New York Apartment Tour

Our friends Matt and Megan (and their twin baby girls) have the kind of New York apartment that makes you want to put on a record, pour a cocktail and just relaaaaax. They’ve created a calming yet inspired space, which looks perfectly suited for Don Draper. The apartment is in Queens, four minutes from Manhattan, and they tempt us out there with a hidden speakeasy and the most authentic Parisian restaurant ever. Just for fun, I thought I’d share a few photos

What brought you to Queens?
Matt: A few years ago, we were living in Brooklyn and found ourselves craving more space. Since we weren’t quite ready for Palm Springs or an escape to a Vermont farmhouse, we opted for an old industrial building in Long Island City, Queens. Our home in Queens overlooking Brooklyn and the trains has been very kind to us. With twin baby girls, though, we’re in need of more space once again and will be moving to Austin this winter.
Many people find it hard to shop for houseplants. What’s your trick?
Matt: Since we have big windows and southern exposure, we decided to try our luck with a giant ficus plant, which has thankfully flourished! Megan also has a hard time saying no to the two-dollar Ikea houseplant, and our cactus is no exception. It was eight inches tall when we brought it home, and now it runs the living room. Frankly, it’s intimidating.
The lamp with all the bulbs is incredible! Do people comment on it all the time?
Matt: Yes, they do. We don’t have a lot of dramatic items in our home, so that ceiling lamp was an odd moment of adventurousness. We love it but it’s going to stay in the apartment when we leave. Moving something so massive and delicate isn’t a task we want to take on.
Is there anything you guys have argued about in your home (like the wagon wheel coffee table in When Harry Met Sally)?
Matt: Totally! I remember a hideous concrete coffee table I bought online. Megan’s also irrationally attached to an Ikea floor lamp left over from college.

(This gorgeous abstract painting is by our good friend Elizabeth Schuppe.)
Your bathtub makes me want to take a bubble bath with a glass of wine.
Megan: I have TOTALLY taken a glass of wine in there. Honestly, it’s the thing I’m going to miss most about this apartment.
What rad music posters!
Most are by Jason Munn. I think Jason’s style is the most defined and beautiful of all the music poster artists working today…and that’s saying something because there’s a lot of amazing poster work happening right now.
What do you like to do when you’re all home?
Matt: As new parents, we always have a baby in our arms. Our days consist of feeding, cleaning up, playing, reading, talking to the girls, talking to our dog, imagining what our dog is thinking, listening to music, taking walks around the ‘hood, taking pictures and occasionally sneaking in the odd Netflix movie.
Where do you find your incredible art?
Matt: The art we have was mostly done by friends. The painting over the bed is from a Vancouver artist named Andy Dixon, who also illustrated our wedding invitations. Just to the right is an original embossed etching from my favorite artist, Antoni Tapies. And the white-on-white painting is by Jaime Barbato, another dear friend.
Where do you shop for home goods?
Matt: Most of our vintage items are from the usual suspects: eBay, estate sales, thrift shops and flea markets. Since Megan runs 13bees Vintage, she spends a lot of time on etsy, too. Over the past year, we’ve started to dip our toes into (non-eBay) auctions, and the modern auctions at Rago Arts are fun. Other go-tos are Modernlink and Two Jakes in New York, and Amsterdam Modern in L.A.
Who did the adorable painting of your dog Weezie?
Matt: Ashley G., who offers custom portraits on Etsy. It was a birthday gift from me to Megan.
What feeling did you want for the nursery?
Megan: The idea was to create a peaceful space that could transition along with the girls as they got a bit older. We thought the sweet illustrations and photos, along with the vintage toys and books, could be the focus of the room rather than a specific theme we might feel stuck with later on. The family photos remind us how much love has come before us and how much love we now have around us, and I hope they’re something the girls will treasure later on. And what a surprise it was to discover that Greta is the spitting image of my mom as a baby!

(Shelves: Vitsoe; dresser: Ikea; crib: Oeuf, via Craiglist; rug: cb2; chair: Room & Board)
How cute that the twins sleep in the same crib! How long will that last?
Megan: Actually, those days just ended. They shared a crib for the first four months, and it was completely adorable. But Iris started to kick and turn at night so we found a matching crib on Craigslist.
What’s your favorite part of the nursery?
Megan: My grandfather passed away when I was too young to really know him, but my grandmother is one of my favorite people on the planet. This photo was taken on a high school senior class trip when they were just dating that’s set up to look like they’re on their honeymoon (the sign reads “Just Married 1941!”). Needless to say, this did not go over well with my great-grandmother. I love it not only because my grandparents look so young and in love, but also that my grandmother, Lucille, posed for the photo knowing that it would probably create some ripples with her parents and did it anyway.
Now that the twins are here, have you learned anything about decorating for babies?
Megan: A rocking chair would have been amazing. Amazing. We’re finally going to get one for the new house. Better late than never!

Thank you again, Matt and Megan. xoxo

(Photos by Oh, Darling! Photography for Cup of Jo)

  1. Wow, this apartment is beautiful! I love everything about it. All of the plants, all of the natural light, the simplicity of it, it’s perfect. Your lighting choices are amazing! The piece hanging above your table is so pretty, I have never seen anything like it before!

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  7. Can you tell me if they have a blog? I’d love to see photos of their Austin home!

  8. What a gorgeous apartment! It’s hard to believe the couple has – not one, but TWO – babies as well. How do they keep it so organized? With the amount of light they get, I’m sure they’ll have no problem finding a new owner when they put their property up for sale. Not to mention that it will come with the quirky chandelier – I think I’d be reluctant to let that one go if I owned it!

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  15. I also live in LIC (Long Island City) and LOVE the space you can get in this neighborhood + the hidden gems like Dutch Kills really make it a great (and untapped ;) place to live! I’m happy to have seen this recognition go up on your blog!

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  18. What a beautiful apartment, makes me want to live in New York even more!
    Love the 50s influence!

  19. That is a really beautiful apartment.

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  24. Nice pictures of New york apartments it looks like heaven in New york.

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  28. Its amazing. I loved it. The interior of house is INCREDIBLE. I adore the place and would love to visit it soon :))

  29. Anonymous says...
  30. Anonymous says...

    What a beautiful space! Any idea where the blocks in the nursery are from? They’re great!

  31. I find it amazing that these folks have such impeccable style! I give them props for keeping the place so spotless – especially with a kid! :)

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  32. I love all of the seating in the apartment! It looks like such a welcoming and inviting place.

  33. Anonymous says...

    4 mins? pfffft! no need to justify living in other boros by listing it’s proximity to manhattan, lol. I love this apartment though– they did such a wonderful job. I wonder how they decided upon Austin?

  34. Such a lovely space – thanks for sharing.

  35. The apartment (and particularly the chandelier) is gorgeous – but do people actually live there? I don’t know if I could achieve this level of organization and orderliness with a whole squad of hired professionals! ;)

  36. did I read this correctly.. the apartment will be available this winter?

    deets, please!

  37. wow, i lovelove their place! and that bathroom, swoon! thanks for sharing!

  38. That apartment is gorgeous and lovely of course. But, I really wanted to post a comment about Tournesol! I adore that place! We went there all the time when I lived at the end of Greenpoint. Just a quick walk over the bridge…

  39. for everyone who asked: the chandelier is the hydrogen thirty-seven light chandelier by PLC lighting. I found the receipt! xm.

  40. I have a question…how did all the qhite in the apartment fair with the twins?! I’m seriously impressed that you were able to keep it looking so nice!

  41. M –

    Thanks so much for the wall color info!! We’ll be painting our new to us 1920’s house soon and are looking for a warm neutral color. Love yours.

    Good luck in Austin, hope Joanna features your new place, which is sure to be wonderful.


  42. The chandelier. Yes it’s the chandelier. I love it. Beautiful!

  43. The apartment really looks like “new york”

  44. Where is the bulb lamp from? :) It’s divine!!! I would love this…..

  45. This appartement is amazing! I will be relocating in NYC next month… anyone can suggest me a good neiborhood (not too expensive, safe, close to the metro, etc.)? In Queens… Where are the bests areas?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  48. Love the Andy Dixon painting above the bed.

  49. You’ll love Austin, and Westlake is great!

    To keep up with cool local stuff for your kids, check out Austin Kidbits:(

    (I write the content for the site);)

    Also, Austin Tidbits has all the grown up events, must-see’s and must-do’s to help keep you plugged in —

    Best of luck with your move!


  50. Thanks again for everyone’s kind comments about our home. In full disclosure, these photos were taken before the girls were born. It’s a little bit more chaotic at home these days!

    Ashely, Natalie: I honestly do not remember where our light came from which is too bad because I want the smaller version for our next home!

    Christian: we are moving to Westlake.

    Elisa, Anna: the main color throughout the apartment is Chocolate Froth by Behr. The trim is White Truffle and the bathrooms are Wheat Bread.

    Anji, SBT, Melissa: we are still looking for a tenant for a December 1st move in. Please be in touch if you or anyone you know would be interested in more details.

    Thanks again!

  51. How amazing that they can keep the apartment so clean with two little ones! :)

  52. Thank you for writing so many wonderful blogposts Joanna! Really inspiring :)

    I was wondering what the paint color(s) in the bedroom and the girls’ room is/are..

    Would you happen to know that?

  53. wow… that light bulb chandelier is so incredible!
    do you know who it’s made by? i need to know!
    this is such a beautiful home

  54. gorgeous design!

  55. elisa says...

    Oh, the windows!!! Their apartment is to-die-for, I love everything about it.

    Joanna – I would LOVE to know what paint they used for their apartment, we’re looking for something exactly like that. If you could find out, that would be amazing.

  56. Gorgeous artwork, beautiful space — thanks for sharing with us! What part of Austin are you moving to? (We live central :)

  57. Tricia says...

    Gorgeous apartment, very sophisticated and personal. Love to see people using Vitsoe shelving, it’s so versatile!

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    Amazing chandelier! great home.

  59. What an amazing space… oh to live in New York! The babies rooms is adorable.

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  62. omg omg looks SO beautiful! i would love to use that tub!!! best of luck in austin, matt and megan.

  63. Oh! Jo, when they put that up for rent, I beg you to post it here! Husband and I will be looking soon- and it would be PERFECT for us. We are growing a bit weary of Manhattan tininess.

  64. Thank you for sharing, it’s such a sweet post and the house is so cozy and unpretentiously real…

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  66. Dude, I live in Long Island City too. My apartment PALES in comparison to this place. It’s so spacious and gorgeous!

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  68. this gives me hope that there might be a chance for us to find light and space in an apartment in new york! and to be so close to tournesol…not bad. i still haven’t gotten over the omelet i had there.

  69. Anonymous says...

    Awesome apartment!

  70. sbt, they’re renting it when they move to austin! :)

  71. Okay, this apartment is amazing. The chandelier, the simplicity, that bathroom!! You’ll have to do another house tour once they get set up in Austin.

  72. Tout parfait!!!!
    Just perfect!!!

  73. What a lovely space! And they seem very relatable, which I don’t often say about people being interviewed about their homes.

  74. Great place, it’s beautiful and modern without being cold.

  75. I cannot believe that they have a house that clean and well decorated with no clutter and they have twins- unbelievable!! Good for them. Looks like a peaceful atmosphere to raise children in. I’m inspired to de-clutter now…

  76. Gorgeous home! It is so accessible and yet chic at the same time!! Can i move in when you leave?

  77. Beautiful apartment – and absolutely lovely bath!

  78. I’m always so envious whenever people say that they get artwork from their artist friends. Why can’t I have any generous artist friends who give me awesome stuff?! :)

  79. as soon as you said “4 minutes outside of manhattan” and “authentic parisian” i knew exactly where you meant! one of my favorite neighborhood spots. the gorgeous waiters don’t hurt, either.

  80. such a calm apartment for a busy city. and best bathtub/shower that ever was.

  81. aw, thanks, joanna’s mom! xox

  82. I love those little wire birds! And your whole apartment is just beautiful. Congratulations on the birth of your twin daughters – nothing better!

  83. The baby room makes me swoon. Can’t figure out how its so simple yet so cozy. Love everything about it. Thanks for sharing it.

  84. oh my gosh i love this space! it’s absolutely gorgeous. and i NEED that bathroom. the tub and the shower, ah geez.

    thanks for posting this!

  85. Anonymous says...

    The art is wonderful and so much the better because much of it is done by friends. I am impressed that parents of twins can have such an organized and lovely home. Good luck on your move to Austin!

  86. this apartment is to DIE for I love it!

  87. Anonymous says...

    This is an amazing home! i love the art and the clean, modern (retro) look of the place. It is so stylish, but yet inviting and personal. It is just gorgeous. (The think the comment about the cactus plant being intimidating was hilarious!) I hope we will get to see the new house in Austin!

  88. What a gorgeous home!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  89. I am absolutely in love with their living room!!! Those windows!!!

  90. I used to live in LIC! What a magical little corner of NYC, and so close to Manhattan. You *must* go to the Thai restaurant, Tuk Tuk. Four years and many, *many* thai restaurants later, it’s still the best, in my mind.

  91. Super appartement. For new york, this must be very expensive.


  92. OMG, is the apartment for sale?!

  93. haha, jiyoonie, megan did admit to me that their place is now covered in mismatched baby socks:)

  94. Oh my gosh! This apartment is truly amazing! This is literally how I imagine my dream home!! I love the little objects all over the place like the metal birds. Gorgeous! & great post too :)
    Love Louise xxxxx

  95. What a *gorgeous* place! If only I could afford a NY pied-a-terre… Best wishes on your move to Austin, M!

  96. beautiful and so serene! my place definitely does not look like that with twins. amazing.

  97. The southern exposure and the natural lighting make this home so inviting. Clean lines and furnishings throughout. Great organization! Nice! That chandelier is a show stopper! Thank you so much for sharing.

  98. Wow. That chandelier? Amazing.

    Makes my apartment look so unfinished!!

  99. oh my GOSH, that BATHROOM! i’m am soooo in love!

  100. That bathroom! Ohmygoodness. I’m pretty sure my showers would last at least twice as long.

  101. hi everyone! thanks for your sweet comments. and just a quick shout out to say that we are still looking for tenants for a December 1st move-in if you or anyone you know is moving! you can be in touch with me through 13bees. thanks! xxm.

  102. Umm I need that Ceiling Lamp in my life….where did they get it??

  103. AFter being in Manhattan 15+ years I am just learning that Queens is a great place to raise kids or just have more space! and what an amazing apartment. You’re right… I feel relaxed just looking at the photos.

  104. Wow, what a lovely apartment. Love the artworks.

  105. Here I am, scrolling through your post and totally loving everything about your friend’s totally chic and sweet apartment when – OMG!!! – I know 13bees! I bought the most perfect charcoal grey wool vintage jumper from Megan’s etsy shop! I love it SO much and it came wrapped so beautifully and I adore her shop. Feeling extra special connection now – thank you Jo, and please thank your good friends for sharing with us. Now, all you vintage lovers, run over to 13bees – you won’t be disappointed!

  106. Love the lamp. I loved the white colors in the house, too. Thanks for sharing.

  107. Wow, I love everything and I really mean everything about this house. It’s exactly how I would want to do mine. Thank you so much for sharing. I think my favorite is all the bird details all over the place.

    – Sarah

  108. wow, amazing inspiration. love the art work, what great taste! also love how simple they were able to keep the twins’ room.

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    Also, it strikes me that all the rooms go very well together, creating the calmness and ease you mention.

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  111. This is a simply beautiful space. The bird artworks are just darling. Such a great apartment- thanks for sharing. Jx