We got back from Austin last night, and we loved the trip. Austin is such a rad town, full of swimming, tattoos and rib-sticking BBQ. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…

We snapped this photo on the plane ride out there. Toby looked like a mad scientist, his hair shooting off in all directions, while he slept face up on our laps. He also thought we were on a bus, since planes look like buses when they’re on the ground. (He actually ran through the airport, pointing out the windows and shouting ecstatically, “Bus! Bus!”)

When we arrived in Austin, we stayed with our good friends Matt and Megan, and their twin babies, who recently moved out there from New York. (Remember their beautiful apartment?) Their new house was airy and bright, filled with midcentury modern furniture, including that coffee table, which I secretly wanted to pack in my suitcase and bring home.

Toby adored playing with their twin girls, although now and again he’d get so excited about hanging with the two ladies that he’d try to squeeze their faces. You can’t contain the love of an almost-two-year-old!

In the guest bedroom, Matt and Megan put flowers, a candle and a book of essays on our bedside table—a sweet touch, don’t you think? (I’m going to remember that for future guests.)

Our mornings were spent chilling out in their sprawling backyard. Living in Manhattan, we’ve never had any outdoor space, so it was a treat to just hang under the trees and smell the freshly cut grass.

We also dozed and read the paper in the hammock.

Three sets of feet this time!

The first day, we all ventured downtown to explore. (People often say New Yorkers aren’t friendly, and I always think we get a bad rap…but Austin-ites are the NICEST!!! We were kind of bowled over by how friendly everyone was.) Of course, we had to stop by Allen Boots

The city was filled with live music, even during the day…

…including this adorable one-man band, who sang the Michigan Wolverines fight song when he found out I went to the University of Michigan.

The temperatures reached 90 degrees during the day—even in March!—so went to cool off with ice tea at Jo’s Coffee. We also had ice cream at Amy’s across the street; our friend Matt wants to patent his combo of Mexican vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and Heath bar.

Austin street style is super cute: The women we spotted wore a mix of cowboy boots, cotton dresses and cool tattoos—like this crossword puzzle tattoo on our server on Saturday night. After our heavy lunch, we wanted something lighter for dinner, so we got a babysitter after the little dudes went to bed, and headed to Elizabeth Street Cafe for amazing Vietnamese food. We sat outside in the warm breezes and had beers and noodle dishes.

Another day, our friends took us to lunch at Hula Hut, a family-friendly Tiki-Mex restaurant overlooking Lake Austin, where we got fish tacos and beers.

Toby learned to say, “Cheers!”

Barton Springs, the spring-fed natural pool, was even cooler than I expected—both literally and figuratively. The water was freezing! But since the weather was sweltering, it felt refreshing—almost like drinking a glass of ice water—to take a dip.

Our final morning, we went mini golfing before lunch.

Toby didn’t let us do much since he insisted on holding both golf clubs:)

Finally, we headed home. Traveling always feels like such a breath of fresh air, or “a shot in the arm,” as our friend Matt said. Visiting old friends, having a change of scene, eating tacos at least twice daily…Thank you, Austin, for a wonderful long weekend! And thanks to everyone for all your advice. xoxo

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(My pink jeans are from Hudson; and my sunglasses are from Lookmatic)