Ok, we’ve talked about enough intimate stuff on Cup of Jo that I think I’ll just go for it today and ask the big question: Do you pee in front of your significant other? My answer…

…is no way.

My friends tease me for being crazy because I don’t let Alex (and haven’t let any past boyfriend) come near the bathroom when I pee. Since our apartment is small, I even run the faucet so he won’t hear anything. (And we’ve been married for almost three years!) The few times I’ve been in the bathroom when Alex pees, I have gotten the giggles like a five-year-old. So immature!

But, seriously, I once read a quote in Oprah Magazine that said something like, “You wake up one day, and you look at your spouse and realize you’re relatives.” That stuck with me. Can’t you imagine growing so familiar that you feel more like comfy relatives than romantic partners? Don’t you need a bit of separation and mystery to keep the sparks alive? Alex hopefully figures that I only use the bathroom to brush my teeth and apply lip salve. :)

One exception: When I was pregnant, I started peeing in front of Alex (simply because I peed all the time). And he started peeing in front of me. And it was fine. But after a while, I was like, this has got to stop! Now, if one of us forgets and leaves the door open, the other jokingly shouts, “Relatives!”

I like having some separation in our marriage so that we still feel like two separate people. But maybe I should be more laid-back and just keep the door open? There’s something sexy about that, too–just being super open and natural with your body.

So, tell me, do you pee in front of your partner or keep the door closed? Haha, I’m curious! (Update: I’m getting this app!)

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