gitman Bros Vintage, $165. Made in U.S.A. REALLY nicely cut. A perfect blend of downtown cool and Mad-Men classic. They’ll become his go-to shirts. They’re the first shirts I reach for in the morning.


Beer Sausage. The two best flavors combined.


Football, $32. No one thinks to own a football after college, but a football is a really fun thing to have. Break one out at a picnic and guys turn into teenagers. The youth-size football is important because every guy secretly believes that a real football is a little too big. This is slightly smaller than a regular football — you can’t tell by looking at it — but you can really toss it around. Made in Ohio, like a football should be.


Beer bottle labels with his photo. Would be even better on a Belgian Trappist ale, made by monks. (Sidenote: This photo is of Joanna and her dad.)


Giant ice-cube tray for impressive-looking cocktails, $16. They’re also practical: Big cubes melt more slowly than small cubes, and there’s nothing worse than a watery cocktail.


Awesome card tricks to perform for your kid, $22. As a dad, it’s important to be impressive.


Mancala, the best old-school game to play on a porch on lazy summer evenings, $10.


The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, $24. Despite what you might think, man is becoming less violent. It actually gives you faith in the human race. The best book I’ve read in 10,000 years. (Also, weirdly hilarious.)


An evening spent putting your baby to bed and then hanging out together. Since that’s all he really wants anyway.

Thank you so much, Alex!!

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