What are your tried-and-true ways to make a baby laugh? What always works? Toby and I made a video about four things that crack him up. We hope you like it!

“When a new baby laughs for the first time a new fairy is born, and since there are always new babies, there are always new fairies.”Peter Pan

Prat falls (aka pretending to trip) always seem to make babies laugh. The parenting book The Happiest Toddler on the Block explained that apparently babies love it because someone else finally looks like the idiot. Babies are always the shortest, slowest and clumsiest people in the room, so they love to feel like the smart one, for once. How cute is that?!

The video was kindly sponsored by mOmma, a brand of beautifully modern children’s mealtime products, designed in Switzerland and made in Italy. Toby has used their sippy cup for the past six months (ever since he transitioned from his bottle), and it’s the best sippy cup we’ve tried, hands down. It doesn’t leak, is easy to use, is aesthetically pleasing, and can double as a ball to roll around while he’s waiting for dinner. I’ve recommended it over and over to friends. So, I was thrilled when mOmma wanted to work together.

Plus, a giveaway: mOmma is also giving FIVE lucky winners FULL sets of all their products, including a diaper bag. For a chance to win, please visit the mOmma website and leave a comment below. (Also consider visiting them on Facebook or Twitter, and you can buy them here and find deals here). Five winners will be selected at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Update: Our winners are Melisa R., Jenna K., Seana, Catherine A., Samantha S. Thanks for playing. xo

(Video sponsored by mOmma; video directed by my friend Steve Pappin “Son of Shark Pig,” thanks to Elizabeth for letting us use her house (and for doing prat falls!); song by Elizabeth Mitchell; my beloved pink jeans are from J.Crew)